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Wwp4fd nicoler.16.5.2013

  1. 1. The Horse Who Saved My LifeMy name is Brooklyn. I have red hair that is always tied up in a braid,and I have a splatter of freckles on my face. I live in a house in Canada,Drayton Valley. When I was nine, I got my first pet as a present; a horse.The horse had brown silky fur and it had a star on its forehead. It wasbeautiful. I named it Ace.From that day on, I rode Ace everyday after school, and even trainedhim to jump over obstacles. I trained him to move haystacks under mywindow in case there was an emergency, so I can jump safely out of thehouse. Every time I train him, I have a small treat for him, but I cant lethim know that or else he will come to get the treat without jumping overthe obstacle.One day, I was sitting in my room enjoying a hot home-made fudgesundae while reading Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows. I havent had lunchyet so I popped a couple of frozen hot dogs in the microwave and turnedit on. I set an alarm clock for 15 minutes until I needed to get the hot dogsout and put it on my desk. My parents werent here because they went ona business trip. I fell asleep while reading the book with the bowl in myhands. I slapped the book on the table and heard a crash but I didntbother to look at what it was, because I was too sleepy. I slept for aboutan hour until I heard loud thumping and whinnying. It was coming from Ace.I woke up with a start and smelled smoke. I looked down on the floor andfound out that the crash was coming from the alarm clock smashing intoa million pieces. I knew that there was a fire. I couldnt understand whythere was a fire. Then, I knew why. Remember how I had a couple of hotdogs in the microwave and I set the alarm for fifteen minutes? The alarmclock broke because I slammed my book on the desk. Now the hot dogs areburnt, and they were on fire.
  2. 2. I panicked and started for the door. Then, I saw black smoke comingout of the door and I found out that there was no way out. I saw myhorse and I had an idea. I opened the window and shouted "Ace! Move thehaystacks!" I snapped my fingers and pointed at the haystacks next tohim. He moved all the haystacks very quickly, and I jumped out of thewindow into the haystacks. I fell right into them and I was buried in thehay. When I got out, the first thing I did was to fling my arms around Ace.If he didnt make the noise, I couldve never woken up and couldve died inthe fire. Then, I whipped out my cellphone and called my mom. She was soglad about the part where I was okay, apart from a couple of scratchesand bruises from jumping down, but she wasnt that happy about thehouse being burnt. Luckily, we had a spare house that was really close tothis one, so everything is okay. When my mom and dad came back fromtheir business trips, they hugged me and told me that theyre reallygrateful that Im okay. Next, they gave Ace a great big hug and a fewapples. I smiled. He definitely deserved them. When my parents settled inthe other house, I went into the kitchen took some honey out to thestables.Training time!