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  • 1. Claire haggarVINCENT PRESENTATION
  • 3. Vincents state of mind in this freezeframe is used with shadows to createan atmosphere that he is being“vanished to the tower or doom”The dark, long and sharps stair case inwhich Vincent is ascending up, showshow the patterns of the stairs help toadd the gothic theme to the frame.FREEZE FAME 1 back
  • 4. Vincents state of mind in the point of the filmwhere his horrible zombie dog Abercrombie takethe form of his shadow. This representing that themonster lives within him and that he has now been„possessed‟ by his horrible creations and dreams.The back and white distorted disco pattern on thewalls show that Vincents “insanity had reached itpeak” by the shape and movement of the walls.the lighting of the walls casts deep shadows in thecorners and edges of the walls representing theroom closing in on him, leading to his death.FREEZE FRAME 2 back
  • 5. The background of this frame is a diamondtype of checked shadows which can reflecton the different mind scape from VincentMalloy to Vincent price. The diamondreflection can symbolise the confusing andunhuman the life of Vincent price. Thisdiamond wallpaper is used repetitivelythroughout the film.The single slit of light that is shown in thispicture highlights the chiaroscuro lightingand dark circles on Vincents face, and thathe would be assumed to be in a dark roomwith no light but with a single window orglobe which is shun on him.FREEZE FRAME 3back
  • 7. Vincents mothers perspective of thingsis sunny and happy where as Vincentsis dark and scary. The contrast whenVincent is digging up his wifes graveand then turns out to be his mothersgarden bed, suddenly is light up whenhis mother is brought into the frame.This happens throughout the film asVincents state of mind is dull andwhenever his mother is brought intothe frame he then seems to come backto reality.FREEZE FRAME 1 back
  • 8. Whenever Vincents mother seems togo a ray of sunshine seems to follow.When she suddenly bursts intoVincents room he is startled andmakes the reader feel like he hadbeen in his room for years by the wayit is dark and with shadows.Burton suggests that his motherthinks that he is playing a silly gamein which he never leaves his room.VincentFREEZE FRAME 2back
  • 9. Burtons use of lighting in this framesuggests that Vincent has beenlocked away for years and is onlynow being introduced to the light.Vincents mother seems oblivious tothe environment in which her son isliving in. This is because the worldshe is in is sunny and bright. In thisfreeze frame Vincents room isportrayed as some sort of dungeonwhere the use of lighting outlinesthe lack of lights and windows in hisroom.FREEZE FRAME 3back
  • 11. The idea of leaving the adults headout in the frame is repetitive in thefilm. Vincents mother doesn‟tunderstand his imagination andthoughts, so burton uses the cuttingof the heads in the frame tosymbolise that the head is theepicentre for imagination and theadults don‟t have any moreimagination, and that it is loss as youget older.FREEZE FRAME 1back
  • 12. The previous frame is much like thisone that an adult head has beenleft out. Vincent being a child looksup to the adults in his life whichmakes the adult seem bigger thatwhat they actually are because youcant see their head the view doesn‟tknow where it is going to appear.Vincent is so small compared to theadults that have power over him,and by leaving the heads out of theshot we are shown that Vincent isvery much smaller than the adultsaround himFREEZE FRAME 2back
  • 13. In many other cases the heads ofadults is left out, but in this framesVincents sisters head is still on.The head is usually cut of the moresuperior human in the frame but inthis case Vincent and his sister areon the same level of thinking andimagination so there fore there isno need to the cut out. whereasVincent and his mother are on verydifferent thinking levels.FREEZE FRAME 3back
  • 15. Most objects are hanging from thecelling which gives the frame a gothicfeel. In most horror movies things popout and hang down from the roof whichis often scary or has features ofanthropomorphism. Vincent Malloy is ascary adult who like horrific things andVincent Malloy is just a boy who usuallywouldn‟t have things hanging form hisceiling. This tells us that Vincent Malloyis a quiet and reserved boy.FREEZE FRAME 1 back
  • 16. In the first scene of the shortfilm Vincent is situated in hisroom. His room appears to bebear with nothing in it. This tellsus that he is a quiet boy who isdoes need much to be happy.Vincent is a simple boy whothinks hard about life and itsquirks. The lack of objects in hisroom tells the audience thatVincent himself is unusual.FREEZE FRAME 2back
  • 17. When Vincent is in the form of VincentMalloy he is kind and respectful,enough so that the cat trusts himenough to sit on his shoulder. When hethen transforms into Vincent Price thecat jumps off his shoulder giving theimpression that an evil emotion hasnow taken over Vincent Malloy. Thereader then learns that there aresignificant differences between thetwo boys.FREEZE FRAME 3back
  • 19.  All freeze frames show the same thing which is Vincent beingin the middle of the room with the scary and horrific thingsaround him, and with his mother in the sides. When Vincent is in the frame he is the centre of attentionbecause he is the main character, with his dreams andnightmares surrounding him. When his mother is In the frameshe is placed on he edges just like the other things that scareVincent, as his mother doesn‟t understand him and towersover him.FREEZE FRAME 1,2,3
  • 20.  Most common German expressionist films are shot in blackand white, to give the film and extra bit of scariness andsuspense. I think that Vincent is shot in black and white because itgives the movie a suspenseful atmosphere before anythinghas even happened. Black and whit movie usually have an narrator so that‟s oneof the other reasons why Burton chose to film it in black andwhite6. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT VINCENT ISSHOT IN BLACK AND WHITE?
