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Iabc Presentation

  1. 1. Getting Started in Social Media Michael Clark Ed Nicholson Mitchell Com unications Group m Tyson Foods, Inc. W has tim for this m ho e ess?
  2. 2. TV Shows Quick Cultural Check •Lost •Am erican Idol •Grey’ Anatom s y •ER •Survivor •ESPN •One hour of new (local or netw s ork) •Tw ½hour com o edy show s •At least one hour of other TV
  3. 3. Lifestyle Quick Lifestyle/ Cultural Check •Dr. or Dentist •W aited at Restaurant •Stuck in Traffic •Kids’ sporting event •Conference calls w here you w half-listening ere
  4. 4. Technology Quick Lifestyle/ Cultural Check • artphone (iPhone, Blackberry Storm etc.) Sm , • Laptop w W at hom ith iFi e • Text messaging • Use social media?
  5. 5. Paul Revere Com unity builder m •Had built the credibility to com unicate w people along the m ith route… w not just a rider-by shouting as w arnings • riders by the end of the night. 40 • Tools have evolved through history • One isn’replaced by the next t •BooksNew spapersRadioT VStatic W ebSocial Web
  6. 6. The tools w ill continue to e v olv e Relationships and reputations transcend and survive technology changes. The re ’s continuity in community .
  7. 7. Media & Social Media Today it’ about com s pleting the cycle of com unications m • as one-w W ay. •Today there’ a dem s and for authenticity, transparency. •Credibility is m uch greater nowthan ever.
  8. 8. CommUniverse™ Employees *CBOs Public Regulatory agencies ORGANIZATION Community leaders *NGOs Influencers Elected officials Media - Bloggers Customers *CBOs – community based organizations, and grassroots groups *NGOs – non-governmental organizations, and national groups © 2009 Mitchell Communications Group. All rights reserved
  9. 9. S ocial me dia us e r numbe rs are re aching critical mas s M than 150 175 200 M Active Users ore M Worldwide. 850 million photos per month. M than 4 billion m ore inutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide) ONE BILLION View a Day s 15 hours of content loaded every minute 10% bandw idth 5-6 million accounts 3 billion images online 35 million accounts
  10. 10. S ocial me dia us ag e continuing to ris e Percentage of tim online using social netw e orking tools: 2007— 12% 2009— 51%
  11. 11. S ocial Me dia---Not jus t for kids and g e e ks any more
  12. 12. Te chnolog y is be coming e as ie r to us e Rem ber the first tim you used a w em e ebsite or email? Intimidated? Today’ tools are so m s uch m user-friendly. ore Technology advances the speed of the cycle of com unications m W orking DOS Image Capture April 2002
  13. 13. How to us e s ocial me dia • No one rig ht w ay . • Many w rong w ay s .
  14. 14. Steps to Being Part of the Conversation • Listening –M onitoring – Consum online content ing – Gaining a feel for the conversation • Engaging Gaining Credibility – Becom visible in the com unity ing m • Com enting m • Actively using Twitter • Beginning to create a blog • Creating content that adds value • Leading – Creating sought-after content – Becom a recognized thought leader ing – Helping le ad the conversation
  15. 15. Listening— Twitter Search
  16. 16. Listening---Tweetbeep
  17. 17. Listening— Google Alerts
  18. 18. Listening— Google Alerts
  19. 19. Lis te ning —Ne w me dia s e arch
  20. 20. Social media monitoring –Seesm - Tw ic eetdeck
  21. 21. Engaging – Commenting
  22. 22. Engaging and Leading Tyson Foods— Hunger Blog
  23. 23. Tools – YouTube
  24. 24. Ty s on Foods S ocial Me dia – Twitte r
  25. 25. w w w .pitchengine.com Free social media release service
  26. 26. Mitchell Com unications Group Social M m edia
  27. 27. RS S —conte nt de liv e re d to y our doors te p
  28. 28. RS S —conte nt de liv e re d to y our doors te p
  29. 29. RS S —conte nt de liv e re d to y our doors te p
  30. 30. RS S —conte nt de liv e re d to y our doors te p v ia Goog le Re ade r
  31. 31. Recent notable use of social networking tools The Obam Cam a paign Com castCares Best Buy CM O Flight 1540 Sharing M ayo Clinic
  32. 32. S haring S torie s —May o Clinic
  33. 33. Opinions Opinions • The rules are different— Can’rely solely on t traditional media tactics for success in these channels. • Good strategy is still essential. These media are just added tools to the ones w ve been using for years. e’ • Takes tim to build credibility and com unity. Can’ e m t buy your w in. Have to be an active participant. ay
  34. 34. Opinions Opinions Opinions Opinions • There’ a reason they call it Social M s edia. • A lot of people w phenom ith enal m ass m arketing skills understand the m edia part— they just don’get t the social part, yet. • Social netw orking tools are generally not effective one-w channels. They’ not good vehicles to ay re push m essages unless the m essages have great content. M add value. ust • The real potential in the use of social netw orking tools is in creating and participating in com unity. m
  35. 35. Opinions Opinions • Agencies can’develop com unity for clients. Clients have to be t m part of the process w hen it happens. • W agencies can do: hat – Help create strategy. – Help create content. – W alongside as participants in the conversation. Use their alk credibility to support. – Provide counsel • You can’“ t control the message” (you never really could). But you can influence it. – You can control w you say. hat – Saying nothing speaks pretty loudly som etim . es
  36. 36. Tips for Getting Started Tips for Ge tting S tarte d • Sign up for the tools • Facebook www.facebook.com • Linkedin www.linkedin.com • Twitter http://twitter.com • MySpace www.myspace.com
  37. 37. Tips for Getting Started
  38. 38. Tips for Getting Started •
  39. 39. Tips for Getting Started •
  40. 40. Tips for Getting Started
  41. 41. Tips for Getting Started • Create an avatar (photo preferable, but not necessary, if another image is used) • Create an interesting, accurate bio that includes your location • Follow or invite at least ten others—Friends on FB, “Follow” on Twitter, Contacts on LinkedIn. 30 is preferable • Create at least one status update or Tweet each day for 3 days (no less). •Use a mobile device if you can--SMS (text); iPhoneTweetie BlackberryTwitterberry • Use a desktop ap for TwitterSeesmic Desktop or Tweetdeck
  42. 42. Useful links • Facebook—Getting Started Guide • Lessons from a New Kid on the Twitter Block • 10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners • Why Facebook—Mari Smith (excellent blog on FB) • • RSS in Plain English • Social Media in Plain English • http://delicious.com/ederdn Ed’s SM bookmarks
  43. 43. Tips for Getting Started http://de licious .com/e de rdn •
  44. 44. Tips for Getting Started — Accounts to followon Twitter •http://twitter.com /clarknw ark •http://twitter.com itchCom Group /M m •http://twitter.com /ederdn •http://twitter.com /TysonFoods •https://tw itter.com /arkmoore •https://tw itter.com /Barb_G •http://twitter.com /LT •http://twitter.com /Ghidotti •http://twitter.com /nprnew s •http://twitter.com /GuyKaw asaki •http://twitter.com /jow yang •http://tw itter.com /shel •http://tw itter.com /robertjholland •http://tw itter.com /LesPotter •http://tw itter.com /archanaverm a
  45. 45. Conne ct w ith us Michael Clark michael@mitchcommgroup.com http://twitter.com/clarknwark http://www.mitchcommgroup.com/ Ed Nicholson ed.nicholson@tyson.com http://twitter.com/ederdn http://twitter.com/TysonFoods http://hungerrelief.tyson.com