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  • 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2-One of the Most Powerful Smartphones in the MarketSamsung Galaxy Note is the second installment in the Note series. It is outfitted with several innovative features. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most popular smartphones in the mobile phone market. Although you can witness large number of mobile phones in the market but none can for sure beat the Galaxy series from Samsung. Galaxy Note was no doubt one of the greatest inventions of the brand and it functions just amazingly. Now, to add more to your excitement, its successor Galaxy Note 2 has taken over the market with much better and enhanced features. It can run even more applications and is embedded with enhanced functionalities. Hence we all love a service that lasts for a longer period.
  • 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Deals-Lay Your Hands on the Biggest Smartphone Ever Produced Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has strengthened the phablet category in the market. We expect more and more consumers to grab this device in the upcoming holiday season.The phablets are here to stay. No matter how much you hate them, their fan base is getting increased. The Galaxy Note 2 is the latest in the market, and it is here to astonish users with its stupendous screen size. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comprises of sleek dimensions of 151.1x80.5x9.4mm, which makes is a little taller, though narrower and sleeker than its precursor. And whilst it is noticeably bigger than even the largest Android smartphones with their 4.7-4.8-inch screens, the Note 2 surprisingly goes easily in the pocket. The weight is still virtually unaffected, as the first Note weighs at 178grams, but the Note 2 weighs mere 180grams.
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Major Specifications:➲ Size: ➲ Performance:The huge screen size of the NOte 2 is The Galaxy Note 2 possesses a quad-core its biggest appeal. This smartphone 1.6 GHz central processing unit, which is excessively huge for a mobile is one of the most powerful CPUs in phone, but is small for a tablet. the marketplace. It is accompanied by➲ Touchscreen: 2GB RAMThe Galaxy Note 2 comes with a 5.5- ➲ Memory space: inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, The Note 2 comes with a 64 GB internal which gives superb display even memory space, which can be under direct sun light. In addition, increased up to 128 GB via memory Samsung has placed a Gorilla card slot. Therefore, you will never run Glass cover to protect the screen out of space while storing content. from any damage.
  • 4. Galaxy Note 2 Specifications➲ Connectivity, GPS, Camera: ➲ Verdict:This device has roughly all forms of If you are searching for a connectivity attributes. The 4G smartphone that has LTE is one of the swiftest data connectivity technologies in the abilities for a tablet, buy world. The Note 2 supports it, and this device. The original is one of the fastest devices in the Galaxy Note sold around world. Add in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 10 million units all over the and you get a device that permits world. And the second you to stay connected all the time.The Note 2 also has GPS facilities, generation Note is also which is very useful while selling like hot cakes in the travelling. Lastly, a camera is the mobile phone market. most essential part of a Hence, it can be said that smartphone. The Note 2 sports an users are comfortable 8 MP snapper with auto focus and LED flash. This snapper is using such smartphones. powerful enough to beat any point- ➲ Deals:
  • 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Images Gallery
  • 6. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 The Galaxy Note 2 is simply huge. A simple glance at the smartphone next to the iPhone 5 gives you the proof. To some users, it is going to be excessively huge for practical purposes. Even we thought for certain that we would be one of those users. But here is the thing we got used to the Galaxy Note 2 very swiftly. After using the Note huge 5.5inch screen, it is very difficult time going back to tinier smartphones. It is that great. It makes their touchscreens (iPhone displays) appear cramped & puny. There are more easy smartphones to use. But after utilizing the Note 2 for many days my hands got used to its size way swifter than my eyes could readjust to tinier displays. Our eyes do not desire to bother going back to the handset.
  • 7. Galaxy Note 2 DealsSamsung Galaxy Note 2 is the highly-anticipated heir to the original Galaxy Note, the biggest handset on the marketplace & the first true phone/tablet gizmo. We got the chance to spend some time with the phablet, and thats what we have come up with. Get Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals on cheapest monthly line rental by comparing tariffs and free offers from major mobile phone sellers in the UK. For more information visit at and