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  1. 1. Ancient Foods <br />of the Future<br />Chia Seed<br />Presentation<br />Ancient Foods of the Future<br />P.O. Box 2431<br />Paso Robles, CA 93447<br />949.444.8282<br /><br />
  2. 2. Chia Seeds<br />Traditional Sacred Food of the Native Aboriginal peoples of the Americas<br />Traditionally Known as the “Running Food”<br />Rising to Their Global Persona as the<br />“Ancient Food of the Future”<br />
  3. 3. The Many Benefits<br />Encapsulated in this<br />Oval of nutrition<br /><ul><li> Enhanced Athletic Performance
  4. 4. #1 Functional Food</li></ul>(Naturally with no Side Effects)<br />(Supporting Prevention, the Voice of True Health-Care)<br />
  5. 5. Enhanced <br />Athletic performance<br /><ul><li>Increase Energy & Extend Hydration </li></ul>(Electrolyte Balance)<br /><ul><li> Increase Nutrient Up-Take</li></ul>(Nutrient Absorption & Utilization)<br /><ul><li>Source of Protein (23%)</li></ul>(Build & Repair Muscle Tissue)<br /><ul><li> Source of Calcium </li></ul>(5 times the calcium of Milk with Boron- a catalyst for <br /> calcium absorption & utilization. Also contains magnesium)<br /><ul><li> Source of Omega-3 (63%)</li></li></ul><li>#1 Functional Food<br /><ul><li>Digestive Aid</li></ul> (Better Assimilation of Foods & Supplements<br /><ul><li>Neutralize Excess Stomach Acids
  6. 6. Supports Healthy Blood Sugar</li></ul>(Great for Type II Diabetics)<br /><ul><li>Dieters Dream Food</li></ul>(Fat Replacement & Food Extender)<br /><ul><li>Rich Source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids
  7. 7. High Anti-Oxidant Profile</li></ul>(Anti-aging Properties & Immune Function)<br /><ul><li>Encourages Healthy Elimination without Distress
  8. 8. The Benefits of Chia Seeds Supports the Health of Your Pets</li></ul>(Protein, Calcium, Hydration & Essential Fatty Acids)<br />
  9. 9. Omega-3 <br />Essential Fatty Acids<br />Omega-3 Benefits Include but are not Limited to Supporting:<br /><ul><li> Heart Health
  10. 10. Mental Health
  11. 11. Anti-aging
  12. 12. Boosts Immune Function
  13. 13. Child Nutrition
  14. 14. Healthy Pregnancy
  15. 15. Health Hair & Skin</li></ul>Smart Choice for Supporting the <br />Health & Well-Being of the Whole Family!<br />
  16. 16. Essential fatty Acid<br />Ratio Chart<br />%<br /><ul><li> Omega-9
  17. 17. Omega-6
  18. 18. Omega-3</li></ul>Optimum Ratio 0f the 3-6-9 Fatty Acids is 3:1<br />Chia Offers the Optimum Ratio for our Dietary Needs<br />
  19. 19. Why Choose Chia Over <br />Flax & Fish for your source <br />of the Essential Fatty Acids?<br /><ul><li>Fish: </li></ul> Fish has an objectionable flavor, odor & after taste.<br /> Risk of contamination of heavy metals, PCB’s, DDT’s &<br /> other pesticides & ocean-contaminated materials.<br /><ul><li>Flax:</li></ul>Profile of the Omega-3 is at 54% & Chia 63%. Flax has <br /> NO anti-oxidants & Chia has a higher profile than<br /> blueberries. Soaked Chia seed, after 12 hours, triples<br /> the anti-oxidant profile.<br />Chia has no bad taste or after-taste & they are limitless in culinary applications. It absorbs more than 14 times its weight in water, & a great fiber profile (soluble & insoluble), rich in calcium, potassium & other important minerals & Chia seeds are a complete protein. <br />
  20. 20. More on Chia’s <br />Valued Oil Benefits<br />The high oil content of Chia seeds (relative to other grains) gives them an energy value of 524 Kcal/100g (Weber). In a relative perspective wheat 403 Kcal; corn 366 Kcal; rice 405 Kcal; oats 432 Kcal; barley 406 Kcal; and amaranth 421 Kcal.<br />Chia also contains natural anti-oxidants ; glycosides, chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid (Taga). These compounds help preserve the oil stored within the seeds and prevent the development of rancidity (oxidation). <br />The unique properties of Chia seeds support their extraordinary benefits within food products. We have found Chia to be a great fat replacement in baked goods. We have NO added oils in our Chia breads and along with Chia’s unique hydrophilic structural qualities our breads have a moist, soft texture and with No added preservatives we have an extended shelf life. <br />
