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Advertising Agency Perspective: Taking your digital marketing to the next level

Advertising Agency Perspective: Taking your digital marketing to the next level

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  • 1. Digital Marketing for Broadcasters
  • 2. Agenda • What is Digital Marketing in a Nutshell • Key Digital Techniques and what makes a Best in Class website • Our Strategic Approach • The People, Processes & Tools • Case Study
  • 3. So what is Digital Marketing? “Marketing brands using the Internet, Mobile and Electronic Channels” “It is NOT the Holy Grail of the Marketing Mix”
  • 4. So what is Digital Marketing? “It is ANOTHER integral technique within the marketing mix - TTL”
  • 5. Why is it so Important? With the increase in the usage of the internet and mobile communications, and advancement in technology, people have changed in the way they communicate, entertain themselves and live their lives…
  • 6. Why is it so Important? Consumers have become far more sophisticated and demanding in the way they communicate with one another and interact with a brand… …and brands need to take this into account when interacting with their consumers
  • 7. Benefit of Digital Marketing Ability to connect, communicate, recruit and build personalised engaging interactive relationships 24/7 with brands target market as an alternative/or integrated with traditional marketing as it maybe more appropriate, relevant, cost effective and measurable.
  • 8. Brand Challenge? microsites Content The challenge facing brands today is harnessing and exploring the best Generation mobile techniques and channels available to them to deliver truly relevant, Social Forums engaging solutions… eCommerce with the right experience, the right Podcasting message at the right time, integrated with the bigger brand online games positioning ucg podcasts social media viral campaigns eCRM banner advertising RSS websites
  • 9. Some of the key Techniques Microsites Website Blogging Viral Tools Campaigns SEO People Data/ UGC CRM/ eCRM Insight Social Media eMarketing Mktg Processes Mobile Banners Mktg Interactive Gaming
  • 10. Digital and Broadcasters
  • 11. Digital and Broadcasters Why the shift? What is the opportunity for Broadcasters? What is the Strategic thought? How can Digital be used as an extension to your current offering?
  • 12. The Future can be bright? Media magnate Rupert Murdoch is optimistic about the future of newspapers, but warns that complacency, rather than new forms of media technology, is the threat. quot;Our success will still depend on the bond of trust between readers and our content , not on how many platforms we use,quot; he says in a preface to the report. quot;This annual report demonstrates powerfully how newspapers around the world are being reinvented in the digital age”.
  • 13. Why the Shift? You no longer have to buy a paper to read the latest news LEAN BACK You know longer have to have the Radio on to keep up to date with your favorite DJ/Radio Station You no longer have to be in front of a TV to watch TV
  • 14. What is the Opportunity? The Digital medium is providing one of the biggest opportunities… where a relationship between a Broadcaster and its target market maybe EXTENDED or CREATED beyond it’s traditional broadcasting… be it a Reader, a Listener or a Viewer
  • 15. Changing consumers involvement Traditional Broadcasting MEDIA EXTEND THE CONSUMERS ENGAGEMENT AND EXPERIENCE Mobile 24/7 New MEDIA CONSUMER = EDITOR Internet 24/7
  • 16. The New Consumer The New Broadcasting Media Offering means its consumers can now: TRADITIONAL MEDIA (TV, Radio & Press) Choose, Edit, Create and Publish Content… in their own time… in their own way… DIGITAL MEDIA NEW CONTENT (Internet, Mobile, (The New iPods etc.) Broadcaster, Editor, Which is leading to greater DJ & Publisher) consumer, Involvement, Interaction, Engagement and Relationship with a brand
  • 17. What a Business Model could look Like… Objective - Extending The Reach & Engagement to Readers, Listeners and Viewers online ACQUIRE BUILD AWARENESS Extended Customer Experience CREATE LOYALTY AID CONVERSION RETAIN ENGAGE
  • 19. The People, Process and Tools
  • 20. Want to be best in Class? – Can only achieve by having the right people, with the right tools and processes in place Best in Class Capabilities People Tools Proccess
  • 21. Digital Delivery Currency – Offering BEST IN CLASS digital marketing requires specialist interactive skill-sets that includes: – Account & Project Management... the delivery team – Planning / Strategy… the 360 thinkers – Design / Creative… the award winning look and feel – Development... the technical builder – Facilities Management… the ongoing maintenance and hosting – The Digital Specialist… the experts in their field – CRM / Data Specialists… the intelligence and insight
  • 22. More people than one may think – In the digital space you may have up to 15 skill sets working together (depending on size and complexity of the projects) Business Account Project Strategist/ Business Owner Management Management Planners Analyst Digital Media Media IA / Planner Buying Creative Developers Usability SEO Social Media Mobile Managed Testers Specialist Specialist Specialist Services Account Project CRM / Data Data Planner Data Analytics DBA Management Management Production CRM Programmers Specialist
  • 23. ... key “Tools” required Capabilities Tools Mobile Usability Websites Microsites eMarketing Banners CMS Marketing Lab Interactive Interactive Social Mobile Rich Media SEO Blogs EMKTG. Tool Games Media Tool Viral Usability eCommerce Metrics UCG Metrics CRM / Data Data Database Data Analytic CRM Analytic Profiling Processing Tool Planning Mktg. Database System
  • 24. Digital Process Tool 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Team Objectives, Content Mapping, Brand & Requirements & Navigation & Consumer Prototyping & Asset Preparation Implementation Customer Insight Functional Design Interface Design Validation / Build & Support DRAFTFCB METHODOLOGY FOR DELIVERY – Methodology for delivering end-to-end interactive solutions should be based on clear steps with clear deliverables
  • 25. Best Digital - Cannes finalists 2008
  • 26. Key Learning’s - Digital / Interactive Digital is becoming increasingly important in all our lives Potential growth in both Internet and Mobile is higher than any other country Africa and in particular SA has huge potential, esp. with new cables being laid (East and West coast) Mobile is allowing SA to leap-frog the current lack of internet access It is estimated in due course cost for data and bandwidth will decrease further (by 33%) fuelling the growth potential for more users and aligned with ROTW
  • 27. Some Final Thoughts? “Advertising as we know it is going thru the most fundamental changes in its history” “No longer a one-way messaging model, advertising has become a complex and continuous brand dialogue, with consumers actively generating content of their own, crowding out, replacing or even protesting the messaging that they receive” “The dynamic consumer model has replaced passive consumptions, giving way to platforms that even put consumers in control” There are a huge range of communication channels available – defining the right ones is a major challenge
  • 28. Some Final Thoughts? “The evolution that we are seeing in the industry is largely technology driven and one of the most striking advantages that we now have is accurate tracking. “In the short term, the new will not completely succeed in displacing the old… …traditional media channels will continue to hold sway in markets where technological change has not yet infiltrated beyond early adopters” •Embrace the change •Be proactive, innovative, test/learn and reapply •Take a leadership position
  • 29. Sit Forward, don’t Lean Back!
  • 30. Thank You! For further information on this presentation, please contact: Prakash Patel Head of Digital / Interactive DraftFCB T: +27 21 680 7600 E: