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-- Understanding diversity with an anti-bully action plan tailored for your institution.
-- A collaborative workshop or assembly program designed for your institution.
-- Doctorate prepared & delivered on-site
-- Motivational, memorable, measurable

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  • Bullying is difficult to define, because in today's society it extends much further beyond someone taking your child's lunch money or pushing him or her around on the playground, and the effects of this type of behavior go much deeper than a black eye. Teasing, taunting, ethnic slurs and sexual harassment are all forms of bullying. Bullying behavior is generally repetitive hostility and aggression directed toward a victim who is physically or mentally weaker than the bully. Thus, being a parent I've learned to be vigilant and more particular on the safety of my teens especially when it comes with bullying cases. Then I found this site that provides a protection for children from a safety mobile protection that can access family, friends and 911 in times of emergency. I just downloaded their application on their iPhone. Here’s where you can find it:
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Nobody Likes A Bully Workshops/Assemblies

  1. 1. Engaging Interactive Memorable Measurable New Viral Directions In Cooperation with Dr. Erik Bean, Ed.D. Presents….
  2. 2. -- On average 160,000 Students stay home on any given day because they are afraid of being bullied. --1 out 4 teens is bullied. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied on the playground. There is no intervention 85 % of the time. 1 out 5 kids admits to bullying or taking part in the act of “bullying.” In the United States, more than 34,000 suicides occur each year of which 10 percent are known to be the result of bullying.  
  3. 3. Our Program is Available for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students/Churches/ Synagogues & Corporations Research shows the earlier children practice critical thinking about valuing diversity and avoiding bullying behavior, many become cathartic and do not tend to produce Copy Cat behaviors. The Nobody Likes A Bully method helps shape young minds through memorable activities, music, and role playing.
  4. 4. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Assess bullying and determine where and when it occurs. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  5. 5. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Increase adult supervision in bullying “hot spots.” </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  6. 6. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Involve students, parents, teachers and staff in bullying prevention. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  7. 7. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Establish a bully prevention committee. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  8. 8. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Encourage teachers/clergy and staff to file incident reports about bullying. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  9. 9. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Lower instances of bullying with culture change. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  10. 10. WHAT THIS PROGRAM CAN DO FOR YOUR INSTITUTION: <ul><li>Follow up to statistically & qualitatively measure program outcomes. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  11. 11. ACCREDITATION: <ul><li>Dr. Erik Bean is a certified diversity awareness coach, Apollo Group, Incorporated. </li></ul><ul><li>Doctorate in Education . </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  12. 12. ACCREDITATION: <ul><li>When needed only an L.M.S.W. or doctorate will facilitate workshops/assemblies. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  13. 13. UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY WITH AN ANTI-BULLY ACTION PLAN TAILORED FOR YOUR INSTITUTION <ul><li>Using music, role playing, and activities to get your culture focused on valuing differences. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  14. 14. How are Bullies Made? How are Bully Behaviors Identified? How Can Bullies Be Stopped? Four Layers of Diversity
  15. 15. STEREOTYPING & PREJUDICE Like gears in a motor, the cultural background of individuals often fuels the making of bullies. Nobody Likes A Bully
  16. 16. VALUING OUR DIFFERENCES Understanding how personality, internal & external dimensions shapes behaviors, helps individuals reshape thinking. Nobody Likes A Bully
  17. 17. ANTI-BULLY ACTION PLAN A benchmark survey before workshops fine-tunes the interactive program allowing facilitator to pinpoint cultural gaps. Nobody Likes A Bully
  18. 18. PROGRAMS & PRICES <ul><li>Anti-Bully Finish Line – Call </li></ul><ul><li>(travel expenses not included). Includes (1) school tailored presentation/assembly. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  19. 19. PROGRAMS & PRICES <ul><li>(9) &quot;Nobody Likes A Bully&quot; hallway posters. </li></ul><ul><li>(1) Anti-Bully Zone Trophy mono-grammed for school showcase. </li></ul>Nobody Likes A Bully
  20. 20. Additional student programs/asseblies at the same school (same-day, No Cost). • Professional Development/Continuing Education: Call (same-day, No Cost ). • Parent Programs - Call (same-day, No Cost ). AUXILIARY PROGRAMS & COSTS
  21. 21. When destination is within driving distance, calculated at 51 cents per mile. • When travel by air flight is necessary; airfare, motel, food, car rental and gas applies for two individuals. TRAVEL EXPENSES
  22. 22. - Book Additional Programs - If Out Travel Schedule Is Near Your Institution - Multiple Programs Back to Back Regardless of your institution’s financial situation, we will consider all opportunities to educate. New Viral Directions donates 10 percent of all proceeds to anti-bullying organizations. While we cannot guarantee we can make every situation work, we will strive to work within your budget.     All Opportunities Considered Suggested ways to reduce rates:
  23. 23. 25600 Woodard, Suite 206 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Contact: Call Dr. Erik Bean, Ed.D. (248) 722-8187 Email: [email_address] or [email_address] © 2012 New Viral Directions, Inc. All rights reserved. New Viral Directions, Incorporated