  21. 21. ALA <br />(Alpha-Lenolenic Acid)<br />…Can Only be Derived By <br />Ingesting It In The Foods We Eat<br />ALA is important in the messenger function in the body. It must be present in the body to make its own DHA. ALA is converted into EPA & then into PGE3 (prostaglandin E3) which helps reduce platelet clumping, inflammation, and relaxes blood vessels and balancing immune function.<br />Thus, in the overall scheme of essential fatty acid functions, it is important to provide adequate ALA in the diet on a regular basis!! <br />
  22. 22. Essential Fatty-Acid Conversions<br />
  23. 23. Digestive Support<br /><ul><li> Chia seeds structural integrity (soluble fiber) can absorb more than 14 times its weight in water (up to 18+).
  24. 24. When eaten with other foods it creates an environment to slow conversions, assimilating the foods eaten more effectively, supporting increased up-take of available nutrients for absorption & utilization by the body.</li></li></ul><li>More About Digestion<br /><ul><li> Slow conversions contribute to the Chia seeds benefits for Type II Diabetics.
  25. 25. Sugars are absorbed in the blood to be absorbed into the cells. The excess sugars are converted into Glycogen & stored in the liver. When blood sugar begins to drop the glycogen is released very quickly to regulate (slow down) the drop in blood sugar.
  26. 26. Simple carbohydrates & refined sugars are absorbed too quickly (no structural integrity to support slow conversions) into the blood diminishing the body’s ability for cell absorption & the excess is stored into the fat cells.
  27. 27. Fat can not release the sugars fast enough to effectively regulate the drop in blood sugar resulting in hypoglycemia, the precursor to diabetes.</li></li></ul><li>Additional Digestive benefits<br /><ul><li> The hydrophilic structural integrity of hydrated Chia seeds supports slow conversions & better assimilation of foods, diminishing digestive irritation in the gut. This results in lessoning the sensitivity many people have towards high fiber raw foods, spicy foods, acidic foods as well as the irritation from eating supplements and/or medications.
  28. 28. Retaining hydration throughout the digestive processes supports nutrient absorption and electrolyte balance fueling energy & endurance. Hydration & better assimilation has a significant value in supporting healthy elimination. Chia also supports healthy intestinal flora as it is a pre-biotic food.</li></li></ul><li>Nature’s Perfect Food<br />The Collective Valued Benefits Outlined in this Presentation Only Touches the Surface of the Treasure-trove of Benefits Encapsulated in this Ovule of Nutrition Which is Fast Becoming Renowned as the<br />“Ancient Food of the Future”<br />
  29. 29. Adventure Has Its Rewards In Discovery. The Knowledge of Wisdom is the Road to Our Recovery. Wm. Anderson<br />Health is more than the absence of disease,It is the Well-Being of our mind, body & spirit!<br />In America Today we support “illness-care,” the symptomatic treatment of illness & disease.<br />True “Health-Care” is in Prevention.<br />There is NO better food in this world that supports the Health & Well-being of its global citizens.<br /> We Welcome You to the Chia Family!<br />
  30. 30. …To reap the rewards and the fulfillment of our life we must cultivate solutions to the needs. Knowing how to give is everything! <br />William Anderson<br />