Social media syndicates – you’ve got to be in it to win it


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Clair Trebes Online blog post discussing the importance of Syndicates with Social Media platforms and how you can maximise on them to really drive your traffic and build your presence.

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Social media syndicates – you’ve got to be in it to win it

  1. 1. Social Media Syndicates – You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It!Following on from a LONG morning of catching up on my Social Media world and sitting in theThink Tank deciding on a subject matter for todays blog post, Im really pleased to be writing aboutthis subject.Without realising it, along with 2 esteemed colleagues (yes Andi & Matt Im referring to you as thisnow) We have created a Syndicate Group on Facebook relating to blogging, internet marketing andsocial media. And having spent a good 2 hours of my time this morning looking over the updatesIve missed in 72 hours away from my computer and the world that is on the end of it, I decided towrite todays post explaining WHY such groups are a good thing, and how YOU can maximisecommunication with people by joining, or even starting your own one.In everyday life Im sure you here about "Syndicate" groups in so many walks of life - LotterySyndicates, Financial Investment Syndicates - in essence they are a collective of people who grouptogether with a vision of the same end goal.Wikipedia describes it as follows:A syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed totransact some specific business, or to promote a common interest. In most cases formed groupsaim to scale up their profits. Although there are many legal syndicates formed around the world,people tend to link the term syndicate to various criminal activities. In the case of criminal activity,the syndicate is there to promote, and engage in, organized crime. The term is also associated withanarchist theory, specifically anarcho-syndicalism, in which it forms an alternative to both thenation state and capitalist corporations.The word syndicate comes from the French word syndicat which means tradeunion (syndic meaning administrator), from the Latin word syndicus which in turn comes fromthe Greek word ???????? (syndikos) which means caretaker of an issue, compareto ombudsman or representative.
  2. 2. Im sure you are aware Im not about to sit here and talk to you about how to organise an illegalcriminal syndicate, but more to show you how and why being involved in one is a good tool andsource of information for building a web based business and utilise with Social Media activity.The Facebook Group to which I am involved in as an administrator, is something that was startedup by Andi from Tim’s Minions as an idea for us to bounce around some information and ideasbecause Facebook making life more complicated by drastically reducing the reach that ourBusiness pages would get too, unless we wanted to pay out some money in advertising.At this current point in time Groups are FREE to join, free to post in, and if the group is active is asolid foundation for building up a strong community.Our little group has a relatively small membership at the moment, but this is rapidly picking upmomentum and is showcasing some really great talent for all things web based - people that I dontthink without this group I would have had the chance to meet and connect with. Which sounds sillyto say almost, given I have the whole world at my fingertips.If I take a look around my own network, there are variations of Syndicate groups all around me - ifyou think about it Membership sites are syndicate groups - people coming together to learn andshare information all with the same goal - to raise awareness of their businesses and products. Offthe top of my head here are some powerful sites that I would deem a Syndicate group:Chris Farrell Membership - A thriving community where you can learn about building a businessonline, meet like-minded people and develop relationships whilst promoting your own work, witha HUGE community forum that lets the members talk and help one another out, forge relationshipsthat can lead to business JVs and partnershipsThe Social Networking Academy - Again another thriving community based solely around usingSocial Media to promote your business - with an exclusive members only Facebook group thiscommunity is packed FULL to the brim of people all eager to learn and referring and usingeachothers services in their businesses.
  3. 3. Social Media Examiners Networking Club - By its own admission (and I quote) "Finally, a place youcan call home, help out others, make connections and get answers! Free now, free forever!" - An online forum for internet marketing - a REAL powerhouse for informationand networking - people all interested in learning and promoting their skillset - Membership hasdifferent levels from free to paid for different levels of access but again this is a place that will getyou noticed if you are prepared to go inside and make yourself seen. Its a great place for it all,buying, selling and learning :)It pays to do some research into your niche, and see what is out there for you to join - perhaps theniche is lacking something like it and YOU could start your own online business Syndicate to helpother people out like you - It really does pay to network and start talking to people, especially if youcan "house" them somewhere that is specific and its a really great feeling knowing you areproviding a service that really is benefitting others around you (trust me I know, seeing my ownlittle group doing so well is a great feeling) And of course you are alerting people of what you cando and those around you ... Its