Analysis of Pop Genre Angels
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Analysis of Pop Genre Angels






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Analysis of Pop Genre Angels Presentation Transcript

  • 1. * Robbie Williams Angels Mark Clarke
  • 2. ** Robbie Williams was initially a member of the pop group Take That. Williams rose to fame in the bands first run in the early- to mid-1990s. After many disagreements with the management and certain group members, Williams left the group in 1995 to launch his solo career.* Since then Williams has sold more than 57 million albums worldwide. He is the best-selling British solo artist in the United Kingdom. Six of his albums are among the top 100 biggest-selling albums in the United Kingdom. He has also been honoured with seventeen BRIT Awards—more than any other artist—and seven ECHO Awards. In 2004, he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame after being voted as the "Greatest Artist of the 1990s."
  • 3. ** Robbie Williams says he wrote the song with Guy Chambers in 25 minutes and the song is about his aunt and uncle. Williams and Chambers were sitting outside a cafe watching a water fountain, this is what inspired them for the chorus.* This song proved to be his greatest commercial success, being certified Double Platinum in the United Kingdom* It was the 34th bestselling single of the decade.* The song won Best British Single at the 1999 Brit Awards.* At the 2005 BRIT Awards, "Angels" was voted by the British public the best song in the past 25 years of British music, though it had only reached number four on the singles chart.
  • 4. ** Repetition of the chorus visually* Singer looks at camera* Miming to the lyrics* Close ups of the artist* Flattering camera angles and shots* Change of location* Edits cut on the beat
  • 5. ** Colour* Fun and light-heartedness* Musical instruments* Change of costume* Dancing* Narrative intercut with live footage of performance
  • 6. ** I believe this song is about turning to a dead lover or friend for help and guidance, someone looking down from up above and watching over you.* The song is in the first person “I”* The words “through it all are emphasised” to suggest that Robbie Williams has been on a journey.* This song is emotional and we can here this in Robbie voice when he sings the chorus.* This makes us feel that Robbie Williams has unconditional love to the person he is singing to.
  • 7. ** The visual content would be categorised as a mini film.* The video tells us the story of love shared between Robbie and the woman.* The video shows the artist being alone looking for his loved one.* The audience is engaged through observing the journey Robbie Williams is going through.* The places in the video are represented as empty and lifeless.
  • 8. Heaven Love Religion Angels in the bible were seen to always help and protect Jesus which suggests that the song may be about those two characteristics.
  • 9. * Close up of Robbie Williams’ face toRobbie Williams focus on his feelings and emotions.has a naturallook, to suggest Robbie Williamsthat the video has quite aisn’t about having seriousfun and enjoying look, whichyourself, but suggests thatsomething more what his singingordinary. has deep meaning.The camera istracking RobbieWilliams as itpulls back from There is the natural light of the sun peering onRobbie on a fixed Robbie Williams’ forehead, but we can see thetrack, and this other half of his face is in darkness which suggestsgives us a sense of he’s coming from a bad place (darkness) torealism. somewhere better (light).
  • 10. *Setting is of a flatblock which Robbie Lighting is quiteWilliams is walking dim in thisthrough and it scene whichsuggests that he may reflectmaybe looking for Robbie’s moodsomeone in this flat and suggestblock. that at this point he is unhappy. Robbie Williams is looking down at the floor upset which suggests that he may he may be Low Angle shot showing Robbie Williams and singing about it emphasises the power of what he is saying something that as we are looking up to him. makes him feel sad.
  • 11. * Setting is of a Natural lighting huge field which emphasises how emphasises the Robbie is in the emptiness and middle of isolation Robbie nowhere all Williams is going alone. through. Robbie Williams is wearing a hadEstablishing shot which showsshowing Robbie that he is coldWilliams alone and emphasiseson a journey to that he is alonefind the girl he because he hasloves. no one to warm The camera pans as the shot moves from up next to. side to side on a fixed axis and this aids to realism and is useful for showing location shots.
  • 12. * The camera is on a dolly to prevent Robbie Williams’Robbie Williams wobble moving around Robbie Williams face is now fullylooks a little to show his feelings. lit up which showsunshaven which that he may haveshows he has been found what heon a long, hard was looking for orjourney to find the something goodwoman he loves. may have happened to him.Robbie Williams isstaring straight atthe camera whichmakes the wordshe is singing morepersonal and havedeeper meaning to Close up of Robbie Williams’ face tothe target show his face in great detail and focusaudience. on his emotions.
