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This is the media evaluation for my Advanced portfolio (A2).

This is the media evaluation for my Advanced portfolio (A2).

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  • This is good but there is too much focus on the other texts – add more detail and illustrate with shots the decisions and revisions you made – inc features of a “documentary” – you have to connect with the form/genre of text not just the issue that you were covering. Also what about your ancillary texts?
  • You have not directly addressed the question – please answer it? Very effective, quite effective? Which? And where is your evidence – what degree of synergy have you managed to create?
  • This needs a couple of paragraphs summing it up and incorporating your own opinion.
  • This needs to be illustrated with screen grabs – blog, prem pro –the actual timeline. Also need to discuss post-production and evaluation stages. How has your blog helped you? What about using facebook to evaluate?
  • This needs to be illustrated with screen grabs – blog, prem pro –the actual timeline. Also need to discuss post-production and evaluation stages. How has your blog helped you? What about using facebook to evaluate?


  • 1.  
  • 2. Dangerous Territory: Size Zero
  • 3. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media product (s)? Upon creating “Dangerous Territory: Size Zero” it was crucial for me in establishing similar texts that provided me with an opportunity to use, challenge/ develop conventions. Moreover, assisting me in my creativity and development. In order to empathise with Cassie through the journey of her anorexia disorder, the director has used close ups to highlight the physical change of the disease (See 0:50 to 0:57 ). Through looking at the codes of a documentary genre, I wanted to create a conventional –beginning, middle and end-narrative. Therefore, I established a variety of close up shots so that the main protagonist was established. This was shown in the opening 20 seconds montage of clips that show the effects and symptoms of the disorder (0:26 to 0:37). Thus, making the audience more sympathetic to her as she appears lethargic and weak. “ The Truth Behind Size Zero”. The narrative of the text saw Louise Redknapp struggle in obtaining ‘the size zero look’. The documentary saw Redknapp reach the target of a size zero in 30 days 2:32 to 3:30). To create a more engaging text I wanted to have Katie talk to the camera in various shots because it then meant that I was sticking to the conventions of a documentary. The achievement of fitting into the size zero dress was seen in the text ( 4:27 to 4:58) and showed Katie talking to the camera also . Thus, empowering audience’s as if they were on the journey with her, consequently making it more engaging through the conclusive message at the end of the text that shows “you don’t have to be stick thin to be beautiful”. “ Skins, Cassie/ anorexia storyline” I used Katie in the centre of the shot to draw emphasis to her figure. Through having the shot in a bedroom it also stressed the isolation of her character and how she is not with anyone at the final stages of the regime. Thus, emphasising how the diet has had a massive effect on her. Through using a close up within this part of the text it emphasises the seclusion of the disorder and how she will eventually drift from friends and family.
  • 4. One particular text that I looked at for creativity and inspiration for my finished project was the “Hannah storyline” in Hollyoaks. Although the storyline was fictional –being apart of a soap opera- it gave me a clear insight into the conditions and symptoms of the disorder. The idea of body image was expressed through Hannah’s friend taking images of her body to assess the “fat” she had with the mirror as a symbolic representation of this in the background of the scene (1:10 to 1:15). Similarly, after Katie had been to the gym (2:14 to2:18) I chose to have her assess her body image in the mirror of the changing rooms to reinforce the obsessive nature of the disorder. This links to the way in which any genre of a short film will have symbolic objects or signifiers. Through using the mirror, it helps connote meaning and draw the audience member’s attention to the effects of the disorder visually. As well as the spoken dialogue throughout. “ Hollyoaks, Hannah/ anorexia storyline” “ About a Girl” 9 minute short film I looked at this short film –despite it having no link to anorexia- it gave me a good insight into how to engage an audience within a short space of time. I established this engagement through the use of shots where the protagonist was speaking to the camera (1:00 to 1:15). Likewise to my film whereby I found it effective to integrate a “video diary” within the text to maintain a sense of realism about Katie’s difficult journey. This was particularly significant for me to include a “video diary” because it increased the verisimilitude of the text and brought the issue of anorexia more coherent to the character of Katie. Symbolic signifiers to connote meaning Helping to increase the realism as the character expresses thoughts and feelings throughout the text. Thus, keeping audience engaged for the next time the protagonist speaks to the camera.
