What is an alternative fuel
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  • 1. Claudia Pont
  • 2. What is an alternative fuel?
    • Alternative fuels , also known as non-conventional or advanced fuels , are any materials or substances that can be used as fuels , other than conventional fuels.
  • 3. 1. Biodiesel
    • It is produced from a wide range of vegetable oils and animal fats.
    • Pure biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel can be used to fuel diesel vehicles.
    • It is nontoxic and biodegradable.
  • 4. 2.Hydrogen
    • It is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe.
    • The environmental impact and energy efficiency of hydrogen depends greatly on how it is produced.
  • 5. Hydrogen Transformation:
  • 6. 3.Methanol
    • Methanol is methane with one hydrogen molecule replaced by a hydroxyl radical (OH).
    • It is predominantly produced by steam reforming natural gas to create a synthesis gas, which is then fed into a reactor vessel in the presence of a catalyst.
  • 7.  
  • 8. 4.Ethanol (E85)
    • It is produced by fermenting biomass.
    • It doesn’t contribute to greenhouse -gas loading of the atmosphere.
    • It can be blended with any amount of gasoline in the tank of a flex -fuel vehicle.
    • The main disadvantage of E85 is the price of the fuel, even with the available subsidies.
  • 9. 5.Electricity
    • Electricity is the most readily available form of energy in the UUEE.
    • Electric vehicles have the potential to be the cleanest means of transportation.
    • The biggest disadvantage of electric vehicles, at present, is their high price.
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  • 11.  
  • 12. 6.Liquified Petroleum Gas
    • It is partly a byproduct of petroleum refining.
    • It consists of hydrocarbons that are vapors, rather than liquids, at normal temperatures and pressures, but which turn liquid at moderate pressures.
    • It's widely available.
    • In some ways the least "alternative" of alternative fuels.
  • 13. Liquefied Petroleum Gas generator
  • 14. 7.Biomas
    • It is biological material from living.
    • It is commonly plant matter grown to generate electricity or produce heat.
    • Using biomass as a fuel produces air pollution in the form of carbon monoxide
  • 15. Biochemical conversion
  • 16. The End