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Facebook analysis

  1. 1. Guest User Noel O Donnell
  2. 2. Motivation - 10 My Comments:1. Provide system for Noel to take business 1. Good idea, but appointments don’t really exist in appointments through Facebook. his type of work.2. App for event reminding, choose pages that 2. This kind of App would be very useful for helping has updates of events posted to wall. Noel to remember dates of events.3. Create Donegal Rally group for Ulster. 3. I think a Donegal Rally group already exists.4. Online catalogue for motorsport equipment. 4. If the prices were right this would be a very useful feature for Noel as he does buy a lot of equipment.5. Uploading photos, Tag whole album option to 5. This would be useful and would save a lot of time add photos to rally friends pages. rather than tagging every individual image.6. Get a better organiser and reduce options he 6. Reducing options would definitely make Facebook doesn’t use. easier to use for Noel.7. Play games without need to allow. 7. Not sure what this person means??8. Help promote rally. 8. The event organiser is quite useful in helping Noel to promote his motorsport.9. Create App for rallying, with dates of rallies, 9. This is a great idea and would be very useful for all stories, photos etc.. Motorsport competitors and fans.10. Facebook sends messages to phone about 10. This is a good idea, I think he gets notifications to events. his phone from Facebook but maybe notifications in advance would help rather than on the day.
  3. 3. Motivation Filters Yes, No, Maybe (useful) 4 Yes, 4 No, 2 Maybe Like, Dislike 7 Likes, 3 Dislikes Rating Ideas: Good ideas - 30 10 = Good, 5 = Ok, 1 = Bad Ok ideas - 20 Bad ideas - 3 Overall I received some good motivation suggestions and ideas
  4. 4. Interaction - 6 My Comments:1. Communicating to friends about Motorsport. 1. Yes, Communicating to friends is Noel’s main priority on Facebook.2. Uploading photos. 2. Noel uploads photos regularly.3. Easier way to upload photos/videos. 3. It would help if the uploading method was made easier.4. Play games online. 4. Yes, Noel plays games on Facebook.5. Game page. 5. He interacts with the game page on nearly every visit. 6. If this means that he could let only certain6. Uploads videos/photos, posts available to groups see his photos? Then it wouldn’t be that certain social groups. useful for him as he prefers to help promote the Motorsport rather than keeping it to himself and the other competitors.
  5. 5. Interaction Filters Yes, No, Maybe (useful) 1 Yes, 4 No, 1 Maybe Like, Dislike 1 Like, 5 Dislike Rating Ideas: Good ideas - 10 10 = Good, 5 = Ok, 1 = Bad Ok ideas - 5 Bad ideas - 4 The interaction suggestions I received were not helpful apart from 1 idea.
  6. 6. Interface & Visual - 6 My Comments:1. Drag photos to albums rather than go through 1. This would be a brilliant feature and a lot easier to options. use. It would be very helpful for Noel.2. Allow car Facebook theme and other themes. 2. This might be a nice feature for younger people but I don’t think Noel would use it.3. Gaming page button on main page. 3. The games are located on his homepage already, so they do have easy access. 4. Again this would not be useful to Noel but it might4. More colours. be for others. 5. It would help if the layout could be made simpler or5. Change layout. if you could choose whether to update it or not. 6. This is a good idea, Facebook could keep a record6. Big buttons for main features and smaller of the buttons or features Noel uses the most and buttons for the rest. enlarge these, making them easier to access.
  7. 7. Interface & Visual Filters Yes, No, Maybe (useful) 3 Yes, 2 No, 1 Maybe Like, Dislike 3 Likes, 3 Dislikes Rating Ideas: Good - 30 10 = Good, 5 = Ok, 1 = Bad Ok - 0 Bad - 3 The suggestions I received for Int & Vis were even, I got 3 great ideas and 3 bad ideas.
  8. 8. Best Suggestions Online catalogue for equipment. Create App for rallying, with dates of rallies, stories, photos etc. Easier way to upload photos/videos (Drag ‘n’ Drop) Change layout (Customize to suit your needs)
  9. 9. Personal User Claire O Donnell
  10. 10. Motivation - 10 My Comments:1. Optimize chat (video chat) 1. I agree with this, I think the chat feature could be optimized. It breaks down a lot and doesn’t always flow as easily as it should.2. Video chat 2. Video chat is a really good idea that Facebook should really consider, why not see who you are chatting too?3. Killing boredom by playing games online. 3. Yes, the games do help to kill my boredom.4. Self organise chat layout. 4. Being able to organise my chat feature would be beneficial as I could have it exactly how I wanted it.5. Video chat. 5. (Point number 2)6. Free to talk to Northern friends, Customize 6. Creating groups would be useful to me as I chat feature. (Groups) would be able to distinguish quickly who is online , and its free, which is brilliant.7. Play chess against friends, make a 7. I’m not really into chess, but being able to customized game to keep the brain cutomise my own game would be interesting. amused. 8. I’m not sure if these famous games would be so8. Introduce famous games e.g mario and popular on Facebook. sonic or 3D option.
  11. 11. Motivation continued My Comments: 9. Skype video chat. 9. (Point number 2) 10. More online games page, makes suggestions 10. I like the idea of voting on games as then it and vote on new games. would be easier for me to know what game would be worth playing. Maybe Facebook could suggest games to me, that are similar to the ones I already play. Interaction - 2 My Comments: 1. Playing games, Create your own games 1. Create my own games has been mentioned between friends App? before and I agree it sounds good, an App to do this would also be beneficial. It would allow me easy access to the game from my phone. 2. Plays games online. 2. Yes, I nearly always play a game when I visit Facebook.Interface & Visual - 1 My Comments:1. Facebook themed Pages. 1. Not sure what this means?
  12. 12. Motivation Filters Yes, No, Maybe (useful) 6 Yes, 3 No, 1 Maybe 6 Likes, 4 Dislikes Like, Dislike Rating Ideas: Good - 60 10 = Good, 5 = Ok, 1 = Bad Ok - 5 Bad - 3 I got 4 of the same suggestions for this one but it was a good idea, the rest weren’t as useful.
  13. 13. Interaction Filters Yes, No, Maybe (useful) 0 Yes, 1 No, 1 Maybe Like, Dislike 1 Like, 1 Dislike Rating Ideas: 10 = Good, 5 = Ok, 1 = Bad Good - 0 Ok - 5 Bad - 1 One suggestion was ok, the other one didn’t make much sense. I only got one for the Int & Vis, which wasn’t useful.
  14. 14. Best Suggestions App for phone to create my own games, share them with friends on facebook and vote on them. Optimize chat feature, be able to talk to people but be able to choose if you are seen as online or not. Only showing as online to people you want to talk to.