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dist pp dist pp Presentation Transcript

  • Distribution Companies “ A film distributor is an independent company, a subsidiary company or occasionally an individual, which acts as the final agent between a film production company or some intermediary agent, and a film exhibitor, to the end of securing placement of the producer's film on the exhibitor's screen. In the film business, the term "distribution" refers to the marketing and circulation of movies in cinemas”.
  • List of Distribution Companies
    • Columbia Pictures
    • Warner Bros.
    • Sony Pictures
    • Hallmark Productions
    • The Walt Disney Company Ltd.
    • Universal Pictures UK
    • Revolver Entertainment
    • Paramount Pictures
  • Niche Film Distribution companies
    • Seville Pictures
    • Pathe Films
    • Niche Films LLC
    • Eyesoda.com
    • Cut Entertainment Group
    • First Run Features
    • Smiley Documentary Film Distribution Ltd
  • List of films distributed by Paramount Pictures between 08-09
    • Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Mystical Skull
    • Monsters vs Aliens
    • Watchmen
    • Friday 13 th
    • The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
    • Paramount Pictures are known to distribute mainly action, thriller, and fantasy films.
  • List of films distributed by Warner Bros between 08-09
    • The Dark Knight
    • RocknRolla
    • Ninja Assasin
    • Speed Racer
    • Watchmen
    • Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
    • Warner Bros are known to distribute mainly action/fantasy films.
  • List of films distributed by Pathe between 08-09
    • Adulthood
    • The Queen
    • Slumdog Millionaire
    • Michael Clayton
    • Pathe distibute certain films to a specific part of the market, and have had great success.
  • Convergence
    • If you look up the dictionary definition of ‘converge’ you will find something like ‘to move towards or meet at one point’. ‘Convergence’ is the process of moving towards the same point, a coming together, often to create something new.
    • Many media companies do this Apple have done this with the iPod, & iTunes to create the iPhone, which is also able to play films.
  • Case Study: Sony
    • Sony is good example. In offering Playstation 3 it is doing more than selling a games console. It is selling a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player, a Sony stereo system and a Sony system capable of connecting with other Sony products, like a digital camera or a camcorder.
    • If you have a Playstation 3, you can play music by artists signed to the Sony record label, possibly bought over the internet using the Playstation itself.
    • Sony is seeking market dominance and brand loyalty, made easier through convergence.
  • Mainstream
    • As a mainstream film can be made by massive companies (a conglomerate). They will most likely distribute the film on a huge scale with lots of marketing opportunities coming off it e.g. merchandise.
    • This will make an even bigger profit for the producers and film, as its all about making money to them. They will also distribute it in many ways for there target market to access.
  • Niche
    • A Niche film is published by a smaller distribution company, aimed for a specific audience group.
    • The niche film disribution company focuses less on the commercial side of things.
    • An example of this would be Pathe Films distributing ‘AdULTHOOD’.
  • Case Study: Spiderman 3
    • Released in 2007, and distributed by Columbia Pictures (which is owned by Sony).
    • The film took a Gross Revenue of $890,871,262 at the Box Office, and spawned a Soundtrack & a Video Game (which was released on Sony’s PS3 and has sold 634,000 copies in the US).
    • 'Spider-Man 3' will also be incorporated into Sony Electronics' "HDNA" ad campaign for its high-definition products, including specific promotion of the Blu-ray disc in national outdoor and newspaper advertising.
    • ‘ Spiderman 3’ sold 130,000 copies of the Blu-Ray edition, upon it’s first week of release in the US, with 400,000 further copies expected to be shifted by retailers over the holiday period. The Blu-Ray is also created by Sony the distributor of the film.
  • Case Study: Bond 22
    • Released in 2008, and distributed by Columbia Pictures & MGM which are both owned by Sony).
    • The film took a Gross Revenue of $575,944,939 at the Box Office making it the second most successful Bond film in history, and once again the film spawned a Soundtrack and a video game for the PS3.
    • The film earned £50million from product placement from (Virgin Atlantic, Ford, Smirnoff, Omega & Sony Laptops).
    • Sony used the Bond film brand name, to advertise the HD Quality of their new Bravia TV’s whilst marketing them, they launched the TV’s at the same time as they released Bond 22.