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Rhode Oodendaal & Mari Visagie Crink



Case Study: A new kind of publishing - and all of it online

Case Study: A new kind of publishing - and all of it online



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Rhode Oodendaal & Mari Visagie Crink Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A new kind of publishing Rhodé Odendaal (General Manager) Marí Visagie (Online Publisher)
  • 2. Essence of self-publishing
    • Primary principle:
      • author carries all financial risk and responsibility for publishing, marketing, selling and distributing his/her publication
    • Commercial self-publishing 2009 :
      • Charge authors for services rendered in entire publishing process
      • Provide real and virtual marketing,
      • sales and distribution channels
    NLSA 0620 issues 15/day in 2007 (3600)
  • 3. A global phenomenon
    • Internet self-publishing firms help authors with selling and creating awareness of their work
    The write stuff (Tim Nott, Personal Computer World, Jan 2009) Self-publishers flourish as Writers pay the tab (Mokoto Rich, NYT, Jan 2009) “ we can’t promise you a bestseller, but we can show you how to do it all yourself, and at minimal cost” (PCW) “ During an economic downturn, books tailored to such narrow audiences may fare better than titles from traditional publishers that depend on a more general appeal” (NYT, 2009) “ Self published books are a positive step towards allowing talented writers with little resources to print and market their own talents” (SPR, 2009)
  • 4.
    • 2002
    • 820K titles
    • 5k every week
    • 400k in 2008 alone
    • Revenue doubled 2005-2006
    • 37% growth from 2007-2008
  • 5. New technology: POD
    • Single copies printed on order
      • no stock with no value and no risk
    • Less commitment on author’s part and greater ROI: “Particularly in this economy, who wants to buy a certain amount of copies of their book?”
    • Greater speed to get the book to market
    • Environmental benefit of fewer printed copies
    • B2C and B2B
    More authors turn to Web and print-on-demand Publishing (Elham Khatami, 2008, CNN.com) POD People (Jeremy Robinson, 2006, Breakneck Books)
  • 6. So Crink? HUMAN INTERVENTION AUTOMATED RESPONSE Publishing Package Micropayments
  • 7. South African online challenges
    • SA publishers only now catching up on Internet BUT:
      • Use of mobile internet is growing – rising 57% from Oct 2007 – Oct 2008.
      • Studies have shown that mobile internet users are men aged 18-44
      • Rick Joubert (Mobile Advertising at Vodacom) “9,5 million mobile internet users versus 5 million desktop users”
      • Mobile affords users cheap internet access
      • Popular sites visited includes Facebook, Google & Wikipedia
      • Mobile a platform for the future
    • Putting in place a digital strategy is not easy
      • Not merely an extension of the marketing strategy
        • Make it part of the business
      • Time
        • Appoint a project coordinator
      • Money
        • Expensive platform
        • Cutting out the middle man
      • Research
        • Your competitor’s weakness & strengths
      • Partners
        • Printers, Finance department, IT company, Distributor
      • Understanding technical jargon
        • Familiarize yourself with new concepts
      • Reinvent your business backwards and forwards
        • Are you a trend setter or follower?
  • 8. Taking your business online
    • Our development was outsourced
    • F-specs
      • Your vision / focus point
      • The document that describes in detail the characteristics of the product to its intended capability / describes the requested behaviour of a system
      • Purpose: consensus on what the platform should achieve, before you spend time on the writing of the t-specs, source codes and debugging
    • T-specs
      • It defines how the system is going to be built
      • You need to be certain exactly what technical features will be provided
      • Keep the specs updated
    • User test data
      • Involve the team
      • Do role-play
    • Debugging
      • Unsuspected and unwanted behaviour
      • Usually fixed free of charge
    • Development contract
      • IP Rights & Management (Source code)
    • SLA
      • Severs, hosting, maintenance, design, new development
    • Online is dynamic and requires constant change
    • Year plan for new development and marketing (think long-term)
    • Google Analytics is your best friend
      • Get the feet through the door
  • 9. F - Spec
      • Shopping Cart
    • Search Products
    • Payments
    • Order Tracking
    • Invoices
      • Categories
    • Cover
    • Manuscript
    • Templates
    • Printing & Delivery
      • Storefront
    • Friends
    • Forums
    • Blogs
    • Groups
    • Newsletters
      • My Pages
    • Account
    • Profile
    • Services
    • Reports
      • Pages
    • Tooltips & Labels
    • Copy
    • Notices
    • Documents
    • Communications
      • Books
    • Service Directory
    • Get Noticed
    • Sale Tools
    • Distribution
      • Registration
    • Login
    • Permissions
    • Lost Password
  • 11. Use case & test data
  • 12. Monetising the Web You are in essence changing your business model. Take off your print hat! The same laws do not apply when you go online.
    • Key processes
    • Operational
    • Managerial
    • Financial
    Key resources People, technology, products, facilities, equipment and brand that help to deliver your CVP
    • Profit formula
    • Revenue model
    • Cost structure
    • Margin model
    Customer Value Proposition (CVP) helping a customer get an important job done, better than the competition
  • 13. New economic principles
    • Wikinomics
      • wikinovel
    • The Long Tail
      • most of our titles average sales of no more than 200 per annum
    • Increased Marginal Rate of Return
      • Heavy initial investment in platform, but able to delivery product in more than one format
    • Economics of the Free
      • We give away what is most basic and vital to publishing – the process itself
    The Long Tail (Chris Anderson, 2006, Wired.com) Wikinomics (Tapscott & Williams, 2008, Atlantic Books) The Cult of the Amateur (Andrew Keen, 2007)
  • 14. Social Networking
    • Avatar – Jessica (people more easily identify with a fake character)
      • “ No pressure Jessica, my lady . . .”
      • “ Hoop jy’t ‘n lekker dag gehad, Liefde ”
      • “ Who-ever had that bright idea should be treated to a huge mega-Cappuccino and wacked on the back twice out of sheer gratitude”
    • Blogs, forums, groups, rating systems, FB, “share this”
    • Author shopfronts that can be linked to social network sites
      • “ Look at me – I’m famous online”
      • Not all authors have personal websites
    • SEO / Google Adwords / Google Adsense
  • 15. Social Networking
    • What to be aware of (Business 24/7):
      • Small company
      • Very time consuming at first
      • Main goal is to increase traffic
      • How will we turn the increased traffic into money?
      • Most of the people doing the marketing has only recently started to use social networking.
  • 16. Creating Digital Strategies
    • What and who are we?
    • What do we want to achieve – what is our business strategy
    • Who is the audience?
      • Individually/Collectively
    • What does the audience want?
    • How will they look for us/find us?
    • What do we want them to believe?
    • Make them come back for more