  • 5. Ancillary texts comparable to real media products It was crucial for me to find other film posters to compare to mine so that I was able to meet with the codes and conventions of other professional film posters. I liked the way in which the film “Flightplan” used a close up of the protagonist to emphasise how the narrative will be dominated through this character. Similarly, to my film poster I wanted to draw prominence to Katie instead of the surrounding texts. Therefore, I included the title of the text at the bottom of the poster. I used the grey background within my poster to highlight the depressing and sinister tone to the film. The background of the poster presents a blue colour scheme, this is comparable to the grey colour scheme within my poster. Thus, showing how the “Flightplan” poster presents feelings of fear, devastation and grief. This is again similar to the way in which the cover of “Avatar” is presented. Before shooting the image I felt it was imperative to plan what I was going to shoot. I decided to have the image with Katie’s hair pushed away from her face to draw importance to her facial expressions (showing the anguish of the new diet regime). I used Photoshop to enable me to create the depressing tone through the facial image as well as the backdrop. Therefore, I used a colour manipulation tool to create a much darker eye colour. Similarly, to the way in which the “Flightplan” poster has used Foster’s eyes to match the colour of the back drop, thus helping to create continuity. Also comparable to the way in which colour manipulation has been used within the “Avatar” poster connote meaning.
  • 6. IMDB Review: “The Truth behind size zero with Louise Redknapp” Dangerous Territory: Size Zero Through looking at the IMDB review, it is apparent that the author has a very strong opinion about the way in which the documentary had a flawed perception in the way that it targeted young females. As well as this, the message of the text was often skewed. In relation to my review I did notice that the IMDB review provided more negative comments about the documentary. Thus, showing that I could have improved the review through providing a balanced argument and being more critical about things that did not work as well as others. One convention that was apparent within both of the (above) texts was the opening paragraph. Each paragraph formed as a summary for what the documentary was about. Thus, helping to engage readers and follow the structure of the review. I subverted the traditional conventions through adding a more personal perspective to the review. This was shown through the ‘questions and answers’ style of writing I used.
  • 7. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks? I looked at a film review in Heat magazine called “Tormented” dealing with a group of teenagers, thus targeting a similar market to my film. As well as this, I feel that the review would be suited in this type of magazine as they encourage teenager girls to have their own identity and not follow the “size zero” trend -the message behind “Dangerous Territory”-. Dangerous Territory magazine review. In relation to a magazine like Grazia that to some extent glamorise the obsession with size zero rather than give young girls the opportunity to find their own identity. Through recognising that Dangerous Territory is not a feature film and a short film, it means that the review could be established in the magazine “Flipside” as it is a specialist medium completely reviewing films in great detail. It is crucial for me to establish the context of consumption for the main product and ancillary tasks so that I can determine the success of the final products. Through combining my short film with the poster and magazine review , it was crucial for me to gain primary evidence of similar texts for both of my ancillary texts. Through looking at other film posters and reviews it enabled me to follow similar conventions. As well as this, through creating the text in Premier Pro it mean t that I could professionally design both ancillary texts whilst using images from the film and a textual review. As well as this, the poster’s simplicity followed with the grey light settings nicely complemented with the dark and sinister undertone of the main text. Consequently, helping to engage my consumers and create a completely effective use of synergy.
  • 8. As previously mentioned about Heat magazine I could also imagine the short film poster being present alongside with the magazine review in a separate issue. This will help keep continuity in the marketing and synergy of the film. Nevertheless, due to the short film dealing with body image, health, fashion, trends, beauty and identity I could also imagine the poster being present in magazines such as “OK” and “Glamour” as both magazines encourage individualism. (As shown below) Dangerous Territory poster Found in Glamour, Heat and OK Film posters Reviews Health, food and beauty I took images of various pages within the magazines of OK, Heat and Glamour to get an idea as to how my film would relate to the ideologies currently intergrated within the issues.
  • 9. Creating synergy within my ancillary tasks and final product In order to create synergy within my ancillary texts and my final product, I included multiple close up shots within the short film. Through doing this it meant that the actress being used was well established and recognisable on the film’s poster. The dark nature of the text examines the dangers of anorexia and the extreme lengths gone to, in order to become size zero. For this reason, I wanted to create a dark setting. Therefore I scouted locations and found a place that provided grey walls and a large mirror. Thus, helping to connote the darkness of the film whilst linking with the idea of body image. Similarly, to the final product I used the title of the film in the centre of the shot so that synergy was created. This helped to create continuity throughout my work
  • 10. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback? Gaining feedback from my target market was a crucial way of measuring the success of the finished text and the ancillary tasks. I used various methods of gaining audience feedback so that I could gain a better understanding of what my target market thought from looking at the film and the ancillary texts. Secondly, I gathered ten members of my target market and showed them my short film and allowed them the opportunity to view the ancillary texts. Through doing was, I was able to gain valid feedback to have a critical understanding of the mediums in which I had created. Firstly, I set up a Facebook page because it meant that I could gain feedback from my target market and they could leave comments about the quality of the film and what they liked the most/ thought could be improved on. - Well delivered narrative and representation of anorexia. - Effective tone- Depressing. This is good as it is the tone intended for the dark subject. -Use of video diary- good for creating engagement with audiences. - The sad music helped to create the sympathetic undertone to the text. - Realism behind the text - 20 second opening helped create continuity.
