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Design and Plan

  1. 1. Design Storyboards In this second stage of the design cycle, I have to create storyboards for my video. I have to create more than one of it because I then have to choose the best one and evaluate it against the design specification. The storyboards have to be very detailed; for example, there can be included if there’s a close up, if there’s a song, how many seconds or minutes does the clip last etc. Storyboard #1 I particularly like this storyboard because it is very professional looking and I like the story that I created which is very suitable with our age group.
  2. 2. Storyboard #2 Even though this storyboard is very short, I like the main idea of the person getting dialysis whilst the doctor explains the technology. However, it isn’t very professional looking. Storyboard #3 I like very much this storyboard because it is based in school; hence it is suitable for our age group. I also like that the teacher is explaining the technology to the kids.
  3. 3. Storyboard #4 This storyboard is nice but I know that I won’t choose this because there are difficult scenes to film that would be impossible to do, for example there’s a scene that someone fells and the person goes to the hospital;.
  4. 4. Evaluating my storyboards I created four different storyboards for the video and I now have to decide the best one of all four and the best that fits the design specification that I previously did. All of the storyboards are nice and show similar things but some lack some features. After comparing all of the storyboards with the design specification, I think that only one meets nearly all of the design specification: the first storyboard. I decided the first storyboard to create because it is the best one out of all four. It is appropriate for our age because it is discussing the technology chosen in a way that our age group will understand. Moreover, the facts written about the technology is clear as stated in the design specification. Overall, I like this storyboard because I added appropriate music for every box and I like the close-ups of the character in the video. It really shoes a story behind the whole technology and I think that people will like it. I also like the end because I added a box with all of the credits, for example I will credit the cast, myself and other people. Finally, I think that this storyboard is the most professional and, if made and edited well, it may seem like a real movie.
  5. 5. Plan Gantt chart 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 Gantt Chart Step-by-step plan Storyboard 1 Storyboard 2 Storyboard 3 Storyboard 4 Evaluate all storyboards Choose which storyboard to create Start Process Journal Choose cast for the video Start writing the script Start filming footage Cut the footage that isn't useful See if there needs to be more footage Edit footage Choose music Insert facts and writing Insert credits Look at the whole product Export the whole thing Test Plan Evaluate everything Contingency Time Final Submission This Gantt Chart shows how I will manage my time wisely and how I plan to do various things when I am creating the final product. This Gantt chart will help me figure out whether I have enough time for everything and how long everything will take me. I will try and follow the chart so that I am organized and try to not exceed anything. Step-by-step Plan I am creating the step-by-step plan that will help me when I will create my video. With the help of this plan, I will know exactly what I have to do, the resources I have to use, the materials that I will need and how much time it will take me to complete the whole video. Combined with the Gantt chart I have an incredible action plan to get started.
  6. 6. Date Time Task 14/11/13 17:00-17:30 Choose the cast; find friends eager to help and to be the actors. 16/11/13 14:00-15:00 Write the script following the storyboard chosen Computer, Word Document, Storyboard 17/11/13 15:00-18:00 Film the footage Camera or phone, cast, tripod, script 17/11/13-21/11/13 19:00-19:30 Start editing the footage Computer, IMovie, Storyboard, Script 19:00-20:00 Cut parts, add music, Computer, IMovie, add any special Storyboard, Script effects 22/11/13 Materials Needed 24/11/13 18:30-19:00 Insert the facts on the technology Computer, IMovie, Storyboard, Script 25/11/13 18:00-18:15 Export the whole thing Computer, IMovie, Storyboard, Script Which program will I use to edit the footage? I decided that I want to use the program “IMovie” for apple computers because it is already inside the computer and because I already know how to use it. This is a preview of how the program works and how it looks:
  7. 7. “With an all‑new design, iMovie for Mac lets you enjoy your videos like never before. Browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood‑style trailers. And when you’re ready to premiere on all your devices, iMovie Theater rolls out the red carpet.” 1 I am now ready to create my video, create the script and find the cast all by following my storyboard and my specifications. Create I am staring my create stage. This stage is the most crucial one because I am arriving to a closure for all of the project and it is where I am actually creating the product, in this case a video. I will follow my Gantt chart and my step-by-step plan to know exactly what I am going to do and to follow all of the deadlines and the timings.I am starting by creating the script for the video following my chosen storyboard, which is the first one. The Script Creating the script is a very important part of creating the video because it is essential for the actors and the director. The script won’t only include the things that the actors will say but also any change in the frame and any close-ups etc. I will have to really think of every little detail but also I have to make sure to always follow the original storyboard without trying to change anything. Video Cast -A girl or Boy -Friend #1 -Friend #2 -Doctor Props Needed -Fake needle and tubes -Phone 1
  8. 8. -Backpack Scene #1 (From Black it slowly focuses in an empty street full of trees on both sides of the road, slowly the camera moves and you can see a girl/boy walking alone) (Music starts) (The scene lasts for about 10 seconds) Scene #2 (Close-up of the person, she seems tired and sad. The head can be leaned down a bit) (The scene lasts for about 10 seconds) Scene #3 (Music is turned down a bit) (The scene lasts for about 1/2 minutes) (Cellphone rings and the person answers it) “Hey” “No I can’t today” “I’m sorry I have to go do dialysis” “Thanks for understanding” “See you tomorrow at school” Scene #4 (Location changes, she is in a room ì ready for dialysis) (She sits in a chair and waits for the doctor and she finds a brochure on the benefits of the dialysis machine) (Scene lasts about 30 seconds) Scene #5 (Close-up of the brochure which is zoomed in to fill the whole screen) What Is The Dialysis Machine?