Werner Bouwer, Director, Enoveer


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Financed Case: Industrial EE Financing: EE VSD’s

Werner Bouwer, Director, Enoveer

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Werner Bouwer, Director, Enoveer

  1. 1. IDC/KfWShowcase onIndustrial Energy EfficiencyENOVEEREngineering Innovation
  2. 2. Thank YouHoney MamaboloVuyo NomvaloDirk OosthuizenLena ChirwaWessel Smithet al.Lindelani NyathikaziSteffi JoseCor de Jageret al.Andre BothaVictor MartinsArvin LankesarLinda Mbongwaet al.
  3. 3. Overviewo Company Profileo Enoveer Offero Implementation Processo Case Study Variable Speed Driveso Challengeso Success Factors
  4. 4. Company Profileo Enoveer Engineering Innovation - 2010o Partners• Deon Arndt (PhD Eng)• Werner Bouwer (PhD Eng) (Pr Eng)o Services Energy Optimisation (Energy Management) Thermo-hydraulic design, simulation and analysiso Industries Nuclear Mining Industrial Commercialo Total Partner Experience of 30 yearso Quality vs. Quantity
  5. 5. Enoveer Offero Enoveer primarily focuses on establishing energy savingspartnerships, through energy efficiency interventions withmedium to large industrial energy consumers.o Enoveer offers energy savings partnership financiallyincentivised by the ESKOM Integrated Demand Management(IDM) Standard Offer Programme (SOP).
  6. 6. Enoveer Offero Enoveer conducts the investigations, develops savingsstrategies, acts as ESKOM IDM project developer, designsthe systems, appoints the contractors, manages theinstallation and manages the energy savings for three years.o Enoveer funds up to 100% of the total project capital (partnerin energy savings).o Enoveer takes all the ESKOM IDM rebates and all the energycost savings until a 100% return on investment is realised.o The savings are calculated against a pre-determined baselineby an independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) group.o Exit point for client if the investigation outcome not feasible,no cost for client , IP of investigation stays with Enoveer.
  7. 7. Implementation Process1. The client signs the letter of intent/contract to initiate the project.2. Enoveer conducts the energy savings investigation.3. Enoveer presents the findings to the client for approval (exit point,no cost).4. The client and Enoveer sign an Energy Services Agreement.5. Enoveer submits a formal proposal to ESKOM IDM for approval.6. Independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) measures andproposes energy baselines.7. Enoveer manages the tender process.8. The client and Enoveer sign the Project Scope Agreement.9. ESKOM IDM and Enoveer sign the Standard Offer Contract.10.Enoveer appoints the installation contractors.11.Enoveer manages the installation of the energy savings strategies.12.Enoveer manages energy savings over the three year period.
  8. 8. Case Studyo Enoveer was contracted by Xstrata Alloys to assist with energysavings investigations of the excess gas fans of the Premusplant located at the Lydenburg site.o The investigation was conducted under the ESKOM IDMStandard Offer Program where Enoveer acts as the projectdeveloper.Xstrata Alloys – Excess Gas Fans
  9. 9. Case StudyXstrata Alloys – Excess Gas Fans
  10. 10. Case StudyXstrata Alloys – Excess Gas Fans
  11. 11. Case StudyXstrata Alloys – Excess Gas Fans
  12. 12. o The excess gas fans are responsible for drawing hot gasthrough Kiln A and Kiln B of the Premus plant.o The gas moves through two cyclones for dust removalbefore entering the fans. The gas finally exhausts to theatmosphere through a bag filter plant.o Inlet fan dampers are controlled to maintain the required gasmass flow rate through the kilns. Fan electrical motor poweris used as control feedback signal.Case StudyXstrata Alloys – Excess Gas Fans
  13. 13. Case StudyExcess Gas Fan Kiln A
  14. 14. o Actual measurements from the plant was taken to ensure highfidelity for accurate energy saving predictions.o Simulation models for Kiln A and Kiln B were configured inEnoveer’s own developed Transient Computational FluidDynamics Code Enoflux to calculate the potential for energysavings.Case StudyInvestigation Measurement
  15. 15. Case StudyInvestigation Simulation
  16. 16. o The fan inlet air dampers of Kiln A and Kiln B are currently onaverage 45% and 31% open respectively.o These dampers induce an additional pressure drop over thesystem of 1.9 kPa and 4.9 kPa respectively.o Opening these dampers completely and reducing the fanspeeds to achieve the required gas mass flow rate will resultin fan energy consumption savings.Case StudyInvestigation Results
  17. 17. Case StudyTotal Excess Gas Fans Proposal
  18. 18. o Install Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on the two excess gasfans of Kiln A and Kiln B.o Ensure that one of the two dampers is always completelyopen.o Control the speed of the fans to maintain an average massflow rate of 85 kg/s using fan motor power as control feedback.Case StudyInvestigation Proposal
  19. 19. Case StudyExcess Gas Fan Kiln A Proposal
  20. 20. Case StudyVariable Speed Driveso No loss of existing installed capacity.o Generally can be installed within existing infrastructure.o Commissioning times are generally shorter.o Wide range of make and models available.o Cost of installed VSDs in the order of R 2000 – R 2500 per kW.o For Medium Voltage (MV) VSD drives lead times are generally24 weeks.
  21. 21. Case StudyVariable Speed DrivesItem Description Parameter1 General1.1 Make and Model Allan Bradley PowerFlex 7000. 1 500 kW, 6.6kV1.2 Manufacturing and TestingStandardsISO 9001:2008, IEC 61800-3, IEC 61800-4, IEC61800-5-1, EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and92/31/EEC, General Product SafetyDirective (GPSD), 92/59/EEC, UL 508C, UL347, UL 347A, IEC 61800-5-1, NEMA61800-4, IEC 61800-3,1.3 Drive Topology Current Source PWM Topology1.4 Total VSD Weight (kg) Estimate of 9006 kg1.5 Availability (%) The VSD system shall be designed for aminimum availability of 99%.1.6 Mean Time Between Failures(hours)Greater than 100,000 hours1.7 Designed Life Expectancy(years)Minimum life expectancy of 20 years
  22. 22. Case StudyEnvironmental Analysis
  23. 23. o Enoveer funds 100% of the total project capital (partner in energy savings).Case StudyFinancial Analysis*Project Cost excludes engineering consulting fees.
  24. 24. Investment(R)Energy Savings(kWh)Return(R)Energy Savings(kWh)Return(R)Rebates(R/kWh)Investment(R)Case StudyRole PlayersSupplier(s)Capital(R)Equipment(R)
  25. 25. o Initiation Meeting(s)o Application Proposalo Basic Assessment Questions & Answer(s)o Due Diligence Detail business model assessment Termsheeto Approval Lettero Legal Agreement(s)o ExecutionCase StudyIDC GEEF Funding
  26. 26. (2) Investigation Report(9)Tender Evaluation Report(1) Letter of Intent/Contract(3) Service Agreement(12) Project ScopeAgreement(4) Proposal(6) Baseline Report(10) Proposal(5) Letter of Approval(7) SOP Contract(11) Loan AgreementChallengesTime & IntegrationSupplier(s)(8) RFQ(13) Order AgreementM&V(14) Installation
  27. 27. Success FactorsQuality & Systems
  28. 28. Thank YouEnoveer Engineering InnovationContact Person: Werner BouwerCell: 082 497 5716Email: werner.bouwer@enoveer.co.zaContact Person: Deon ArndtCell: 082 2560 907Email: deon.arndt@enoveer.co.zaFor more information please visitwww.enoveer.co.za