  • 11. Questionnaire- to gain feedback from my target market (young females aged 14-21) Through looking at the response to the question I feel that the opening sequence had a definite impact on the rest of the text as it helped engage audience’s from the start. Upon creating the text it was important for me to establish a sinister tone. Through looking at different media genres I found one most appropriately matched to the narrative, helping to portray Katie’s struggle. The effect of the text meant that the majority of audience felt sympathetic towards Katie. Through asking how I could further engage my audience, it helped establish a second ending. Nevertheless, I wanted to show that Katie went through the diet regime and still wanted her old body back; despite being able to fit into the latest vogue of size zero. The main purpose of this short film was to deliver a message, I feel that this has been achieved. Through subverting and identifying codes and conventions from real media texts I feel that I successfully encouraged other people to watch short films. This question was particularly significant for my understanding of the marketing and synergy of the three separate mediums. The response I gained was good for encouraging people to watch the film through the marketing that they had previously seen.
  • 12. Analysis from questionnaire The use of primary research in the form of a questionnaire meant that I was able to summarise individual responses to form positive and negative opinions about my final products. I liked the way in which the music was highly chosen for helping to create the “dark and ominous undertone”, it meant that the audience could become more engaged with the text. As well as this, I found that the video diary scenes were used effectively to help complement the very personal disorder that Katie is experiencing. I was happy with the suggestions that people recommended, particularly about the introduction of other characters. I feel that the text was very personal to Katie and it would have been good to scene her in an emotional state with a friend or family member. Nevertheless, I was highly complimented upon discovering that the majority of audience’s felt that the message of the text was achieved. Discovering this, meant that all the changes to scenes, editing, music and mise en scene still enabled me to deliver the same message I had intended at the earlier research and planning stages of pre- production. Therefore, I feel that the short film engaged my target market of young females aged 14-21 as well as the ancillary texts that helped create a high level of synergy.
  • 13. 4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Research and Planning The research and planning was an integral part of the project as it was used as the foundations of my main product. I used websites like BBC, Total Film, 40D, I player and Youtube, in order to view the videos that were of a similar genre to the documentary- drama I was creating. Nevertheless, in order to keep a record of the films I had watched and the codes and conventions that I had depicted from them, I kept a regularly updated online blog (www.blogger.com) following on from the blog I created in my Foundation portfolio. It enabled me to extend my creativity as I could mix the conventions that I had seen in a variety of texts. This could not have been done as effectively without keeping a full record of the texts I had viewed. Construction The making of “Dangerous Territory: Size Zero” was mainly dominated through the use of Adobe Premier Pro. My understanding of this programme has significantly evolved from Foundation to Advanced portfolio. This is evident through my AS evaluation whereby I said that “I would like to develop my skills on this program so that I feel confident enough to keep using it”. I feel that I have achieved this, through working alone as it meant I had complete control with the finished product. Therefore, working at A2 level meant I could expand my creativity and knowledge through making decisions solely by myself and not having the input of group members. Within Premier Pro I had a better understanding of layering and the techniques that are used to integrate shots with one another to create continuity within the text. One predominant skill I learnt was cutting audio, keeping visuals and changing clips, this helped with creating continuity in the text.
  • 14. When making both ancillary texts I used Adobe Photoshop. The reason for this, being that it allowed me to alter settings to meet with the predominant conventions of the poster and magazine review. Once again, I felt more confident using this at Advanced stage from building my skills in other Adobe programmes like Premier Pro. I used a layering skill this meant that each time I added a piece of text or an image it created an individual layer. Once all these layers were put together, it meant that I could change the lighting and colours through adjusting the drop shadows and inner shadows. In order to gain primary research from my main text I used the social networking group Facebook. I created a group for people to watch and comment on my main product. This was good because it meant that I had a much broader response from the text. As well as this, it enabled me to summarise my overall opinions about the film. Consequently, meaning that I could use these opinions to be critical within my magazine review. Furthermore, allowing me to satisfy the needs of my target market.