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Mark Barrow - Bham Smart City
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Mark Barrow - Bham Smart City


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Mark's presentation given to the Digital Birmingham Stakeholders Meeting on Thursday 26th January at Fazeley Studios

Mark's presentation given to the Digital Birmingham Stakeholders Meeting on Thursday 26th January at Fazeley Studios

Published in: Technology

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  • Big nine cities - 49% GDP Role of ci Any business plan recognises strengths – LEPs can do that bottom up As biggest we are close to Gov – influence policy and strategy – also close to EU
  • Working in growth economies China india Developing a city business plan Also about UK plc How can we help bridge wider social challenges
  • Companies are increasingly adopting the SSC model as a means to achieve cost savings and greater efficiency. SSC investment is therefore expected to grow in the future. Birmingham possess the potential resource pool to market itself as a location for shared services inward investment. Higher end SSC operations such as HR and legal offer more potential than IT which are more cost sensitive and therefore increasingly located outside of UK. Other areas of interest are financial SSCs. Large pool of financial skilled people. Higher value job opportunities for financially skilled people (call centres – Shared service centres – financial services). Strong potential for relocation from high cost locations in South East region. Contributes to the Birmingham brand awareness. Fits in existing knowledge capital initiative Significant presence of automotive industry in the Birmingham region. The sector is the dominant source of investment for the West Midlands and Birmingham. Growth expected in market driven green automotive production (e.g. electric vehicles) Birmingham’s tradition in automotive manufacturing, and innovation and research in alternative fuels such as low-carbon and hydrogen fuel by local universities Opportunity to combine a sector in which Birmingham has an historic strength, with an area that ties in with the city’s strategic outlook on the environment (low carbon). Birmingham has research strength in the medical field but this has so far not been translated successfully into the business sphere. The study will show how Birmingham is positioned compared to competitor locations for investment in Clinical Trials, and identify whether Birmingham can offer an attractive proposition to investors. Digital Media is a growth sector in Foreign Direct Investment globally, although from a small base Digital Media is also one of the five priority sectors of Birmingham Science City and AWM Considerable digital media/gaming cluster in the West Midlands region
  • Open up with 31 seconds of if not shown earlier The pace of innovation enabled by technology is increasing. Nowadays digital technologies underpin everything we do. For example in 2009 the internet contributed an estimated £100bn or 7.2% to the UK economy. This is expected to grow by 10% pa, reaching 10% of GDP by 2015
  • Birmingham has huge challenges High unemployment….12.6% ; job deficit Skills shortage and people that are not the best educated Carbon footprint So real urgency in how we tackle our economic and environmental imperative. Whilst it has big problems, as one of the largest cities, it also has the potential for big solutions. It’s about putting together the right pieces - the enablers for change And this is all to do with unlocking or unleashing the potential of our city. We need to get better and smarter at utilising all of our city assets – our people, partnerships, resources, transport etc. We need to get better at integrating our city thinking (both within the council and external) as well as integrating our processes and systems. Utilising ICT alongside web 2.0 tools and powerful applications of real time data intertwined amidst the organisational, design and planning aspects will make us more adaptive and responsive and better able to find innovative solutions to improve sustainability and liveability and in doing so manage our city better. We need to be more experimental and less risk averse - This will be important in accelerating innovation, investment and opportunities as well as opening up the city as a global living test bed for innovation and development of new application and services It’s about recognising that we are just part of the jigsaw puzzle It’s about bringing together the right mechanisms and collaborations to unleash that potential, to achieve a truly integrated city – a Smart connected Birmingham.
  • (bullet) So what is our 10 year goal for Birmingham? To be THE city that exploits new technologies. This is about using it rather than having the most. (bullet) we need major growth in KS jobs in the 10 years to 2008 the % grew by only 0.6%. OUR AIM FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS is to grow 50,000 (7%) new knowledge economy jobs in the private sector to replace our public and manufacturing losses. This is more than any UK city has achieved in the last 10 years (bullet) As part of this we will establish internationally recognised technology clusters for example in digital media and skills in order to raise the capability and income of our people (bullet) We will lead in the use of environmental technologies such as a smart grid, smart metering and efficient transport (bullet) our citizens will be connected for life so that they can get the benefits of technology advances and develop the digital skills to take the new jobs and engage in the city communities. (bullet) Our city will have the best infrastructure in the UK
  • So how will we do this. (bullet) we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do this , we can learn from other cities to create the Birmingham model. We have already been recognised as one of the smart 21 communities internationally–giving us access to the ICF association which includes, Stockholm, Eindhoven, Suwon. We need to build on the Digital Birmingham Partnership to create a global thinktank linking to our LEPs, and european partners to shape the digital future for the City. We also need to make more of our relationship with strategic partners such as Amey. (bullet) We need to weave digital into all our plans – (bullet) We should commit to the national Race Online 2012 and help create the 100,000 local digital champions. Make Birmingham the city with the most connected citizens. Making data open and available to our citizens and businesses will drive takeup and through the creation of new services for communities, our excluded families and our most vulnerable main of whom are in Social housing we can build the Big Society. (bullet) We need to take a joined up across public services to support the elderly and the vulnerable and deliver services more cost effectively and innovatively. Telecare and telehealth are often referred to the proposed solution to the growing need for home health and care. However, this needs connectivity so people can link to nurses from home, order their shopping to be delivered, skype with friends and relations, send in their test results and yes manage their taking of medication. (Show 30 secs of video from telecare in the home). Where is this video on youtube from ? – These servcies are being built into homes in local authorities close to Birmingham ( Dudley are already doing this!) I am sure we could find the savings to fund digital solutions for our households by taking a joined up approach across the public services to provide access and support for digitally excluded people. .
