The Effective School Principals


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  • If they have a mobile phone, chances are they’ll receive your text messages. Let’s catchaNOMAD.
  • Response time can be a matter of seconds.
  • Ask them all one Big Question. (Or several?) Polling and surveys give you instant results.
  • Children are everyone’s top priority. A closer communication with parents improves your effectiveness.
  • Text messaging to groups does not change how you operate, or demand much time.
  • Your text message is attention-grabbing, immediate and measurable.
  • Print 100 flyers and get a few people in the door. Send a text message and attract a crowd.
  • Start with integration of your Keyword throughout all your posters, flyers, windows. Spread the word.
  • Each time someone texts your keyword, they enter themselves automatically on your list. Use a different keyword for teachers. Yet another for parents. Keep your message distinct.
  • Schedule your messages in advance. Program them to go out on time. Watch your effectiveness grow.
  • If there’s an earthquake, if power goes out, or if it snows, immediately instruct parents of the next step.
  • Text NOMAD to 72727 to get all the instructions on your mobile phone.
  • The Effective School Principals

    1. 1. Parents* are mobile We’re here to help you catch a Nomad!*Teachers, too!
    2. 2.  Mobile parents don’t just drop off their kids. They Respond to text messaging. Take action on their smart phone. Are connected to what is happening. (if you send them a text message.)Even if they’re busy
    3. 3. Your administrative messageis in their pocket: Segment them into groups Use a survey or polling Reminders Appointments Team newsWhat do they want?
    4. 4. Mobile phones are moreimportant to people thantheir TVs. It’s the kids that are everyone’s priority.Reach your teachers, too
    5. 5. Inside your school Choose keywords to create groups: “Text MYKIDS to 72727” Develop two-way conversation--fast! Train in one hour.Implementation
    6. 6. Schools. Hospitals.Associations.Team-building with text: Parents or Teachers Top Staffers Members or Executive Team Emergency Response Team Operations Management“She’s safe!”
    7. 7. Messagingcosts less.Mobile messages get 10 times theresponse rateof traditional flyers
    8. 8. STEP 1: Promote Keyword Add it to all school messaging Support your local events Send flyers or coupons Create contests The team needs new uniforms! Use text-2-keyword in fund-raising, community-building and more.Example:TEXT: LEAGUEBALL to 72727
    9. 9. STEP 2: Parents Engage and are entered into a Database Contact your customer list with quick reminders, promotions and couponsBuild an asset: Contact list
    10. 10. STEP 3: Schedule Event Reminders Schedule all promotions in advance. Increase efficiency by posting to Facebook and Twitter in the same way.Promote events
    11. 11. CatchaNOMAD collects the data. Creates the list. builds an asset. Improves communications. Automatically.Reach everyone’s hand--simultaneously.
    12. 12. TEXT NOMAD TO 72727Let’s get started! Or text, or call for more info. (760) 593-7597Increase your effectiveness today
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