The Lightning Legacy: Chapter Three
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The Lightning Legacy: Chapter Three






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The Lightning Legacy: Chapter Three The Lightning Legacy: Chapter Three Presentation Transcript

    Chapter Three
    Plotting or Not?
  • Welcome to the third, more of a mini, chapter of the Lightning Legacy! Where we last left off, our founder, Liberty, had just turned into an elder and A’Tuin had been talking about rats, and I still can’t figure out why. And the cover is full of A’Tuin pictures, because, if you remember, I promised neglected little toddler A’Tuin that he could be on the next cover.
  • A’Tuin is growing up and I’m scared.
    “Why are you scared that I’m growing up?”
    Hey, you weren’t supposed to hear that, it wasn’t in bold.
    “Why are you scared that I’m growing up?”
    No distracting you, I suppose. Well, A’Tuin have you ever looked in a mirror?
    “What’s that got to do with anything?”
    Well, you’re rather….
    “I am?”
    I just have to look at you and I can tell you’re planning something.
    “I’m planning something?”
    I think he’s been working on his look of innocence.
  • See?!! Plotting, plotting, plotting!!!!
    “I’m NOT plotting.”
    AHA! I kne- wait, what?
    “I’m not plotting.”
    Then…. What are you smiling about?
    Celeste? What’s that?
    “Celeste is a girl.”
    A’Tuin rolled Family. I almost re-rolled since Family is just not right for an evil genius, or whatever, but “A’Tuin the evil Family sim” has a ring in it that I couldn’t deny.
  • A girl???? Go on…
    “Well, she’s a girl, and I’m a boy.”
    I figured that out on my own, funnily enough.
    “It’s obvious isn’t it?”
    You like her but she doesn’t like you back?
  • “I think I can venture to say that she likes me too.”
    Aww, widdle evil A’Tuin has a girlfriend! Wait--- you aren’t using her for evil plans, are you????
    “I already told you, I don’t have evil plans!!!”
  • Oh, Annabeth, a D again?
    “It’s not that– it’s snowing! I hate snow!”
    Join the club. So you didn’t get a D? I’m proud of you!
    “I just said that wasn’t why I was upset. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get a D.”
    *sigh* I guess you better go and get to work on that pile of homework on your desk, eh?
    “I’d rather pout about the snow.”
    Anything to get out of homework, eh?
  • Guess who just achieved his LTW?
    “Anna’s favorite smexy sim, Caleb!”
    It’s true. Caleb’s my favorite sim in the legacy so far. Although I must admit that I’m growing rather found of A’Tuin. He and Celeste make such a cute couple. <3
  • “Hey, bro, it’s bad enough that you’re evil. Don’t corrupt that poor girl too.”
    “I’m not evil, Anakin! Why does everyone say that?!?”
    You did claim to be an evil genius as a toddler.
    “And they still remember??? Sheesh. Anyways, Celeste, where were we?”
    “We were talking about out smexy you are.”
    “No, we weren’t.”
    “Well, then, now we are. A’Tuin, you’re so smexy! We have two bolts! Kiss me!”
  • “Yes, I think that’s possible. It is a high priority, after all.”
    Caught you!
    “Well, yes, I’d have to ask her, but I’m pretty certain it’s okay.”
    I knew you were using Celeste! I don’t care what the red hearts say!
    “Oi, mum, can you go into work, like right now? Your boss is on the phone and he says he needs you!”
    A likely story…….
  • Speaking of Liberty, her plumbob says someone’s the Head of the SCIA (finally). And I swear I had a picture of her but I can’t find it for the life of me.
  • Despite her unwillingness, Annabeth does tackle her homework head on.
    How’s it going, eldest Lightning?
    “I hate school.”
    Don’t we all?
    “Go away.”
    Fine. Touchy. I’ll go bug your brother instead.
    “Which one?”
  • Anakin, of course! I’ve already bugged A’Tuin a lot in the previous 12 slides. Ani needed aspiration boosting after having a bad date with that mean girl named Penelope, I think. So we called up the matchmaker with a little more cash in our pockets than before, and she dropped off Sunny. Remember her from the one appearance she had in chapter one? Well, she’s going to have a lot more screen time now, as they’re three-bolters! She must be charismatic, because she isn’t a brunette, which is Anakin’s other turn-on. They’re a cute but strange couple. Would would’ve imagined rather dark, cute little Ani would fall for a bubbly blonde girl obsessed with the
    color yellow? They’re really
    cute though, and my
    favorite couple at the moment.
    Sorry, A’Tuin and Celeste!
    You’ve been replaced.
  • The date went rather well, I’d say, and it looks like Ani’s going to platinum for some time. The red hearts haven’t flown yet, though. But I love them and I do hope they stay together.
  • And where’s Annabeth while her brothers have both succeeded in finding girlfriends? She’s watching the Yummy Channel, maxing out all of her skills.
    Don’t you feel rather lonely now that you’re the only one in the house that’s single?
    “Uh, no. Why would I? I’m a Knowledge sim. Ani and A’Tuin are Romance and Family. Of course that matters to them. I could really care less. Nope, don’t care at all. Not caring, not caring…..”
  • Birthday time has again fallen on the Lightning household, and Caleb prepares to make the jump to elderhood. And this also means that the kids are moving out.
    *Caleb grows up*
    “Oi, kids. Out. Have fun at college!”
    And he accused me of being blunt. Anyways, this is the end of the chapter, and a very short one, I know, but we’re about to jump head-first into the college years! I’ll make this a little longer though, by throwing in some behind-the-scenes pictures for your viewing pleasure.
  • Of course the last thing Liberty does as an adult is heart-fart all over Caleb. Three-bolters, I swear.
  • Ani kindaglitched on his date while trying to give Sunny a backrub. It didn’t work out so well, but it still fulfilled his want, anyways.
  • Some pictures need no caption.
  • Is it just me, or does Ani look less than pleased about being put in his sister’s crib?
  • No wonder A’Tuin was a disturbed little toddler…..
  • Back to the good ol’ lawn living days. I don’t know how this happened. It only happened once, and never happened again. But doesn’t it look awfully painful?
  • Liberty kept yelling at me about her energy bar when I was trying to do the whole thing about Caleb jumping through a window. I just sent her to bed after and she actually didn’t take place in the birthday celebration afterwards.
  • Before I leave you, here’s a teaser picture of chapter four. Yes, that’s our Annabeth. Who’s that black-haired fellow? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and find out…. Until then!!
    (aka clarinetplayer15)