  • 13. * Natural lighting we High Angle long can see is showing shot to make Robbie Williams’ Robbie Williams shadow to appear vulnerable emphasise that he and to establish is all alone and no how vast the one is around him. location which reinforces the isolation of Robbie Williams.The crane shot shows the camera mounted well above the action to give a birds-eye view to make the character seem weak and lonely.
  • 14. *Setting is now in a Robbie Williams’playground to face is all litsuggest that which suggestsinnocence not just something goodof the children but may haveof the love Robbie happened.and the womanshare.Robbie Williamshas a small grinwhich shows hehas seensomething that helike and hisjourney may be Medium shot focusing on the character to showover. relationships between Robbie Williams and the woman.
  • 15. *Natural look to Natural light toemphasise the emphasise herwomans beauty beautyand that shedoesn’t needmake up andmay suggest thenatural love sheshares withRobbie Williams.Close up of women to introduce her to the scene and to show her feelings andemotions. It also shows her face in great detail which emphasises her goodlooks.
  • 16. * Medium shot focuses on Robbie In this screen grab weThere is a car in emotions towards the woman he get a full look of thethe background to loves. clothes that Robbiesuggest Robbie Williams is wearingWilliams has bee and we can see thaton a long journey he is dressed all into find the woman black which maythat he loves. suggest that he isFurthermore it is going throughquite an old car something that iswhich contrasts really sad. His clotheswith song as it is also suggest it is quiterelatively new cold which maytherefore it may emphasise thatbe suggesting that Robbie Williamsgood music is Robbie is staring straight at the doesn’t care what thetimeless. camera which makes it more weather is like he just personal for the viewer. wants to find theRobbie is lit up but he is standing in front of a dark woman he loves. Hebackground which suggests he has found the girl he wears this costumeloves. throughout the video.
  • 17. *Robbie has his head Low angle shotheld up which looking up at asuggests he is huge buildingfeeling better than suggest how smallearlier and his and vulnerablejourney is almost Robbie Williamsover. is.
  • 18. *Robbie Williams is Robbie Williams isnow on a beach to wearing sunglassessuggest how far to shield the lightand wide he is from his eyeslooking to find the which suggests hegirl that he loves. still hasn’t found what he is looking for. Medium shot focuses on Robbie emotions towards the woman he loves.
  • 19. *Natural lighting we Robbie Williamscan see is showing is standing inRobbie Williams’ crucifiedshadow to position whichemphasise that he suggests hisis all alone and no religious beliefsone is around him. and explains to us why the song is called Angels. The camera pans as the shot moves from side to side on a fixed axis and this aids to realism and is useful for showing location shots.
  • 20. * Establishing shotThe helicopter showing Robbiesuggests emergency Williams aloneand that something on a journey toserious is going to find the girl hehappen. loves with aFurthermore it helicopter flyingcontrasts with the past we saw earlieras it is modernwhich suggests thetarget audience ofthis song could beboth old and young.
  • 21. *Here we see Robbie Medium shot focuses onWilliams playing Robbie’s actions with thefootball which football.shows that he is justa normal personwho has the samehobbies as anyoneelse and feels lovejust like anyoneelse.
  • 22. * Robbie Williams’ face is all lit which suggests something good Robbie Williams may have has quite a happened. serious look, which suggests thatRobbie’s jumper is what his singingcovering his mouth has deepshowing just his meaning.eyes whichsuggests that hiseyes show the wayhe feels and theycan tell a story. Close up of Robbie Williams’ face to focus on his feelings and emotions.
  • 23. * Lighting is The couple are brightly on the laying down on couple which a rug which is shows their love shaped on a for each other heart to further and their passion suggest their towards each love for each other. other.High Angle toestablish thelocation and showRobbie finding thegirl he loves.The crane shot shows the camera mounted well above the action to give a birds-eye view to make the character seem weak and lonely.
  • 24. * High Angle toWe see the girl establish theputting her arms location and showout like wings with Robbie with thethe lighting girl he loves.creating a shadowthat looks like anangel whichsuggests thiswomen is the angelRobbie Williams hasbeen singing aboutthroughout thesong. The camera pans as the shot moves from side to side on a fixed axis and this aids to realism and is useful for showing location shots.
  • 25. * The camera is on a dolly to prevent wobble moving around Robbie WilliamsRobbie is and the women to showing theirexpressing the feelings towards each other.emotions he hasbuilt up during thewhole song. Two shot Close up of Robbie Williams and women showing their love for each other.
  • 26. * Editing: * Straight cuts to give a sense to realism. * Fade in/out to indicate the beginning and end of song. * Jump cut to make the audience suddenly focus on a character. * Montage of Robbie playing football to show his perseverance to succeed in finding the woman he loves. Sound: * There is no extra sound added in the video.