WWP4 The Stolen Wand


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WWP4 The Stolen Wand

  1. 1. e Stolen Wandere was a land far far away called BooGaBooGa, there was somethingspecial about this land, a land full of magical creatures and magic! Now let’sget started.Everything was perfect in BooGaBooGa, except for one thing, or shouldwe all say onae person. is isn’t a normal person, this person is a horrible,nasty, mean, ugly witch. She would kill anything that was in her way, she evenpoisoned the king and queen of BooGaBooGa. But she always hides in her darkand scary castle, no one wanted to go there. All they wanted to do was to killher or destroy her. e bad witch is called Gruella. She has horrible green skin,she wears a sharp black dress all the time and never lets go of her broom. Herbiggest wish was to destroy her sister, the good witch, who was caring, helpful,beautiful and everything you would like. She is called Diana the good witch.Gruella wanted to destroy Diana by stealing her wand and destroying it, whichwas the only thing that could kill Diana, because all of her power was in it.Nobody knew what Gruella’s weakness was, but they are pleading to find out.News spread all over BooGaBooGa about Gruella’s plan. When the newsgot to Diana, she wasn’t surprised because, she already knew that it wouldhappen one day. So she had to keep her wand away from her sister. EverydayGruella would have her pets go around BooGaBooGa trying to steal Diana’swand. A few weeks later, Diana was walking around the woods, then she foundtwo mortal girls wandering in the woods. Diana walked over to them andasked, “Who are you two and why are you both wandering around adangerous place?”“My name is Becky and this is Lauren, and we’re wandering around this placebecause we thought there was something strange about this place.”Becky has blonde wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes. Lauren also has blondewavy hair and blue eyes and they both looked exactly the same, so they wereprobably twins. Becky and Lauren looked like they were around 12 years old.Diana asked, “Where are your parents?”“Our parents died a long time ago, neither of us know what happened to them.So we were both adopted.”Eugenie ! May 7th 2013
  2. 2. “What are your parents names?” asked Diana“eir names are Fredrick and Eleanor McBooGa.”Diana gasped, those were the names of the queen and king ofBooGaBooGa. And they died exactly 12 years ago, and the twins were both 12.Could these twins be the king and queens daughters. Diana knew how to findout if they were or not. Diana took out her wand and thought about herhappiest thoughts, then her wand spoke in her mind “ese two girls are thedaughters of the queen and king of BooGaBooGa, they are both verypowerful.”Diana was so surprised she almost fainted. en a creature which wasprobably Gruella’s slaves snatched her wand out of her hand. Diana was so sadthat she wept for around five minutes. Becky and Lauren asked, “What justhappened?”Diana sobbed “at was the evil witch’s slaves and they just stole mywand and she is going to try to destroy it, which will kill me because she wantsto take over the world.”Becky said “We must stop her.”Diana and the twins flew to Gruella’s castle. When they finally arrived,they saw Gruella holding the wand. “STOP Gruella!” screamed Diana. Gruellacackled. When she saw Becky and Lauren, she asked “Who are these twodarlings?”“ey are the twins of the queen and king you killed.”“WHAT! IMPOSSIBLE! ey did not have any children.”“Yes they did but they didn’t want anyone to knew because they know thatyou would do anything to destroy them!” yelled Diana.“True,” Gruella agreed.“Hold on a second, what is going on?” asked the twins.Eugenie ! May 7th 2013
  3. 3. “Your parents are actually the queen and king of BooGaBooGa, which is here.”replied Diana softly.“en where are they?”Diana had a tear trickle down her cheek and said “is horrible witch killedthem.”“WHAT! All these years we both thought that they died in a car crash. And allthis time we were lonely and upset and it was just because Gruella killed her.Ohhhh, REVENGE!” screamed Lauren.Lauren grabbed the bucket next to her which was full of water and threw thewhole thing on Gruella’s head. en Gruella started to melt. After a fewseconds she was dead.Lauren had found Gruella’s weak point, it was water. Everyone inBooGaBooGa was celebrating and they made Lauren and Becky queen, just liketheir mother. And they all lived happily ever after.THE ENDEugenie ! May 7th 2013