  • Significant progress on the Birmingham Gateway project continues to be made, with construction works progressing to convert the lower NCP car park to form the new western Station concourse, demolish Stephenson Tower, extend the Navigation Street Bridge to Hill Street and progress platform refurbishments. The construction of the new atrium roof and facades will commence later in 2011. These works are planned to lead to a first phase completion in 2012 which will provide enhanced facilities and will allow the existing Station concourse to be redeveloped in a second phase of works leading to overall completion of the works in 2015. In addition, the Council had been working with Network Rail to develop plans to upgrade the Pallasades Shopping Centre and re-develop the area on the Southside of the existing Station. As a key anchor of this re-development the Council entered into a Heads of Terms Agreement with John Lewis Partnership in February 2011 to open a new full-line department store which will be one of the largest outside London. A planning application for the Pallasades upgrade and Southside scheme was submitted in May 2011.
  • Providing a clear and easy to navigate city centre vital for visitor experience and creating an walkable city
  • So for me - still lots of questions with a real urgency to tackle our environmental and economic imperatives What are the collaborations needed to make this happen Have we the right enablers for change in place – what other pieces are missing How do we get this joined up city thinking and shared ownership
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mark Barrow Strategic Director Birmingham City Council
    • 2. A Smart Successful Sustainable Birmingham
    • 3. The world is changing…
    • 4. All change please…
      • Rebalancing - paradigm shift !
          • Economy – national & global
          • Shifting power - central to local
      • Loss of regional government
          • new spaces opened up – eg LEP’s
          • more influence
          • Recognising the critical role of cities
          • economic & cultural metro engines
      • Government don’t have all the answers…
    • 5. The ‘new’ economy
      • Acceptance - the old economy was flawed !
      • Understand what tomorrow’s world will demand ?
      • Where do we fit into new world economy
      • What are we good at ?
      • What are we not so good at ?
      • Putting in place conditions for growth
      • Using assets and resources to create leverage
    • 6. Building from strengths
      • Some examples…
        • World class health research, development & treatment
        • UK largest cluster of life, bio, medical science business
        • +25% of UK Digital Games production companies
        • Centre of resurgent UK manufacturing & engineering
        • Leading the UK’s low carbon agenda
          • Energy Savers, Plugged in Places, Carbon Reduction
        • Sub National centre for business & finance
        • Creative City status
        • R&D Centre - Three Universities
        • AAA rated Council + ‘A City Deal’
        • City schools results above UK average
    • 7. Top Ten...
      • investing in the city’s physical development
      • connectivity to the global economy
      • driving & supporting inward investment
      • supporting businesses and helping them grow
      • nurturing the low carbon economy
      • supporting a city where science lives
      • growing our talent pool and improving skills
      • helping unemployed people into work
      • ensuring economic & social inclusion
      • developing the smart city
    • 8. So…a new approach…
    • 9. IBM PLI Study Future areas of City Growth
      • Shared Services & business process outsourcing – HR/Legal
      • Financial Services – back & middle office
      • Transportation technologies – green automotive
      • Emerging opportunities
        • Low carbon technologies
        • Clinical trials
        • Digital media
    • 10. Connectivity is crucial !
    • 11. High Speed Rail Network…
    • 12. Air network…
    • 13. Digital Network
    • 14. Birmingham: Smart City of the Future
      • Smart Sustainable City
      • Smart Connected City
      • Smart Accessible City
      • Smart Economically Inclusive City
      Connected = Physically + Culturally + Digitally
    • 16. So what are we doing about it ?
    • 17. #1. Smart Sustainable City Low Carbon Economic Growth
      • “ Birmingham Energy Savers ” – phase 3 roll out into Green Deal
      • Tyseley Environmental Economy District
      • Birmingham “ Green Jobs Programme ” – apprenticeships
      • New City-wide District Energy procurement
      • Birmingham “ Electric Vehicle Programme ”
      • Birmingham “ Green Investment Bank ”
      • Birmingham “ Smart Energy Plan ”
      • Business led - Birmingham Environmental Partnership
    • 18. # 2. Smart Connected City
      • 10 year Digital Vision – the City that develops pilots and exploits new technologies
      • To foster:
        • Major growth in knowledge economy jobs
        • Internationally recognised technology clusters and skills base
        • Leading in environmental technologies
        • Our citizens connected for life
        • The best digital infrastructure in the UK
    • 19. # 2. Smart Connected City
      • Looking Forward - How will we do this ?
        • Build on our internationally reputation
        • as Smart 21 Communities status
        • Commit to open data and the national
        • ‘ Race Online 2012’
              • Birmingham: the most connected citizens
        • A joined up approach across all ‘public’
        • services to generate savings
        • Weave digital into all plans
    • 20. # 3. Smart Accessible City Physical Infrastructure Unlocking Jobs
      • Present:
      • New Street Station
      • Metro
      • Highway Investment
      • Delivering the Future:
      • Airport Runway Extension
      • High Speed 2
      • Metro Extension
      • Sprint
      • Local rail network
      • Vision for Movement
    • 21. Enterprise Zone Eastside & Science Park Paradise & Westside Snow Hill Wholesale Market 40,000 new jobs 700,000+ sq m floor space for professional and financial services, digital media, ICT and creative industries £875m
    • 22. Investing in soft infrastructure…
    • 23. SMART CITY WORKING TO DELIVER Tele-healthcare On demand learning Traffic routing & parking Smartphone applications Smart cards Smart buildings Smart Grids Internet TV Internet of things ! ENABLING Procuring a 4G Network Enabling 100mb Ultrafast Broadband Leveraging our buildings/highway assets Creating spaces for innovation Leveraging the local…
    • 24. [email_address] Thank you !