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  • -3 main levels/degrees of connections on LinkedIn-1st degree contacts are directly connected with you, either through a request from you or them-2nd and 3rd degree connections
  • -Make new connections-Groups from your industry or alumni groups-Can create your own group and connect it to your profile-Some groups list job opportunities-Participate in discussions to show expertise
  • -Gain free market research and knowledge-LinkedIn will send to your existing connections as well as give you options to share with other social networks-Can share results with connections (encourages visits to your page)
  • -If you answer questions knowledgeably and without self-promoting, you will get valuable recognition-Ask questions to gain answers and meet new connections who could prove useful-LinkedIn automatically shows you similar questions so that you can find answers more quickly
  • LinkedIn for Users

    1. 1. LinkedIn for UsersA Guide to Optimizing Your Professional Social Presence
    2. 2. Why Use LinkedIn?The professional social network
    3. 3.  World’s largest professional network on the Internet with 175 million+ members in over 200 countries As of June 30, 2012 (end of Q2), professionals were signing up at a rate of 2 new members/second As of June 30, 2012, LinkedIn counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate hiring solutions are used by 85 of the Fortune 100 companiesIf you like stats...
    4. 4.  Stay in touch with important contacts Build a network Research companies/employees you are doing business with Search and apply for jobs Create a professional profile that can serve as an online résumé/CV ◦ Past and present work experience ◦ Examples of work and success ◦ RecommendationsWhat can I do with LinkedIn?
    5. 5. Profile TipsIt is necessary to fill out your profile completely to earn trust.
    6. 6. #1. Include apictureso it is easier foracquaintances to recognizeyou and then request toconnect with you
    7. 7. #2. Useappropriatekeywordsin your heading and title
    8. 8. #3. Tag skillsand expertise that you have
    9. 9. #4. Link to yourwebsites,and use your ownpersonalized anchor text forthese links by selecting the“Other” category for your site
    10. 10. #5. Takeadvantage ofApplicationsthat allow you to improveyour page by adding Twitterfeeds and blog posts
    11. 11. #6. Usepresentationapplicationssuch as SlideShare to postrelevant keynotepresentations to yourprofile, as well as PDFs
    12. 12. #7. Add videoYou can embed a video intothe first slide of a SlideShareshow for it to launchautomatically when someoneviews your profile, or you canuse the first slide to introduceit
    13. 13. Beyond the ProfileConnections, Groups, Polls, Answers
    14. 14. 2nd Degree 3rd Degree Contact Contact 1st Degree Contact 2nd Degree Contact YOU 3rd Degree Contact 1st Degree 2nd Degree Contact Contact 3rd Degree ContactConnections
    15. 15. Groups
    16. 16. Polls
    17. 17. Answers
    18. 18. LinkedIn FeaturesLinkedIn has a variety of unique features that you should take fulladvantage of to create the optimal networking experience.
    19. 19. Who’s Viewed Your Profile?
    20. 20. People You May Know
    21. 21. Your Connections to a Company
    22. 22. Job-seeking Tools
    23. 23. Recommendations
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