London 2012; Hospitality Industry


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London 2012; Hospitality Industry

  1. 1. HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY:Are You Ready for the 2012, London? Pune | Ahmedabad | Bengaluru | Rhode Island(US) Clarion Technologies
  2. 2. Olympics 2012, LondonLondon Olympics is all set to revolutionize the UK industries for years to come. And the hospitalityindustry can expect to discover new markets and source of revenues.London 2012 symbolizes a fantastic opportunity for the hospitality industry to show the visitors thathospitality industry in UK is one of the best. With over 9 million visitors expected, there are bigcommercial laurels for those companies that are gearing up for the greatest show on the planet.Quick 2012 Olympics Facts • Number of foreign visitors: 350,000 per day • F&B potential: 18 million meals • Value of tourism benefit: an additional £2.1 billion • Predicted Consumer Spending: £123 million for the UK’s hotel industry • Total workforce needed: 200,000 • 205 Nations will be competing at the London 2012 Games • 95% businesses will assess impact of the Olympic and Paralympic Games • 55% of companies believe their preparations are on track • Unavailability of staff is now the biggest concern for businesses Clarion Technologies
  3. 3. Opportunities with Olympics 2012, LondonLondon 2012 is going to bring tremendous opportunities for your hotel business to grow andexpand. There would be a drastic rise in the potential customer base, resulting into boosted domesticdemands across the country.The snapshot survey focused on operators in and around London reveal a overall positive picture:60% of respondents felt that their organisations are prepared to capitalise on the 2012 Games – and athird of the industry expects to experience benefits into the medium-term after the Olympic period.However, it was also revealed that strategic planning forthe Olympic Games is far from complete across theindustry, with only 40% claiming to have a robuststrategy or plan in place to effectively capitalise on theperiod of high demand.20% feel that they need to concentrate more closely ondeveloping their current revenue management strategy– a key factor in optimising revenue during London2012.Overall, the snapshot survey suggests that the UK hospitality industry is in a good position tocapitalise on the expected peak in demand during the 2012 Olympic Games – although certainresources have yet to be put in place and some key investments still need to be made. Clarion Technologies
  4. 4. Hospitality Industry need to analyze both the before-and-after impact of visitors arranging theirholidays around the event itself. The impact of this whole event will be intensive in terms ofoccupancy and capability to serve such a large chunk of global visitors. Entire UK hospitalityindustry recognizes that it will have to step up to the plate and offer a first-class welcome to whatcould possibly be completely new inbound markets. (RevPAR*: Revenue Per Available Room)Technology will be playing a vital role in the London 2012 Games than ever before, be it on anoperational, business or communication level. Digital channels such as the web and mobile phoneswill be the core way for everyone to access, share and interact with the London 2012 Gamesexperience.Information Technology could provide comprehensive solutions to your business that connects,enables, informs and engages with your customer base throughout the organization or across yourstakeholder community and members of the general public.Many IT companies are experts in delivering real commercial and environmental benefits to yourbusiness, through modern technology.To fully grasp this opportunity, you need to undertake all the required preparations to combat thechallenges and give the competitive edge to your business. Clarion Technologies
  5. 5. Increase Your Web Presence and Hit Your Target GroupHow much profit you are going to make in this season is directly proportional to the number ofcustomers who know you exist in this market. Many business websites fail to reach their targetcustomers, bring visitors to their sites, generate leads and/or sales because they are invisible toconsumers. Increasing your online presence will improve your business. These simple tips will helpmaximize your effectiveness in the virtual world. So an obvious thing to do is to create a list of waysto improve and promote a Web site and online presence.It is estimated that the Internet is growing at a functional rate of 7 million web pages per day. If awebsite is not optimized properly search engines will ignore large sections of a website, making itimpossible for customers to find it.7 Most Effective Steps To Increase Your Web Presence 1. Complete Website Analysis 2. Keyword Research & Analysis 3. User Interface Optimization 4. Redesigning Site Architecture 5. Active Social Media Participation 6. Monitoring the Performance 7. Round-the-clock MaintenanceIdentify your website problems before your visitors do so. Go through complete search engineoptimization guideline checks to ensure your site is ready for the major search engines.Analyze current keywords performance, uncover competitors keywords and new potentialkeywords to build the web site around. Do analyze the basic usability of your web site from a visitorand search engine robot point of view, including the analysis of incoming links, internal links andcompetition. Clarion Technologies