great for service trade off, back linking, and getting your contentand work out there in front of the masses.Whilst I appreciate that most of my examples there are paid membership sites, I wanted tohighlight some other ways in which you can go about creating your own Syndicate by just thinkingoutside the box and looking at Social Media sites around you that you can use.Facebook - Already mentioned in this post, but the Group facility is a really great (and obvious) one.People often get fed up of being spammed with groups, in the past Ive been seriously irritated withsome. But have some strict boundaries and guidelines about posting and each member that joinsshould be welcomed and given the "house-keeping" rules - which is exactly how the group I aminvolved in is working. The other thing is to not invite every single person on your friends list - Iveadded people I know have an interest in our subject matter, and regualarly post on my businesspage that the group is active and I know that my colleagues do the same, that way its notspamming or being intrusive to people. People can make up their own mind about joining thegroup, and that way then you know the people in the group are serious about the subject matter sowill welcome the information that is being put inside it.LinkedIn - In a similar vein to a Facebook group, you can create a group inside there - and Id saypretty much the same rules apply, except for one small thing ..... You build your LinkedIn networkaround business contacts mainly, therefore those you are connected with should have a vestedinterest in what you do. When I initially set up my LinkedIn group I did invite all of my contacts tothe group and it was received really well.
  4. 4. Twitter - Theres a couple of ways I would approach this for building a "syndicate" and I use thatterm loosely inside of Twitter because of the public nature of Twitter. If you are connected andregularly converse with other members of Twitter you should start by creating a list and adding allthose people to it, this is great because then those members will see other people who are on thesame "page" as them and it an build connections and entice people to follow one another andsubscribe to the list. Add in a hashtag for people on the list to tap into and before you know it youhave a "live" syndicate that anyone can view. With the nature of Twitter, that means by defaultanyone can find the hashtag by simply searching it, but I dont believe for one second this is a badthing - the bigger things get the more people jumping on board can only be a good thing. You canarrange and organise LIVE Twitter chats with the hashtag weekly and focus on one specfic topic ofinterest relating to what you do. This can take some momentum, but can quickly and easily becomea great tool for connecting and networking with people.Pinterest - Pinterest to build a syndicate you say .... Yes I say :) How comes though? Visuals areMASSIVE (just maybe not on Facebook, unless you have spending power!!!) More and more peopleare jumping on board with the Pinterest hype and it would be really easy to start a small Syndicateon there. They have the facility to add boards and assign people that can pin to them, you can evenmake these boards "secret" so they are away from the general public - if you are connecting andsharing pins with like minded people - make contact with them, explain what you are doing and askif they would like to pin to your "help" board for other like minded people - again alittle perseverance and motivation for the momentum to build but this is another FREE alley youcan take - with the ability to repin and comment, include hashtags and searching this is a great wayto combine expertise and knowledge in another platform that people are looking for informationand help on. You dont have to make the boards secret - I guess again the general idea is to letpeople see what is happening. Dont encourage spamming and have some rules for posting to theboards and Im fairly certain this could be a very successful way of using Pinterest.Aside from that, another really great tool that can be used - as an extension of any of the above isa Google+ hangout - a live web chat that people can get involved online with and you can targetspecific topics each session. Jo Barnes does these regularly and they are called "Marketing Mayhem"I wouldnt suggest tackling ALL of these, but you should seriously consider where you have themost traffic and success with networking with people, and then have a think yourself if this issomething you could start, or even investigate if this is already happening and you can jump onboard and get involved in.
  5. 5. From my own experience being involved in my own Facebook group syndicate has been soimportant for my own business development - it has brought me new enquiries for my services,allowed me to help people out from the benefit of my knowledge, increased web traffic and got mesome really cool new people to toss ideas around with, and its also great for those involved as Immore aware of products they are involved with that can help my work, whilst netting them someincome too! Which all in all is exactly the purpose of a "Syndicate" in the first place.There are no set rules for what format a "syndicate" needs to be, the only rule is that its a place forpeople to come together with a common interest or goal ..... And that is exactly what myself and mycolleagues have been working on :)Id love to know of any other ideas you may have for this subject matter, or even share some groupsor places you are hanging out doing great things in building a community for your businessesonline.Have an awesome week!Clair :)WWW.THISISCLAIRTREBES.COM/BLOG - To learn a little bit more about me 