2009 10 The Story Part2


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2009 10 The Story Part2

  1. 1. <ul><li>After three days at the Lofoten Island, I went to Alta, right at the North where I rented a car to drive to Nordkapp, Cape North. The scenery is totally different than the rest of Norway. Really amazing, but weather turned for the bad here, with snowfall, strong winds, cold and rain. Visibility was so poor that I could not take many pictures at all, even waiting for few hours at Nordkapp, where I realized that about 40 coaches of tourist a day are coming towards the time of midnight sun, making this spot so commercial that I was kind of disgusted, because they all go to the center built right at the Cape. I promised to go back, but I will avoid the Centre except for few pictures of the famous monument built there, but really enjoying the spectacular views and cliffs nearby. My plan is to drive Norway from South to North one year for three weeks and then flying to Svalbaard Islands. On top of the chart there is also a cruise to Greenland, which I meant to do in 2010, but the best slots are already taken so I must be waiting perhaps for 2011. </li></ul>
  2. 4. Then in July I went again to Valencia for a long weekend, and next to Italy, where I planned to go for a weekend in the Dolomites. Unfortunately the weather was so bad with hailstone and heavy downpour that I had to abort the trip after I managed to get some shots. Happens. On the return from Italy I stopped in Barcelona where I met some friends to go to see Metallica. That was a crack Below, Lago Negro near Passo Gavia
  3. 6. Passo Gavia
  4. 7. -
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  6. 10. Lago Carezza
  7. 11. -
  8. 13. -
  9. 14. At the end of July I went to visit a friend of mine in Tallin, capital of Estonia for a weekend. Nice city. I liked it. From Tallin, I flew directly to Seville, in the South of Spain for my first visit there. City is very beautiful especially the cathedral and Plaza de Espana. From Seville I joined my Team to go to Portimao in Portugal for a Formula Renault 3,5 serie race, as a support of a Le Mans series event. Portimao is located in Algarve, a very famous touristic area in Portugal Below Tallin
  10. 16. -
  11. 17. Sevilla
  12. 18. Portimao
  13. 19. -
  14. 20. At the beginning of August my parents came over for their holiday. Unfortunately the slot was not great because first two weeks in Europe is crazy, but my racing schedule was not letting me having different chances. I took my parents again to Valencia because from there we went to Ibiza and Formentera, where I met millions of Italians and a married couple of my friends from my hometown. Below Formentera
  15. 21. -
  16. 22. After the short spelt in the Balearis - I just wanted my parents to see the Balearis Islands – I took my parents to the Northern beaches of Spain and France like Laredo, Hendaye and Biarritz.
  17. 25. At the end of August I went a weekend to Venice to attend an airshow on the Sunday in Jesolo, half an hour boat from Venice. The airshow highlight were the famous Italian Aerobatic Team Frecce Tricolori
  18. 27. -
  19. 28. Venice
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  22. 34. After that we have to go to he end of September where I met with 15 of my friends from my hometown to go for a bicycle ride on the Monte Baldo , rising just above the Garda Lake, the main Italian lake.... Let’s see....taking some short spells away like last time I went for a long ride in a mountain bike was in 2005 in Canada. And my friends told me it was an easy ride, because the Baldo Mount rise over 2000 mt was going to be overcome with the cableway, and the ride was a long descent of about 77kms through forests and fields. But it was a trick. The cableway really takes you to the top at 2300 mt but the descent on stones – so pretty difficult – got me at 1500, where I had to rise again to 1900 .....well I guess I have not to comment...I was destroyed especially keeping the pace of my friends who all go on bycicle every weekend. On top of that I had three punctures , one of them very dangerously on a fast downhill where I held off as I could on road barriers to avoid what could have been a very dangerous fall. I meant to take more pictures about it, but I really was energies drained
  23. 35. A picture of Getaria , in a summer weekend
  24. 36. This time is San Sebastian
  25. 37. In October, thanks of the 12th of the month which is the National Day in Spain, I took a long weekend in Norway, as I wanted to see Northern Lights in a time of the year not yet so cold and the colours of autumn, as up there is coming earlier. I webt to Prekeistoilen, a famous rock stooding up 600 mt face cliff on a fjord. Really breathtaking. And also the path to get to it, already with icy spots, have some points where there is just enough the room for a bit more than a person with high drop off and no protection whatsoever. And the edge of the rock is also unguarded. Very scary but very spectacular
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