  6. 6. Making your website user friendly and having proper site navigation is the key to impress yourwebsite visitors with ease. User interface optimization gives emphasis to the website elements andflows for users to operate with. Websites after user interface optimization can make users get whatthey want in minimal operations.A more strategical approach is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the art and science of positioninga website keyword at the top of search engine results pages, through a set of ethical practices, proventechniques, research and analysis. SEO is a long-term strategy and is the next step in thedevelopment of your website.Give your company a face on popular social networking sites. It is necessary for you to participateactively in online channels in order to increase your online presence and gain your visitors. Takesome time out to compose articles, Press Releases, Blogs and write up reviews for your company onmajor review networks. For example, if you run a restaurant there are several sites that reviewpopular restaurants in major cities across the UK that you can take advantage of.All these steps allow you to spread the word about your online business and it enables your visitorsto engage with you and communicate with you directly. By increasing your web presence to allmedia channels, you can raise your vistors fall to your website more than ever before.Mobile Technology: Helping you to compete in London 2012Devising a mobile strategy to improve the event participants and visitors experience would be anidealistic approach for hospitality sector. The planning stage will include monitoring consumertrends around mobile usage to define which services would serve the customer the best to gain anamazing Olympic experience.To capture maximum consumer activity in and around the event sites, introduction of mobileservices to the audience becomes a winning strategy. Mobile services that may be introduced includelive updates of sporting events and organizing polls on the publics favorite athletes, as well as theroll-out of near-field communication-enabled terminals, service providers to allow online payments,bookings, ordering etc.The mobile device presents a composition of applications which takes the hotel experience beyondthe physical object. The user friendly and intuitive applications revolutionize the availability ofinformation and increase the utility of the hotel experience. This improves customer satisfaction,lowers operating costs, and increases revenues. Clarion Technologies
  7. 7. The innovative mobile applications intent to bring revolution to the payment experience, enablingfaster, safer and more convenient payments via mobile phones in London and globally.Using mobile solutions, hotels can easily integrate their existing infrastructure into mobile guestservices to enhance the visitors experience. The visitors can access the hotel services from theirexisting smart-phones.Mobile Apps Functionality for HotelsHotels can offer their customers the convenience and ease of being connected, including: • Hotel Search • Mobile Reservations • Mobile Check-In • Mobile room service • Sign-in Access to Loyalty Account and Profile • Mobile GPS and location-based services • Mobile Special Offers and Promotions • One-Touch Convenience from Your Mobile Desktop IconMobile Travel AppsThe emergence of mobile technology and the advancement of mobileenabled services is set to change the way people travel. Travel industry isrequired to be better understood and be better equipped to the strategicbusiness and gauge the technical implications of changes and trends withinthe industry, mobile is the “next wave for travel-related services”.Mobile travel apps deliver travel related products including packageholidays, DP, flights, accommodation, resort content, city attraction tickets,resort taxis and other travel extras through innovative mobile app platform.These apps help travel agencies to bring a delightful customer experienceand helps to generate extra revenues for your business. Clarion Technologies
  8. 8. Travel apps match specific travel needsFew most popular apps, matching traveler needs: • Mapping: Google Maps, native GPS, TomTom, Ovi Maps, OffMaps • Language and translation: Google Translate, iTranslate, WordLens, Navita, Jibbigo • General search and location-based apps: Google app (with audio and visual search), Yelp, Foursquare, AroundMe • Communication: Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Trip Journal • Entertainment: Kindle, YouTube, Pandora, various games • Currency and unit conversion: Currency Converter, XE Currency, Convert, Oanada • Weather: Weather (iPhone), Weather Channel, Weatherbug, Weddar • Travel bookings and itinerary help: TripAdvisor, TripIt, Kayak, HostelWorld, Tripcase, TripDeckTechnology enables travel agents to access broad and deep supplier information and allows them tofurther promote their business. Mobile Apps helps travel industry to offer utmost convenience to thevisitors; from mobile version of travel sites to road maps; from traveling