  • 21.  The sound effects in Vincent create a scary and suspensefulatmosphere. The starting of the film is opened with Vincent playing hisrecorder. This song he is playing is a soft and peaceful tunebut then when compared to Vincent price the music changesinto a dark and sharp tone. The music that accompanies Vincent Price is always scarymusic for example Whenever the narrator is talking about Vincent Malloy nomusic is played and it is silent but when the story turns toVincent price dramatic music turns on for example:7. LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF THE FILM. CONSIDER THE SOUNDEFFECTS AND WHAT THEY CONVEY. HOW IS THE ATMOSPHEREOF VINCENT CREATED VIA THE SOUND DESIGN?
  • 22.  When character dialogue is used the audience understand thecharacter more by the way they speak and by what they say. When a film has no character dialogue only a narrator theaudience sees a different side to the character that theyusually wouldn‟t have seen straight away. Narration is often used to tell the audience importantbackground information that they wouldn‟t have knownthrough the voice of the character. Tim Burton uses Edgar Allen Poe as the narrator of Vincent toexplain the story line of the short film.8. WHY DO WE HAVE A NARRATOR ANDNOT CHARACTER DIALOGUE
  • 23.  The whole script for the narrator is basically a rhyme. The pace of the transcript in consistent throughout the film asis doesn‟t speed up nor slow down during the course of thefilm. When the characters are in an intense situation the rhymesget more intense and dark for example: Though he‟d rather share a home with spiders and batsThere he could reflect on the horrors he‟s inventedAnd wander dark hallways, alone and tormented9. LISTEN TO THE RHYTHM OF THE VERSE AND THINK ABOUTHOW THE NARRATION OF THE POEM RELATES TO THE ACTUALON SCENE ACTION. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE PEACEOF THE NARRATION? EXPLAIN
  • 24.  Vincents features on his face include wideeyes with dark circles around them, a sharpchin, a slim and skinny face and a smallscrunched up nose. Many other animated filmsthat burton has done the characters havemultiple of the same facial features asVincent for example, in Franken weenie thecharacter has a turned up nose. The audience is usually surprised and amusedby the Vincents appearance as he Is anunusual sort of character. The shape ofVincents face is most striking because it issomething that the audience will look at first.Vincents body is skinny and small, the shapeof his face ties in perfectly to create thischaracter.10. FOCUS ON THE LOOK OF THE CHARACTERS, PARTICULARLYVINCENT. WHAT STRIKES YOU ABOUT THE SHAPE OF HIS FACE ANDBODY, HIS APPEARANCE AND HIS GESTURE? WHAT MEANING DOESAN AUDIENCE TAKE FROM HIS CONSTRUCTION?
  • 25. The bigquestion
  • 26. LightingChiaroscuro lighting isused in the short film toshow the differencebetween burtonsthoughts/ dream toreality. The theme of themovie is set by helighting for example, thelighting in Vincent is darkand shadowy which sets ascary and mysterioustheme. Burton haschosen pacific lightingtechniques that replicateGerman expressionistfilm elements. Burtonuses lighting to pinpointthe important featuresand parts of the film.WHY DOES BURTON USE GERMAN-EXPRESSSIONIST- FILM-ELEMENTS TO GIVEDEEPER MEANING IN VINCENT?DécorThe setting or décor isused to amplifycharacter, costume andemotion. The fact thatVincent is based on TimBurton in some aspectsgives the audience someidea of what type ofperson he is. Vincentsclothing choice is strictlystripes which is featuredon many of Burtons othercharacters. The deepermeaning of Germanexpressionist filmelements that Burton haschoses to uses helps theaudience understand thecharacters better.SoundThe sound effects thataccompany Vincentthough his journey helpthe audience understandthe story. Vincent‟sjourney from beingVincent Malloy to Vincentprice is commentated bywords and sound whichburton has chosespacifically to fit thescene. The sound in thefilm helps give deepermeaning to the film byhaving an extra way tocreate depth andatmosphere to the film.