Spp Careers 301 Internships
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Spp Careers 301 Internships

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Purposes, Structure, Benefits and Outcomes of Internships for BS and MS Students

Purposes, Structure, Benefits and Outcomes of Internships for BS and MS Students

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  • 1. Careers 301: Internships Clark R. Bonilla, Director Alumni and Career Services School of Public Policy SPP Careers 301 1
  • 2. Table of Contents What is an Internship? Values of an Internship The Internship Search Securing an Internship Documenting an Internship Other Occupational Experiences Suggested Reading SPP Careers 301 2
  • 3. What is an Internship?“any official or formal program to providepractical experience for beginners in anoccupation or profession: an internship formanagement trainees.”  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/internship SPP Careers 301 3
  • 4. Educational DefinitionAn Internship is “a supervised discipline-relatedwork experience [involving] an intentionalexperiential learning strategy, an emphasis onprofessional development, performanceassessments, and reflection and acknowledgment.”(O’Neill, 2010) SPP Careers 301 4
  • 5. Emphasis: SupervisionAn Internship “integrates career relatedexperience into an undergraduate educationthrough participation in planned, supervisedwork.” (O’Neill, 2010) SPP Careers 301 5
  • 6. What is “Practical Experience”? Apply theory to real-world problems. Gain “tacit” knowledge through contextualized learning. Utilize multiple skills simultaneously within an interdisciplinary team environment. Identify, reduce and manage risks of uncertainty in workplace. Learn relationship-building in professional context. SPP Careers 301 6
  • 7. Experiential Learning Objectives Adapt to various work environments, Adopt professional etiquette and ethics, Perform professional work assignments, Function within teams, Adhere to hierarchies of authority, Adhere to all policies and procedures, Clarify career goals and career pathways, Apply PP knowledge, tools, and techniques. SPP Careers 301 7
  • 8. Structure of Internships Full- or Part-time (20 hr/wkly minimum), Summer time for SPP MS students, Fall/Spring time (with SPP approval), Preferably paid (volunteer with SPP approval), Regular work hours, Work on-site (not remotely, not on-campus), Relevant to career goals, Managerial supervision, Perform work necessary to employer, SPP Careers 301 8
  • 9. Optional Elements Earn academic credit for work experience Produce thesis or professional paper related to work experience On-campus internship requires SPP pre-approval (GTRI, EII, CETL or CIESMC) Management trainee program (longer than 1 semester) Use of prior work to fulfill SPP MS internship requirement (requires SPP pre-approval) SPP Careers 301 9
  • 10. Internships Should … Promote student’s professional development Be completed before or after graduation, Be SPP pre-approved to fulfill internship requirements, Include professional mentoring and educational assignments, Involve career related experiences to reinforce prior learning. SPP Careers 301 10
  • 11. Find a Mentor, … Find an adviser, Expand exponentially your professional network, Find a permanent job, Excel in your internship or permanent job, Find a satisfying career, Advance in your career, Find a friend … perhaps. SPP Careers 301 11
  • 12. Desired Outcomes Clarified career goals, Employer evaluated your knowledge and skills, Improved skills and managerial potential, Maintained positive SPP/GT-employer relationship, Permanent employment or positive employer recommendation, Expanded professional network, Better employee-job matching (satisfaction, excellence, productivity, advancement, pay). SPP Careers 301 12
  • 13. Internship Search, Step 1 GT Recruitment Fairs ( http://gtalumni.org/pages/careerfair) Targeted Mailing (very limited) Networking (colleagues, SPP alumni, new contacts, social media, professors, prior employers, etc.) Online Searches (See: Link to “Job Search Engines” on http://spp.gatech.edu/careerblog/) SPP Careers 301 13
  • 14. Internship Search, Step 2 Attend Career 201 Workshop on Social Media. Identify and Map Your Knowledge & Skill Sets. Define Career Goals. Draft Professional Resume (not CV). Create Profile on Social Media (LinkedIn.com). Conduct Mock Interviews. Join Relevant Professional Associations. Update Your Professional References. SPP Careers 301 14
  • 15. Securing an Internship, Part 1 Study the organization (mission, strategic priorities, budget, recent achievements, organizational design). Learn backgrounds of interviewers (see: www.LinkedIn.com profiles). Know your strengths and weaknesses for the position (Analytical, Social, Knowledge). Have Professional Development Plan. Believe in the organization (employer). Keep a positive tone always. SPP Careers 301 15
  • 16. Securing an Internship, Part 2 Praise Georgia Tech and prior employers (not yourself). Never underestimate the value of reputation. Be happy to “prove” yourself to employer. No task is too small to give it your best. Refer to your LinkedIn.com profile. Relate your knowledge and skills to the position. Be self-confident and sociable (not arrogant or talkative). SPP Careers 301 16
  • 17. Securing an Internship, Part 3 Consider your long-term potential to employer. Identify how you provide value-added service. Say how you’ll grow professionally via internship. Be a keen observer and listener. Don’t volunteer confidential information. You just might get a job offer without internship. Consider broadly your relevant experience (research, volunteer, service learning). SPP Careers 301 17
  • 18. Documenting an Internship Supervisor’s contact information Colleagues’ contact information (your network) Log of daily activities Reports of tasks and outcomes Copies of reports, studies, policy statements, memos, etc. (with permission) Exit interview documents Recommendation letter before exit SPP Careers 301 18
  • 19. Other Occupational Experiences Externship Practicum Cooperative Education Contract Work Temporary Work Volunteer Activities Consulting Mentoring SPP Careers 301 19
  • 20. Key Web Sites GT Career Services, Internship Programs: http://www.career.gatech.edu/plugins/content/index.php?id=2 GT, DPP, Cooperative Education: http://www.gradcoop.gatech.edu/ Federal Internships: www.USAJOBS.gov PPGSA T-Square: Internships/Search Engines SPP Careers 301 20
  • 21. Annual Internship Opportunities Intern, GA Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget Research Intern, Progress Partners of North Fulton, Atlanta, GA Intern, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Washington, DC Performance Management Analyst Intern, Office of the Mayor, Atlanta, GA Legislative Intern, DC Summer Internship Program, Georgia Tech, Office of Provost SPP Careers 301 21
  • 22. Next Steps Define Your Career Goals. Explore Alternative Career Pathways. Be Strategic. Have a Career Management Plan. Be Persistent. Be Positive. Show What You Can Contribute to Employers. Network, Network, Network. SPP Careers 301 22
  • 23. Suggested Reading 1 Feldman, Daniel C.; Folks, William R. and Turnley, William H. “Mentor-protégé diversity and its impact on international internship experiences.” Journal of Organizational Behavior, Sept. 1999, 20, 5, p597-611. Gavigan, Lisa. “Connecting the classroom with real- world experiences through summer internships.” Peer Review, Fall 2010, 12,4, p15-19. Hindmoor, Andrew. “Internships within Political Science,” Australian Journal of Political Science, September 2010, 45, 3, p483–490. O’Neill, Nancy. “Internships as a high-impact practice: some reflections on quality.” Peer Review, Fall 2010, 12, 4, p4-8. SPP Careers 301 23
  • 24. Suggested Reading, 2 Fifolt, Matt and Searby, Linda. “Mentoring in cooperative education and internships: preparing protégés for STEM professions.” Journal of STEM Education: Innovations & Research; Jan-Jun 2010, 11,1, p17-26. Wasonga, Teresa A. and Murphy, John F. “Learning from tacit knowledge: the impact of the internship.” The International Journal of Educational Management, 2006, 20,2, p153-63. Weible, Rick. “Are universities reaping the available benefits internship programs offer?” Journal of Education for Business, 2010, 85: 59–63. SPP Careers 301 24
  • 25. For More Information: Clark Bonilla, Director Office: 404-385-7220clark.bonilla@pubpolicy.gatech.edu SPP Careers 301 25