Rat's Nests reading questions


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  • Rat's Nests reading questions

    1. 1. Slide 1
    2. 2. Slide 2 [line 1 - 14] Q1: Why do you think Mum was so upset? Q2: Who do you think Atom was? Highlight the sentence that tells you that. Q3: What do you think she meant by that? Q4: Do you think Mum actually minds Millie keeping a pet? Underline the line that tells you so.
    3. 3. Slide 3 Q5: How did Millie plan to bring Atom into the house without Mum noticing? Q6: Why do you think Atom had been rescued from the lab?
    4. 4. Slide 4 Q7: Do you think Millie helped with the housework often? Why do you say this? Q8: Why do you think Millie decided to pick up the dirty clothes and take them to the laundry basket?
    5. 5. Slide 5 [line 46 – 57 ] Q9: What did Millie do to make sure that Mum did not come into her room that night? Q10: What did Millie do to make sure that Mum would not find Atom when he started to rustle? Underline the sentence that tells you so.
    6. 6. Slide 6 [line 58 - 69] Q11: What did Millie do for the rest of the week before she left for school? Q12: Why did she not want Mum to vacuum her bedroom floor? Q13: How do you think Mum felt about Millie’s change in behaviour? Underline the part that tells you this.
    7. 7. Slide 7 [line 70 - 87] Q14: Why did Mum make Millie a surprise breakfast in bed? Q15: Imagine that you were Millie. How would you feel at this point? Q16: What did Atom do when Mum was in the room?
    8. 8. Slide 8 [line 89 - 100] Q17: How did you think Millie felt when Mum looked under her bed? Q18: What was Millie’s reaction to her Mum’s discovery under her bed? What was she trying to do? Why do you say so?
    9. 9. Slide 9 [line 106 - 121] Q19: How did Mum know that Millie was secretly hiding Atom under her bed? Q20: How do you think Mum felt when she found out that Millie had hidden things from her? Q21: Do you think it was right of Millie to not tell Mum the truth? Why?
    10. 10. Slide 10 [line 107 - 131] Q22: Why do you think Millie decided to be honest with Mum in the end? Q23: If you were Mum, would you do what she did(made a deal with Millie)? Explain your answer.
    11. 11. If you were the writer, how would you continue the story?