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WWP4 story

  1. 1. Samantha Cheng 7.5.13Achava the Pirate I hate it here. My name is Achava. I am an orphan and I live in a orphanage. Ihate it here, we’re treated badly and we have no play time. I believe that all childrenshould have a little bit of freedom. My best friend is Jacey. Even though Jacey is agirl and I am a boy, we share a lot of common interests and we understand eachother in our hardest moments. We are both 13 years old. We also look like we arebrother and sister so that’s another reason why we are good friends. We both havebright orange hair and we also have the same blue eyes but we our ears and nosesare rather different. One night, I decided that I had enough of the orphanage so Isecretly told Jacey that I was going to run away. I told her I would come backeventually, in secret, to visit her. That night, when the grandfather clock struck 12, I silently got out of my bedand put on my day clothes. I crept out of the orphanage. I walked and walkedthrough the night to the docks. I didn’t know what I could do at the docks but atleast I knew that I could find something. Then I fell asleep on the wooden boards ofthe deck. When I woke up I saw a man looking into my eyes. He said, “Boy, do you want to be a pirate? Our crew is short and we need someextra help.” There was nothing else I could have done, so I agreed. That pirate then said, “Welcome to the crew, boy! My name is Zain. What’syours?” “My name is Achava. What are my jobs on the ship?” I replied.
  2. 2. “Your jobs on the ship is to help with the cooking and clean the deck. Nowcome on board.” “Thank you very much, kind sir! May I please meet the captain?” I was so grateful because I would have nothing else to do if this man did notoffer me this job. “Of course you can!” Zain replied, “Come this way! Follow me.” I followed Zain onto a ship. He led me into a private room in which there wasa man with a grand coat and an eye patch. However, the captain was young and hewas handsome. His name was Qamar. So that’s how the first few days of my new life went. I realized that I was neverseasick even though I had never been on a boat before. It was fun and exciting. Isoon learnt how to be a pirate with a few easy lessons from the crew. I soon learntthat these pirates sailed around looking for islands that might have treasure and allwe had to do it wait and have fun. I often would climb up the ropes and then swingabout. The pirates also explained that when we thought there was treasure wewould have to explore and dig, with everyone doing their share. One day, as I walked past the mirror in the grand hallway, I realized how muchI looked like the captain. I kept this to myself for a few days until I couldn’t hold it inany more. I requested to see the captain. As soon as I saw him, I told him that welooked alike. The cheekbones, the eyes and the mouth. The captain shook his head sadly and said, “I cannot hold it in anymore.Especially that you have now found out.” “Found out what?” I asked, curious. “You see, Achava, I am your father.” The captain said sadly.
  3. 3. I gasped in shock. How could it be? I just thought that we looked alike, I neverthought that we were really related. “Yes, Achava. It is the truth. I have been carrying this secret with me for yearsand it has been killing me to not see you grow up with my very own eyes. You see,Achava, your mother is Obelia.” Obelia? The toughest female pirate on this ship? Possibly the toughest femalepirate in the world? So my father was Qamar and my mother was Obelia. But whywould my parents abandon me if they loved me? The captain seemed to have readmy mind. Father sighed and told me the whole truth, “You see, Achava, when you are apirate, you are not allowed to have children, it is against the pirate laws. But when Imet your mother we fell in love. Soon she was pregnant and you were born. Youwere beautiful but we knew we couldn’t keep you, so we sent you to the orphanage.Everyone on this ship knows the truth, we have been all keeping it a secret. Whenone of my men found you, we were so happy. Because all these years, my onlydream was that one day I would find you. Now I have and I am hoping you will staywith me.” So I did have parents that cared about me! I was so overcome that I started tocry. “Please don’t cry,” said father. “Alright. I won’t cry. It’s just that I’m so happy! You wouldn’t mind mearound?” “Of course not, you silly boy! I’m your father! I told you, if you stayed onboard it would be a dream come true!”
  4. 4. So I agreed to stay on the ship and I became a pirate boy. It was great fun andI enjoyed my new life because I was free to wander around and I now knew that Ihad a loving family that cared for me, I knew nothing could keep us apart now. But Ikept my promise to Jacey and often, on nights, I would take a rowboat and go overto the orphanage. I would speak with her throughout the nights, but I would alwaysreturn to my family.THE END