LinkedIn and Your Nonprofit - Revisions & Tips for 2013


Published on and in conjunction with @ArtezOnline. This presentation reviews company pages in 2013, how to set up and use as a nonprofit, how to optimize your personal profile, and why LinkedIn matters to nonprofits.

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  • Explain I’m wearing both hats – and a little bit of the history!
  • LinkedIn has turned 10! Not just a static resume!
  • It’s part of the social media landscape – fighting for a place alongside Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus
  • 20% of the Canadians (the wealthy ones….) are on LinkedIN2 people PER SECOND are joining LinkedIn – all the Ivey League Schools matriculation EVERY DAY! Decision makers! Very little ‘competition’ and few doing it well! Get ahead of the curve 
  • Linkedin Labs – InMap - explain
  • Only FIFTEEN percent trust brand messages on Facebook or Twitter - surprisingly, most trust friends and family above all else.SO that’s WHY LinkedIn shouldn’t be ignored! Lets move on to a question:
  • 1 - Does your organization have Company Page set up? Yes / No / Don't know > Display responses, and I'll make a comment. Then we launch next question (all still on same slide)2 - Are you responsible for your organizations LinkedIn presence? Yes / No / I will be after this webinar
  • Redesigned homepage
  • Where to start!?
  • 1 - Make sure the company name listing matches the name you use in your profile. For example if you use LLC or Inc. on your personal profile, your company site must be the same.2 - you need to have an email address with your company domain. And, this email address must also be listed on your profile. Addresses tied to free email services like yahoo, gmail and hotmail don't count..
  • Talk about the general move to being VISUAL
  • Movember – great brand? Great at social? Not so great at LinkedIn!! Opportunity for those on the call to do better and faster – compete! Show that people DO care that you are on LinkedIn and WILL engage! Now you have your basics – lets add some products!!! WHAT???
  • Women’s shelter – add your servicesSikkids got creativeMovember tried something different again – experiment. There are no RULES in the wild west of LinkedIn for nonprofits ;) Lets walk thorough the process – quick or slow based on audience survey!
  • You can add visuals, emotive text AND video here – don’t waste the opportunity with a lacklustre page!People are also able to RECOMMEND YOUR PRODUCTS, like this example from the Canadian Red Cross… <click>
  • And also the American Cancer Society.So lets get really SOCIAL – status updates………..
  • Media rich content! Just like other social networks – LinkedIn got VISUAL!!!!
  • Bonus – pinning, just like Facebook
  • You need to BE REGULAR!!Lets see what it looks like in the end……..
  • Familiar?And just like Facebook, LinkedIn offers you analytics too!
  • Followers Versus Page VisitorsRegion, Job function, Industry, and of course – clicks, likes, shares.REMEMBER: Also look at your website/blog analytics and measure any increases in traffic from LinkedIn. Where do THOSE visitors go on your site? Is it different from other social traffic? Google Analytics lets you set up social goals to do this! Lets finish up this section with a REMINDER of why we are putting this effort in!
  • One last point – REMEMBER <click>
  • And now I’m switching hats to talk about YOU!!
  • Intro to 3:17 – explain SG focuses on the ORGS and 3:17 focuses on YOU.Explain what 3:17 means! Launch 2nd Poll – how often do you log in to LinkedIn??MY BEST LINKEDIN BUDDY PAUL
  • It’s vitally important to pay attention to LinkedIn even if you are NOT looking for a job, and don’t plan to.Are you looking for a future promotion? Speaking opportunities? To connect with peers and influencers? REMEMBER - Average nonprofit director stays just EIGHTEEN months in a role!! <click to quote!> FACT. Burnout, lack of support, expectations dashed…..
  • Are you inspiring trust from your DONORS, does your profile show you as a capable and qualified member of your nonprofit team?Paul Nazareth found out his current boss had been ‘auditioning’ him on social media for 6 months before the job post even went live !! It wasn’t in HIS mind, but he was on THEIR radar.Your LinkedIn profile is your career brand online.
  • And it just got VISUAL too!!!
  • Here are some visuals on MY profile – bit better than just text, eh?
  • 1 - Campaigns you’ve been involved with / written2 - Events you organize3 - Awards you have received4 - Presentations you have given
  • You need to BE REGULAR too!!Stay top of mind with your own network – be useful, be helpful, be encouraging. Be VISIBLE.Oh, and you’ll also learn a great deal by logging in more regularly – refer back to poll stats!! WHY?
  • LinkedIn today delivers self selected topics, influencers, thinkers, and news right to your desktop.
  • This is actually a LINK to a world of knowledge and inspiration, and great people you can INTERACT with.
  • What if some of these people are already connected to your org? What if the corporate team is wooing a partner and you can learn more about, and engage with the CEO here? Advantage – YOU!Enemies = oil and gas if you an enviro charity for example?
  • LinkedIn and Your Nonprofit - Revisions & Tips for 2013

    2. 2. 1. Why LinkedIn Matters2. Your Nonprofit3. You
    4. 4. • 225 million usersworldwide• 7 million users in Canada• 49% of LinkedIn usershave household incomeOVER $100k*• Over 40% are managers,VPs, CEOs, Owners• Over 116k non-profitpages worldwide –The competition!* 2012
    5. 5. QUESTIONWho is critical to the success ofyour organization?Donors?Staff?Volunteers?Corporate Partners?Media?Funders?
    6. 6.
    7. 7. LinkedIn and your nonprofit2
    8. 8. Companies havemoved
    9. 9. CREATE YOUR PAGEValid Email AddressOrganization NameYou need:
    10. 10. CREATE YOUR PAGE
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Not usually this grey, eh?
    13. 13. ADDING ‘PRODUCTS’
    14. 14. Add video formax impact!
    15. 15. American Cancer SocietyRECOMMENDATIONS
    16. 16. STATUS UPDATES
    17. 17. Targeting posts?- Board Member recruitment- Country/city specific news orevents- Respect your audience- Must reach 100+ pplBONUS!You can ‘pin’ statusupdates to the top ofyour profile using‘feature this post’
    18. 18. What about analytics?
    20. 20. REMINDER
    21. 21. REMEMBER!These are TACTICS, not STRATEGIES
    22. 22. Ensure your marketing orcomms team integrateLinkedIn into your socialstrategy!ORTalk to a professionallike me!
    23. 23. LinkedIn and you!3
    24. 24. I’m notlooking fora job!“Looking for a jobwhen you NEEDone, is like lookingfor someone tokiss at 11:59 onNew Years.”- Paul Nazareth
    25. 25. That aside…..Your DONORS are checking yourprofileHeadhunters are searching…….Potential & current board membersare watching youYour next boss is keeping aneye on you
    26. 26. Have aPROFESSIONALpicture1 2 3Fullycomplete theSUMMARYsection withkeywordsFocus onRESULTS nottasksPROFILETIPS FORYOU
    27. 27. Does yourprofile lookvisuallyappealing?
    28. 28. Michael Rosen,What can YOU add?
    29. 29. LinkedIn is aSOCIALnetworkVISIT DAILY!
    30. 30. LinkedIn PLAINSIGHT!
    31. 31. What if ?Board membersCorporate partnersEnemiesLeaders in your field
    32. 32. IN SUMMARYLinkedIn is10 years old.Don’t ignore it!Get &maintain acompanyprofileOptimizeyour own profileandENGAGE
    33. 33. Social media consulting fornonprofits in CanadaLinkedIn Makeovers for youand your
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