My Future or Their Future for MeIt was almost summer. I could feel my heart beating in the heat and rays of the brightsun....
It was my first dance team practice. There were about 18 people who were on theteam in total. They were all so flexible. I...
sound of an ambulance’s sound. I saw myself in the darkness with spirits floatingaround me. I had to be dead but then some...
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My future or their future for me


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My future or their future for me

  1. 1. My Future or Their Future for MeIt was almost summer. I could feel my heart beating in the heat and rays of the brightsun. I looked at the tall buildings surrounding the park and thought about how theywould look in the future. Speaking of the future what about mine? Did I have one ordid my parents have one for me. They said they were going to send me to the samemedical college that my dad went to. Is that I want? All I want to do is dance! It is theonly way I can express me by the way I want to. Through movement.All my life I have wanted to change something. I guess it was time to do it now. Onlythis time to change my parents’ perspective on dance. I just don’t understand. Myparents were the nations top dancers. They love to dance then why can’t I? It is hardto understand why people say they are protecting you from something but how doyou know they mean it?Oh no! I’m late for school. I take my lunch and head for my new sports car. Themoment I had been dreading. Just as I was walking up the Plastics appeared. Theywere the meanest yet most popular girls in the school. The only thing in their waywas me. Their ring leader Abby hated me. That’s for only one reason. I was betterthan her at everything. My family and hers lived right across. Abby was one of therichest girls in the town. There was only one who was richer, me. I don’t understandwhy she’s against me even though we had the same lifestyle. The only difference was Iwas good at dance and I was the star of every show of the school while she wassecond.Anyways, as we arrived at school their were all these people dancing around. I knewthey weren’t people from school so who were they? I walked up closer to see a hugebanner saying “Come join the NYC dance team for the national competition!”. Thiswas my only chance. I took a step closer and saw a sign up sheet for auditions. Here Igo. My mind is whirring with worries about mom and dad on what they would say.Then and there I knew I had to do it. So I picked up my pen and wrote my namedown. Holy macaroni! The audition was today! I better finish all my studying before!It was exactly 4:02 in the afternoon. There was exactly 7 minutes and 38 secondsbefore my audition. My heart was racing. I was so nervous I went to the bathroom atleast a hundred times. Finally it was time. Audition time. I stepped onto the stagewhere the bright spotlight was glaring at me as if it wanted to make me blind. Therewere three people in front of me staring at me as if I was some type of freak show. Themusic started to play and I took my first move. It was a great feeling as if I had wings.I kept dancing until the music stopped. They stopped writing on their papers andsaid “Congratulations you are officially on the dance team!”. I was thrilled and then Ifroze.What about my mom and dad? What were they going to say about me being on thedance team? Anyways it was my choice and I think I made the right one. There wasonly one problem. How was I meant to get to practice for the team when I hadregular classes. Oh well, I guess i’ll skip my math class.
  2. 2. It was my first dance team practice. There were about 18 people who were on theteam in total. They were all so flexible. I practiced my splits, flips and routine to getmy body worked up. Then a lady in red said “Welcome! I would just like to tell youthat the dance competition is tomorrow!”. We all halted. We were all excepting acouple of weeks before the competition but the competition was in less than 24hours! The lady in red then said “Form a group and think of a name. Then startthinking of new steps to do in Improv and your routines.”.We formed a group and introduced ourselves. Then we started. Each one of usthought of one new move each and then we all perfected it. We practiced ourroutines which were looking good because of all the splits and flips that are in it.There was loud music playing so we started a mini competition trying to do Improvat the same time. I enjoyed my practice right until Lady Red came and said “Greatjob. Meet me at The Stage at 1:00 tomorrow!”. That was during school!I had to tell my mom and dad something so I just told them that I had a field trip.They didn’t buy it. They kept asking questions like wouldn’t they tell us if you had afield trip. I said it was a last minute thing that couldn’t be changed. They still didn’tbelieve me so I asked my friend to act like Mrs. Gillian my school teacher and shecalled my parents up and told them. Sometimes I’m glad that my parents are gullible.Then they bought it and luckilyI had just enough time to get my things ready for thenext day. My hairbrush, net, pins, hairspray and gel. Tomorrow was a big day!I woke up the next day with a worried look on my face. I couldn’t believe I was doingthis! I lied to my parents and now was skipping school! It was so exciting yet I feltvery guilty. I took the taxi and stared at the tall buildings hovering me. I felt so tinyagainst them but I still had a chance against them. Finally I saw The Stage with itsbright lights shining at the people below. I walked in and saw at least a hundredpeople in groups with different dance uniforms. I looked at my own plain clothes andfelt invisible. I walked over to my dance team who were also wearing reallyprofessional uniforms. Did I miss something?Suddenly Lady Red said “Katie come on! Here is your uniform!”. I took it and quicklyput it on. Our group was next to dance our routine for the judges. We headed backstage to get ready and then it happened. I stepped on to the stage and looked at thebright spotlight glaring at me and then and there I wanted to evaporate. The musicstarted playing. I slid into my splits and then I closed my eyes for which felt likehours and then boom! We did it! We did the dance perfectly! The only that kept megoing was the love for my passion.The rest of the competition went pretty well until my stomach flipped and I threw upbecause the announcements for the winners were going to start. The dance team forthird place was called. Then second and finally first. There was a long pause andsuddenly they exclaimed our dance team. I stood there in shock. I looked around atmy dance team and looked at their shocked faces as well. I looked around the bigauditorium and saw my parents staring at me from the back of the room. My heartstarted beating. I could hear it going thump, thump, thump. Sweat trickled down myback as I stood there while the walls were closing in on me. Then I fainted.Was I dead? I didn’t even want to find out. I could hear voices around me and the
  3. 3. sound of an ambulance’s sound. I saw myself in the darkness with spirits floatingaround me. I had to be dead but then someone splashed cold water on my facemaking me come back from the dead. My parents were staring at me looking worriedbut all the same angry. They said in unison “What did you think you were doing?Why didn’t you tell us?”. I did not feel like talking at the moment so I just shrugged.My parents took me home and gave me a lecture about lying and losing the privilegebut at that point I just lost it. I said “How could you be so selfish? Just because youdidn’t make your dream happen does not mean your making mine disappear!”. Theyfroze looking angry but then relaxed. They sat down next to me and said “ All wewanted for you was for you to be happy and successful. We just didn’t want you toend up like your sister.”. My sister? What were they talking about? I am the onlychild in this family. Or am I?That’s when they let the cat out of the hat. They told me that I had a sister who ranaway when I was born because she her self wanted to be a dancer. One day she had anaccident and was found dead. That scared me. Then I said “This may have happenedto my sister but it is certainly not going to happen to me.”. I told them that that wasthe past but I was focusing on the future. I just left it at that and hoped that I was foronce right!