Wwp4 final draft


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Wwp4 final draft

  1. 1. “Ok guys! Lunch’s over, time to continue to have more fun!” screamed Talon. As thecrowd cheered, he continued, “we will play hide and seek next, so find your group to staywith and let’s get started!”As they all rushed out of the house into the trees and grasses of the island, Dariusformed a group with Garen, Jack, Kelvin and Talon. These four boys are really goodfriends starting from little 4 year olds during kindergarten. They really like to run aroundand play tag or hide and seek, which is also one of their favorite hobies. Kelvin Jakc andTalon are more of the sporty types of kids, they really like sports and rarely just stay athome doing nothing. But Darius and Garen are more of the opposite of the other three,they like to stay at home playing video games and watching television, even though theylike playing videos games, they also really like sports, just not as much as Jack, Kelvin andTalon.So then they ran off to the furthest end of the island and up on to a big tree, unawareof the distance between the house and their location. As minutes and hours past theystarted to realize that they didn’t see anyone and hadn’t been seen by anyone, nobodyeven walked past. The sky started to get dark and it was almost raining, they knew thatthey have to get back. But how?“What can we do? We don’t have a map, nor a cellphone. How are we gonna contactanyone or find our way back?!” Garen asked panicked.“Shhh! I’m trying to remember the path back home,” Talon replied.“How can you remember the way? It was a long way from the housed, I don’t evenremember the direction we came from!” Garen replied back.“He lives here, Dumb boy! Of course he knows the way around!” Jack said with anger.WWPA - Rough Draft! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 7/5/13Long Lost
  2. 2. “Well then may you show us the way?” Kelvin asked politely.Suddenly it started to rain, they all panicked except for Talon because he hadremembered something that he always did when he was still a boy and it was raining.“No worries! I have remembered now,” Talon shouted with excitement.“How did you remember?” Jack asked curiously.“Look see, I used to always play with my brother, far away from where my house is, but itturns out to always rain when we go out. So then my dad built that treehouse that wealways hide in when it is raining, there is food, torches, maps, and a phone just foremergency, and I know just which direction to go to find that treehouse.”Then they head off to the treehouse with joy, but when they got there because thetreehouse was too small, they could only fit three. Kelvin and Jack then were left outwaiting downstairs for the others to get everything ready. Meanwhile, Talon made a phonecall to his parents, telling them their location and guiding them back home. Darius andGaren grabbed a little bit of food and a torch for everyone to make the journey back home.After they all had a snack, they started to head north as they were told to, then move eastwhen they saw the big red rock lying there. The sky was dark and the moon had came out.They turned on their torches to shine the way.“ Thanks Talon! We couldn’t have made it this far without you!” said Jack.“ It’s my fault that we got lost, I shouldn’t have chosen to play hide and seek, so it ismy responsibility to bring you back” Talon replied.Soon, the house is in sight, along with all of their friends waving at them.WWPA - Rough Draft! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 7/5/13