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Building the Next Big Thing from Barcelona - short presentation for IoT meet up Barcelona and Mobile Sunday during MWC14
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Building the Next Big Thing from Barcelona - short presentation for IoT meet up Barcelona and Mobile Sunday during MWC14


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see also video of the presentation: …

see also video of the presentation:

Curious? Do you want to build the next big thing?

Join us during Mobile World Congress 2014 for:

IoT Startups Panel with relayr, Smart Citizen, and Lhings by Claro - Tue 25 Feb, 12:00, Agora.

Keynote: "Emerging business opportunities in the Internet of Things landscape" - Tue 25 Feb, 15:45, Agora

Mini IoT-lab: "Designing experiences through the Internet of Things" - Wed 26 Feb, 09:30, Workshop dome 3

Personal data Workshop: "Designing personalised experiences" – with guest Stephen Deadman, Chief Privacy Officer, Vodafone. Wed 26 Feb, 15:00, Workshop dome 3

All the above will be held at 4 Years from Now, - the event for entrepreneurship and innovation, at Montjuic (Pl. Espanya)

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  • 1. Build the Next Big Thing with the Internet of Things and the Personal Data Economy Aldo de Jong, Co-Founder, Claro Partners + Startupbootcamp Data & IoT
  • 2. #iot  @claropartners   Claro  helps  corpora1ons   and  startups  to  navigate   disrup've  shi,s  in   society  and  business,   delivering  service  design   and  business  innova'on   Mwenge   Sebas'an   Elisabeth   GER   NL   Congo   Some  of  our  team  members   Rich   USA   Megan   UK   Mercè   Spain   Aldo   NL   Mandy   Lebanon   Abby   USA   Jiri   Belgium   Gunes   Turkey  
  • 3.   #iot  @claropartners   Claro  delivers  business  innova'on   and  service  design  in  the  context  of   disrup've  shi,s   Ownership           Services    delivered     by  companies     Big  data  and   aggregated  resources       Internet  of  Informa1on   and  People     Big  corporates     Access       Services  delivered     through  networks     Small  data  and   personalised  experiences     Internet  of  Things       Microbusiness     Request our point of view papes on each of these topics at
  • 4. #iot  @claropartners   MISCONCEPTION #2 Personal data is the new oil
  • 5. REALITY: My personal data is most valuable to me!
  • 6. #iot  @claropartners   The  IoT  is  about  the  interac'on  between  Internet,  Things  and  Data       Internet! Data! Things!
  • 7. #iot  @claropartners   The  IoT  is  about  the  interac'on  between  Internet,  Things  and  Data     …  and  the  value  this  creates  for  people  and  business   Internet! Data! Things! New  value  for  people   and  business:   Capabili1es   Services   Experiences   Business  models     …  
  • 8. #iot  @claropartners   Barcelona  has  great  poten'al  to  become  the  IoT  startup  hub  by  2020   •  •  •  •  Quality  of  life,  interna1onal  energy   Growing  startup  ecosystem,  with  various  IoT  startups   Thriving  makers  and  IoT  community   Mobile  World  Capital  >  IoT  World  Capital*   *)  see:  
  • 9. #iot  @claropartners   Learn  more  in  the  IoT  startups  panel  and  IoT  keynote     lhings   IoT  Startups  Panel     relayr,  Smart  Ci1zen,,  Lhings  and  Claro    Tue  25  Feb,  12:00   Agora,  4YFN  -­‐  Montjuic   Keynote   Emerging  opportuni1es  in  the  Internet  of  Things  landscape    Tue  25  Feb,  15:45   Agora,  4YFN  -­‐  Montjuic  
  • 10. #iot  @claropartners   Explore  IoT  and  data  in  two  hands-­‐on,  crea've  workshops  at  4YFN   Mini  IoT-­‐lab   Crea1ng  experiences  through  the  Internet  of  Things   with  designers,  developers,  makers  and  strategists     Wed  26  Feb,  09:30  –  12:30h   Workshop  dome  3,  4YFN  -­‐  Montjuic   Personal  data  Workshop   Designing  personalised  experiences   with  Stephen  Deadman,  Chief  Privacy  Officer,  Vodafone   Wed  26  Feb,  15:00  –  18:00h   Workshop  dome  3,  4YFN  -­‐  Montjuic  
  • 11. #iot  @claropartners   Get  involved  with  Startupbootcamp  Data  &  IoT  in  Barcelona   The  leading  European,  mentor-­‐driven,  intensive  accelerator  program  is  coming  to  Barcelona  to   build  a  program  focused  on  Smart  Data  &  Internet  of  Things    in  partnership  with  Claro  Partners.     Shap e   DEMO   DEMO   DAY   DAY   Refine   idea   Shape   Build   Sell   Refine  idea   Early  adop1on   Beta  launch       Looking  for  startups,  corporate  partners,  mentors  and  accredited  investors:  
  • 12. Let’s build the Next Big Thing from Barcelona… Aldo de Jong, Co-Founder Claro Partners: Startupbootcamp Data & IoT: