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  1. 1. SwedenBy Clark Simons
  2. 2. Physical Characteristics• Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe.• It is about the size of California• It has many lakes, vast forest, and a long coastline.• Its capital is Stockholm• Its area is 174,000 square miles.
  3. 3. Cultural Characteristics• Most people in Sweden speak Swedish• 87% of Swedes are Lutheran.• Sweden has many castles and palaces.• Literature, music, fashion, theatre and dance make Sweden so unique.
  4. 4. Customs and Traditions• Swedes favor season changing holidays to celebrate the upcoming new seasons.• Dancing singing and performing old traditions brings the people of Sweden together.• Religious holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and All Souls Day are celebrated with a Swedish twist.• Swedes not only celebrate their old customs but instead, they make their own creative public Holidays such as Waffle Day and Cinnamon Bun Day. Swedish Waffle Day
  5. 5. Winter• Winter in Sweden is harsh and difficult to handle.• The darkest months start in mid to late October and last until mid to late may.• Natural occurrences called polar nights create a period of long lasting darkness.• Ski resorts are popular for tourist. Not to mention the beautiful and outspoken northern lights that attract so many.• The scenery of Sweden makes Christmas a delight in the winter months.
  6. 6. Spring• The frosty and darkened winter starts to end around late April.• It brings such beauty and fortune to Sweden as the flowers bloom and outdoor activities come to life.• The sun shines brighter and longer and the tourist instantly fall in love with the results of Sweden’s successful spring awakening.• On the last day of April, Choirs sing songs about Spring and people gather around and light bonfires.• This celebration is known as Walpurgis Eve.
  7. 7. Summer• The Spring ends in late May/early June.• People enjoy its moderate and cloudy climate• A lot can be done in these summer months as the growing season is at its peak.• It doesn’t last to long so people do there best to enjoy every last second of this wonderful time of year.• Mid Summers Eve is a Holiday where people gather around the Maypole and dance and snaps.
  8. 8. Autumn• Summer ends in late September/early October.• The climate is still moderate and is perfect for tourist.• People in Sweden start to prepare themselves for the dark months of winter ahead.• Activities in Fall include fishing and outdoor activities.• People light candles for the dead honoring All Saints Day which is a popular event. All SAINTS DAY
  9. 9. Government and Politics• Sweden consists of a Parliamentary Democracy.• It belongs to a Monarchy and the people are free to criticize.• Sweden has a high percentage of voters and continues to stay at a high standard of living.• Most of the people in Sweden are social democrats.
  10. 10. Health Care• Life expectancy in Sweden for men is 79.1 and for women is 83.2• People in Sweden are healthy and the birth percentage is rising.• Everybody has equal access to the health care system with good medical results.• The Swedish Health Care System is tax payer funded and greatly decentralized.
  11. 11. Sweden Today• Sweden has a high standard of living with little poverty.• The economy is in good shape and so are the people.• There are many places to see such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo.