2 17-14 E-board


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2 17-14 E-board

  1. 1. NSCS E-board Meeting 2-17-14 **Anspach room 164 @ 6:30pm** 1. RUSH o Tabling sheet o Wednesday 2-19-14 o 11:00-12:00 Nikki, Arielle o 12:00-1:00 Callie, Jackie o Post RUSH pics on our FB page and the National FB page o Meet the officers o Tuesday February 25th Pearce 225 7pm o Game night with current members o Tuesday March 4th 7:30pm Pearce 225 o PR! o Get into FYE classes or honors classes with mostly freshman to talk? o Chalking? o Flyers? 2. Fundraising o February (2) o T shirts o Working on jimmy johns 3. Social(bowling night, movie night, incorporated with campus events, rock climbing, waterpark, Snowman building) o February (2) o Bowling night, o Thursday the 27th @ 9:30pm meet at Library at 9:15pm to carpool o $2.50 shoe rental o Thursdays $1 games 9:30-midnight o March o 4th after meeting = game night with perspective members o Another? Centrallink calendar of events 4. Community Service o February (2) o Volunteer at a blood drive o Salvation army o March: o Nursing home – St. Patty’s Day event , March 20th o Adopt a highway o April: o Animal Shelter o Mobile Food Pantry o Kids against hunger 12th
  2. 2. 5. Meetings o Tomorrow! February 18th at 7pm in Pearce 225 – o Something to talk about; don’t want it to last 10 minutes o TFA o Scholarships o 6. Speakers o Success center, volunteer, grad school, GRE: need to have set ASAP! o March 4th Michigan Talent Connect : provide networking opportunities and encourage students to seek work in Michigan o March 18th Student Success Center workshop on time management 7. Star Status o Requirements for this semester? o Spring budget? o MEI- done! o Continue using media and minutes under notes on FB and email from nscs account at least once a month o Platinum Application: o Executive summary o Signature programs: pictures from events 8. Budget o Done! 9. PACE o March to College Day: paperwork filled out o March 28th o T-shirt working on o Budget? 10. Survey o https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SBTZWLM 11. Senior Send Off event Dear NSCS Officers at Central Michigan University, Congratulations! I’ve nominated your chapter to host a Senior Send Off event! You were nominated based off of your outstanding E-Board, your sincere dedication to your NSCS members on campus, and your demonstrated ability as leaders to host very successful events. You should be proud to know that only the top 20% of our hundreds of NSCS chapters nationwide were nominated to host this honorable event. Graduation, while it’s the end of one chapter of life, does not signify the end of your chapter of NSCS or your seniors’ involvement with it! Our graduating seniors have been a part of NSCS on their own personal journey through college and we want to recognize the accomplishments of the seniors of the Central Michigan University chapter one last time, but also allow connections to form that will benefit your NSCS chapter and these new alumni. We hope that your chapter will continue to think of these young professionals as resources, inviting them to future events or reaching out to them for support on campus. In return, this will provide them with the chance to stay connected with their NSCS chapter, serving as a leader, even as they begin to navigate through the real world.
  3. 3. Similar to your Induction Ceremony, we will be providing your officer board with the essentials for running this program. This will include a script, Power Point presentation, program and a gift to “send off” your seniors. We request that you reserve a room, provide refreshments, and promote the event on campus. Your officers should reach out to professors and faculty to secure a keynote speaker for the event as well. Most importantly, this is a celebration! So, have fun and consider creative ways to send off your seniors with a memorable, “Bon Voyage!” The Senior Send Off Events should take place between April 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014. You should pick a time that works best for the chapter. Once you accept your nomination, we will be sending you a simple Google form to complete so we can begin to help you plan! Remember, if you do elections in time, this is a great time to help your new officers plan their first formal event! o We actually have 266 graduating seniors. I know many of them may not come out to your meetings. However, just like Induction, many members may like to be recognized in this special ceremony. 12. Open Scholarships o Semester at Sea Summer Scholarship: Closes 2/28/2014 o -20th Anniversary Scholarship: Closes 3/13/2014 o -Brandon Huseman Legacy Scholarship: Closes 3/13/2014 o -Scholar Abroad Summer Scholarship: Closes 3/13/2014 o -First Generation Scholar Award: Closes 5/1/2014