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Writing for the Web
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Writing for the Web


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How to create useful and scannable Web content that will both attract and retain visitors for your site.

How to create useful and scannable Web content that will both attract and retain visitors for your site.

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  • -Readers SCAN websites, not read them-Only have a few seconds to get attention
  • -Avoid “cuteness”
  • -Begin with the shortest and clearest statement you can make on the topic (i.e. conclusion)-Keywords
  • -Use keywords readers are looking for
  • -Should not scroll more than a page and a half (standard browser screen) without a subheading or heading
  • -Long background information or related information can be linked off into a separate page-Try not to split a continuous story into Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 but rather into coherent sub-topics
  • -Need to be able to understand them out of context-NEVER use “click here”
  • -Over-bolding is irritating to readers-Underlining makes ordinary words look like links, confusing-Italics are hard to see-Writing in caps slows reading and can be grating-Lists more than 2 levels look complicated-Note: try to reduce lists to 9 points or less
  • Transcript

    • 2. Keep in Mind...“How do readers read on the Web? The answer – they don’t.” – Jakob Nielsen
    • 3. 11 Tips for Web Writing WITH EXAMPLES
    • 4. 1. Shorter is better Make This Look Like This Aim for 600-700 words On July 5th, 2012, July 5, 2012 – Jeffery Immelt, the General Electric max CEO of U.S.-based CEO Jeffery conglomerate Immelt goes to General Electric, eastern China to “If it is possible to cut a traveled to the meet with eastern border of word out, always cut it the People’s biochemists. Republic of China out.” – George Orwell in order to conduct a meeting with key science researchers in the biochemistry field.
    • 5. 2. Write for the reader, not yourselfWrite This Not ThisHow R&D affects How does  Think of readers as busy,the economy: research and impatient people development1. Creates jobs affect the2. Develops new economy? Well, sources of there are a lot of  Be concise, not chatty revenue different ways.3. Technology The answer really transfer depends on your individual perspective...
    • 6. 3. Question your modifiers Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for Facebook’s IPO. Avoid overuse of adjectives and adverbs The omnipresent Mark Zuckerberg is busily preparing himself for the long-awaited, definitive IPO of Facebook.
    • 7. 4. Be direct  Make information easy to find  Straightforward headings
    • 8. 5. Use headings that work Write This Not This Make article easy to find NRC explores Semiconductor semiconductor technology is technology currently being Short and direct with explored by NRC active language
    • 9. 6. Use subheadings as much as possible  Visual road-sign  Every few paragraphs
    • 10. 7. Page chunk Make text short Split information into multiple pages with different pieces of the topic
    • 11. 8. Make sentences short and simpleMake This Look Like ThisEngineers apply Engineers usescientific principles science to solveto solve significant problems and  Long sentences distracttechnical problemsand to deliver develop and drive away readersbreakthrough innovativeproducts, processes, products andraw materials and processes that  Communicate quicklypackaging people use everytechnologies that day. and efficientlydelight consumersthroughout theirday-to day.
    • 12. 9. Create meaningful links Use This Not This For more To find out more Descriptive information, information please visit about our Health Health Science Science Signposts for scanning Laboratories Laboratories, click here
    • 13. 10. Watch formattingWould You Want to Read This?  Avoid at all costs:P&G’s structure offers our employees the benefitof an international company with the local  Over-boldingfocus to win with consumers in roughly180 countries where P&G brands are sold.  Underlining for emphasisThe US Educated Foreign National recruiting  Italicsprogram is seeking to utilize your skills to buildthe business in one of our Emerging Markets.  WRITING IN CAPSAs a build-from-within Company, our success  Lists more than 2 levelsdepends entirely on the strength of our people.To ensure a fast start, we have our new hiresbegin their careers in a location where they havethe BEST OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED. Thistypically means a location where they have:•Exceptional business knowledge•Language skills •Oral and written •Tests will be administered•Technical mastery•Unrestricted work authorization •Ability to work in the United States
    • 14. 11. Edit Clearest Simplest Shortest Most necessary