tips to flight notifications,and variety of other services to choose from!The mobile phone is as pervasive for consumers as their wallet, so it is logical that the mobile phoneand hospitality industry should come together to realize this next stage in mobile evolution.Innovative mobile applications enables hospitality Industry to offer the tourist visitors, mostenjoyable and convenient traveling time they have ever experienced.Agile mobile technology allows their customers to organize hotel reservations, car rental info, train,flight details, meetings, restaurant reservations, activities and get easy access to check-in times,confirmation numbers, gate info, baggage claim, notes, integrated airline contact info and all theother details they need. It creates efficiency as well as opportunities to up sell in ways that delightand encourage repeat, return customers. Clarion Technologies
  9. 9. Mobile Apps Benefits for Hospitality Industry • Increase revenues with higher bookings • Up sell visiting guests on events and hotel amenities • Delight your guests with exceeded expectations • Extend your brand into a new mobile marketing channel • Use the app as a sales tool and get higher ROI • Control your own content and access real-time communication • Provide added service and achieve marketplace differentiation • Increase Guest Loyalty and Improve Brand RecognitionSummary:To maximize customer lifetime value, hospitality industry needs an integrated understanding of acustomer across the channels i.e. in-store, online and mobile. Social commerce is an emerging area offocus for service providers.Promote your businesses with cosmopolitan web presence and advanced mobile apps. Leveragethese strategies to optimize your website, achieve maximum return on your social investment anddelight your customers with extended service offerings, send personalize special offers based on pastpurchase history and give away memorable pleasant experiences.Start Your Business Plan Today!! Fortunately, there is still time to prepare: • Understand the risks and opportunities • Review your plans • Take specialists help, where ever required • Test your plans • Enjoy London 2012 & harness the opportunity Clarion Technologies
  10. 10. How Clarion Technologies could help you?Clarion Technologies has reorganized its business units to envision changes in the global IT Industryand distinguish itself from competitors. At Clarion, we run our business by motivating and inspiringourselves with every resolution to customers problem that brings satisfaction for them. We believeour 3 core business units offer the greatest potential to serve our customers. They are:vEmployee:vEmployee is a leading web development solution provider based out of India and provides theclients with a virtual employee. These, well rounded professionals, provide a powerful combinationof programming expertise coupled with advanced skills in project management, usability and self-testing. vEmployee resource is a rare blend of programming skills and project managementcapabilities.Clarion Mobile:Clarion Mobile is a leading mobile application development company offering full-spectrum, end-toend services across diverse verticals such as business, utilities, entertainment and gaming amongstvarious others. We offer custom mobile application development services based on various mobileoperating platforms and have proven expertise in customized apps development for iPhone, iPad ,Android, BlackBerry and Mobile compatible websites.Clarion SEO:Clarion Technologies offers Search Engine friendly White Hat SEO Services. We will increase yourwebsite presence in Google using Effective SEO Campaign. The objective of this service is to bringnew heights in the clients business growth and giving a competitive edge to the client by increasingtotal number of visitors to the website and achieving TOP 10 Rankings for the Targeted Keywords inGoogle. SEO is an ongoing effort for successful online marketing results. Our SEO Service is adetailed process covering many SEO activities.Our SEO Specialists will help you with SEO factors such as title, HTML Tags, Keyword Frequency,Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Image Optimization, Making SEO friendly URLs, Link buildingetc. So, optimize your website, increase your ROI and be ahead of your competitors. Know moreabout our services and reap more benefits out of your business. Clarion Technologies
  11. 11. About Clarion Technologies:Clarion Technologies is a leading technology and outsourcing solution provider based out of India.Clarion partners with its clients with a single-point agenda - to transform their business challengesinto growth opportunities! Clarion has mobilized the right people, skills, technology, and processesto help clients strengthen their competitive advantage.With services spanning the technology value chain, Clarion is a one stop shop for enterprise wide ITneeds. Our singular focus on ‘client satisfaction’ cements our relationship with our clients. As amatter of fact more than 90% of our customer base has repeatedly partnered with Clarion tocontinuously build technical solutions for almost a decade.For more information on partnering with Clarion Technologies, contact us or visit our website at: Clarion Technologies