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Clarice Technologies - Animation: Entertainment, Art and Experience


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This article talks about Animation in general while giving special insights on the pre-production of a 3D animation film process. …

This article talks about Animation in general while giving special insights on the pre-production of a 3D animation film process.

Clarice Technologies
Specialists in User Experience Design and Web/Mobile technologies.

Published in: Design
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  • 1. AnimationEntertainment Art ExperienceSnehal Ghag UX Designer November 2012
  • 2. Animation Art and ExperienceAnimation film design has three significantstages: pre- production, production andpost- production.Snehal Ghag November 2012
  • 3. ProcessIn this article, I would like to share myexperiences and insights on the pre- Animation Film Productionproduction of 3D animation film process. Pre-production Production Post- Production Research Design Colour ModellingT exturing Compositing Story Boarding Data collection Colour Concept Character Modelling Character Texture Lighting Set Designing Image collection Colour key Set Modelling Set Texture Rendering Character Creating library Editing Designing
  • 4. ResearchPre-production is an important part of theAnimation film making, in which research Colourand conceptualization are involved. ConceptAnimation welcomes pre- productiondesign to contribute to the development ofan innovative Animation Film technique. Reference ImageSnehal Ghag November 2012
  • 5. DesignPre- production team follows their ownbespoke conceptualization supported bythe director of film and creative leads.Storyboard artist attends a stimulatingvisualization alongside the set designand the color concept with the AssistantDirector to investigate the look and feel ofthe film.Snehal Ghag November 2012
  • 6. ColourOn each stage pre- production artist isguided by one or more creative heads andadditional specialist advisors.Snehal Ghag November 2012
  • 7. ModellingThe artist who is drawing for 3D setsneeds to study of perspective quite detail,as each drawing turns into 3D model. Inthis stage the artist needs to design aLayout referance sheet (LRS) to give moredetails. This process of pre-planning is veryimportant as it save time and money.Snehal Ghag November 2012
  • 8. TexturingAnimation gives emphasis to developmentof auteur- artist- designer and filmmakerin relation to the information andentertainment. The process of pre-production helps production and post-production to improve film craft.Snehal Ghag November 2012
  • 9. CompositingAnimation deals with making filmsand moving images within visuallysophisticated, innovative andmultidisciplinary art and design context;which includes and demands developedskills and expertise.Snehal Ghag November 2012
  • 10. ConclusionOverall, animation is a process ofexperimental practice and continues efforts 2D drawingto achieve the desired infotainment. Final RenderingSnehal Ghag November 2012