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Niatx saas


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. NIATX/SAASHow to Use Social Media and Measure its effectiveness
    Claire Celsi
    The Public Relations Project, LLC
    Des Moines, Iowa
  • 2. Claire Celsi
    Public Relations & Social Media
    Public Relations Counsel
    Social Media Strategy
    Crisis Management
    Media Training
    Message Management
    News Junkie
  • 3. What is Social Media?
    Simply put…
    “Social media is people building relationships online”
  • 4. C
    Stats Update
    • Facebook surpassing 500 million active users this month – and half of those people log in every day. 100 million users log in on a mobile device.
    • 5. More than 2/3 of all Internet users in the U.S. have at least one social media account.
    • 6. Twitter now has 190 million users, and generates 65 million tweets daily.
    • 7. Linked In now has 70 million members.
  • 8. Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    • How to start a social media program
    • 9. SM strategy and management
    • 10. Creating effective content
    • 11. Using social media in confidential settings
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    Starting a Social Media Program
    • Buy-in from board and CEO
    • 12. Inclusion/Input
    • 13. Budget/Staffing (free but not cheap)
    • 14. Commitment level
    • 15. Answer the simple question: Does it meet a need?
    • 16. Your industry is process and outcomes oriented – which is somewhat anathema to social media
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    Hospitals vs. Treatment Centers
    • Hospitals have breached the invisible barrier
    • 17. Marketing and public relations have a big role
    • 18. Patients self-contribute testimonials
    • 19. Have some fun already!
    Piano playing couple at Mayo
  • 20. Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    Target Audience
    • Age/Geographic location
    • 28. What do they already know or believe about
    your organization?
    • What key points do you want to make?
    • 29. What new media tools are they already
    • Do you need any more research?
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    • What do you want to accomplish?
    • 30. How does new media objective complement
    the goals and objectives in your organization’s
    mission and communications plan?
  • 31. Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    • Email
    • 32. Website
    • 33. Search Engine strategy
    • 34. Public Relations
    • 35. Government relations
    • 36. Internal communications/policies
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    Culture Change
    • Embrace social media
    • 37. Internal champions/organizational champion
    • 38. Fears or concerns (legal or bias)
    • 39. Rate of change
    • 40. Level of authority behind effort (balance)
    • 41. Commitment
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    • Who will implement social media strategy?
    • 42. Can you allocate five hours per week?
    • 43. Outside expertise may be needed
    • 44. Content resources should be budgeted
    • 45. Outside consulting
    • 46. Video editing
    • 47. Photo purchases
    • 48. Prizes (actual prize and contest rules)
  • Case Study - Iowa Lottery
    Tools and Tactics
    • Which tools best support your audience?
    • 49. Which tools do you have the capacity for?
  • Measurement – Two Schools
    Direct ROI – Sales model
    Amount spent =
    Amount gained in “new sales” or income
    Thought Leadership Model
    Customer service
    Information sharing
    Community resource
    Vanquish misinformation
    Provide industry visibility
    Case Study - Iowa Lottery
  • 50. Measurement – Monitoring Tools
    Radian 6
    Viral Heat
    Google Alerts
    Social Mention
    Facebook Search
  • 51. Metrics And Measurements
    Actively friend and follow (x) per week
    Engagement and feedback
    Blogger interaction/comments
    Change in tone/tenor of media coverage
    Links in and out and blogroll
    Mentions on other blogs and in the media
    Increase in awareness of key messages
  • 52. Social Media Channels
    Repurpose existing video
    Create topical messages, information on addiction and treatment
    Refer to videos using Facebook and Twitter
    Testimonials abundant online
    Number two search engine behind Google
  • 53. Social Media Channels
  • 54. Social Media Channels
    Top of mind messages
    News and information
    Educational messages
    Push out video and blog posts
  • 55. Social Media Channels
  • 56. Social Media Channels
    Crowd sourcing
    Top of mind messages
    News and information
    Educational messages
    Push out video and blog posts
  • 57. Social Media Channels
  • 58. Issues Management
    Customer service challenges
  • 59. Crisis Management
    To put out a social media fire, use social media water!
  • 60. Content Creation
    Blogging is the most effective method of creating content, publishing content and getting the attention of search engines
    Use an editorial calendar to plan and manage blog content
    Take advantage of topical news stories
    Use Hootsuite to manage Twitter content
    Facebook can replicate and amplify efforts
  • 61. Confidentiality
    Social media is just a tool
    All the normal HIPAA rules apply
    You’re not talking about individuals who are in treatment, rather issues, information
    Use testimonials carefully and with disclaimers
    Involve your legal team early and often
    Remove questionable/controversial content upon request
  • 62. Confidentiality
    Social media policy should contain:
    Best practices
    HIPAA reminders
    Approval process
    If you’re in doubt, don’t post it
    Be professional
  • 63. What Does Success Look Like?
    Depends on your objectives….
    Create awareness
    Community resource
    More treatment referrals
    Showcase leadership
    More media coverage
    Higher-quality applicants
    Higher recovery rate
  • 64. Aftercare Sites
  • 65. Options for Treatment/Support Groups
    Facebook private groups
    Ning: Read this:
    Online journaling using private blogs
    Mobile check in via text or Twitter
  • 66. Spread Your Influence
    Guest blogging
    Blogroll (Linking to each other)
    Friend, follow and interact with each other
    Set and follow a schedule of friending and following health care professionals in your community
    Hold community events together
  • 67. Selecting a Social Media Consultant
    Experience in other communications disciplines, especially public relations
    Design and digital capacity
    Proven results (don’t let them practice on you)
    Integrity – Check references
    Online influence
  • 68. Pitfalls to Avoid
    Jumping in without a plan
    Never getting started – “Social media paralysis”
    Individual-driven rather than institution driven
    Too sales-y and not cooperative with the social media universe (cocktail party)
    Don’t let an intern be in charge
    Fear of criticism or controversy – be transparent
  • 69. Free Resources (non-profit webinars & resources)
    Smartbrief on Social Media (sign up for email)
    Hubspot Web Grader
    Facebook blog
  • 70. Free Resources
    Strategy worksheet
    “How to do” social media handbook
    This presentation
  • 71. Thank you!Questions?Claire CelsiThe Public Relations Project