Opening Heaven’S Creation’S By Way Of Yeshua Shelter
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Opening Heaven’S Creation’S By Way Of Yeshua Shelter



Shelter/Transitional Home Dream

Shelter/Transitional Home Dream



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Opening Heaven’S Creation’S By Way Of Yeshua Shelter Opening Heaven’S Creation’S By Way Of Yeshua Shelter Presentation Transcript

  • Opening Heaven’s Creation’s by way of Yeshua shelter/transitional home
    • -Finding suitable location
    • -Apply for license incorporation
    • -Apply for tax exemptions with the IRS
    • -Provide valid mailing address(make public request through the newspaper and local television stations, for a building to be donated to host the shelter)
    • -Maintain Business License
  • Seek Partners
    • -Fiscal sponsorship to help with initial start-up costs(fiscal sponsorship, is a process, by which, another non profit organization, takes on your homeless shelter, as a subsidiary, and covers, all initial costs
  • Local Courthouse
    • -Check with local courthouse, to find out, documentation required, for a business to become licensed, in the area
  • Incorporate Non-Profit Shelter
    • -By applying for incorporation, with the secretary, of state, in which, the shelter will be located
    • -Need Board of Directors
    • -Name of Organization
    • -Funding for the shelter
    • -Documentation of my intent, business plans, and proof of valid license
  • Enlist aid of local organizations
    • -Such as churches
    • -businesses
    • -the community, at large
    • -to help stock the shelter with beds, blankets, food, clothing, toys, monetary donations, to cover the costs of daily overhead, and utilities
  • Mission Statement
  • Partner’s Tasks
    • -Need partners to share my vision, to help run, the shelter
    • Raise money for the start up costs
    • Partners could be members of the Board of Directors also
  • Draft a Business Plan
    • -Elaborate on my vision to accomplish
    • -How many people do I plan to accommodate
    • -Projected Expenses
    • -Determine how will money be raised?
    • -Is government assistant going to be sought?
  • The McKinney Vento Homeless Assistances Act of 1987
    • --Provides money for homeless shelters
  • Soup Kitchen Status
    • -The shelter can also be used as a soup kitchen
  • The Secretary of State’s Office
    • -Apply for incorporation and business license with the Secretary of State’s Office
  • Local Government-
    • -Seek permits from the local government
  • Attorney
    • -If possible, include an attorney, on the board, who can help with, the submission, of articles, tax-exemption application, and other procedures
  • Advertise
    • -Approach charity organization, religious institutions, and other businesses, and ask them if they could support your shelter by donation
  • Advertise Cont.
    • -Once everything is in place, advertise, to let those in need, of accommodation, know about the shelter