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  • Throughout history, sports have played an important role reflecting American society.  The Boston Red Sox were founded in 1901 as one of the American League's eight charter franchise.  They have played in eleven World Series, winning seven.  Red Sox history has also been marked by the team's intense rivalry with the New York Yankees, perhaps the strongest and most historic in North American professional sports.  It is important to keep the tradition of the Red Sox alive so they can continue to be a crowd favorite.  The Red Sox's home ballpark has been Fenway Park since 1912.  Playing in Fenway Park has its own sense of history and tradition.  It's the oldest active major league baseball stadium.  By effectively using new media, the Boston Red Sox will be able to increase brand awareness, educate a market, and increase the sale of tickets and merchandise. 
  • The message, "Red Sox Ritual" will be used to promote the Red Sox as New England's baseball team.  It will be used on all of the Red Sox's social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as their own MLB webpage and associated sites.  With over 3.8 million Facebook likes, 400,000 Twitter followers and 30,000 followers on Instagram, the Boston Red Sox are well-established on social media.  These pages are important and are the fans source for insider access to the Sox community.  Even though the Red Sox are effectively using social media, improvements can be made.  This message can be used in everything from hashtags and rebranding so we can keep traditions strong in Boston. 
  • The message "Red Sox Ritual" is all-encompassing and allows us to target a great amount of people in the Boston and New England areas.  It focuses on the tradition that the Red Sox have to offer and that is why it is the main idea for our strategy.  The Boston Red Sox are an established team and defining a target market is a great indicator of success for a PR strategy.  Research about the demographics of Boston was used to create our target audience.  Target Areas that I chose include but are not limited to the greater Boston area, residents of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire.  Our main target audience will include families and adults.  The average age of people living in the Boston, Mass. is 30.8 years old and about half of the households in the Boston area are families.  We are targeting parents to bring their children to a Red Sox game to build a ritual and tradition of their own.  It is important to make each game a memorable experience for those who attend.  Our strategies focuses on creating ties with families with in turn will result in regular outings to the game and increased season ticket purchases. Another aspect of our Target Audience is people who search online Boston and Red Sox related terms.  We want to target these people to make sure they can find everything they are looking for Red Sox related. 
  • The Red Sox have one of the richest histories in Baseball and this strategy will allow the Red Sox to complete the following goals:Increase brand awareness of history and tradition that the Red Sox have to offer.Gain market share of fans and gather market data.Increase page views and purchases of tickets and merchandise. 
  • Blogging is an important tool these days.  Publishing a blog every couple of weeks about Red Sox strategy and history we are able to target to a specific kind of fan.  Creating a blog will allow Red Sox fans to participate in conversations by commenting and sharing the blog.  It will also allow the Red Sox to monitor what everyone is saying about the team and the organization as a whole.  Having important people write the blog or at least touch on certain topics, it will allow the source to remain credible for all the fans. Using Instagram and Twitter we will encourage fans to upload their favorite moments of the game with the hashtags #RedSox and #RedSoxRitual. Our favorite tweets and pictures will run across the big screen during the 7th inning stretch and other breaks throughout the game.  Also running promotion deals to win tickets, meet and greets, and freebies on twitter by retweeting certain tweets or tweeting with designated hashtags.  Using Facebook to post exclusive content and special offers to our fans is important.  Expanding the about section of the Facebook page to include more information about Red Sox tradition and links to all other social media sites.  Integrating these sites will make it easy for our Sox fans to stay on top of all things Red Sox!
  • We will use Google Adwords, search engine marketing and optimized web content to help build the Red Sox brand.  By using Google Adwordswe will be able to effectively set a budget and meet goals by increasing brand awareness, gather market data and sell more tickets and merchandise.  Search Engine marketing will be used to target local that search related Red Sox terms.  We will optimize our website so that it appears at the top of search engines when people search terms related to the Boston Red Sox.   
  • First optimizing content for smaller screens is very important.  The current website works well on a cell phone but could be reformatted for easier access.  Buyers use phones for products and services and an effective mobile website can turn a browser into a long-time fan. Offering special for people who check into Fenway Park using foursquare or Facebook is another critical tool. Special can include anything from a certain percentage of merchandise, tickets to another game, or concessions.  Especially with the deals focusing on merchandise and additional tickets you are creating lifelong Red Sox fans.  Not only are you giving fans benefits but expanding the Red Sox fan base through the friends of your fans through social media. It would also be very beneficial for the Red Sox to create a mobile application so that Red Sox fans can get updated news and purchase tickets easily from their phone. 
  • The Red Sox have baseball's second most expensive tickets in the league with an average price $54 per game.  Annual revenue is $310 million dollars so there is a lot of room in our budget. The marketing and public relations budget consists of spending $25 million per year which is just under 10 percent of the annual revenue. The plan is affordable yet aggressive and comprehensive.  We will be able to work with different Ad and PR agency as well as create a mobile application in our budget. 
  • Our goal is to continue the tradition in Boston as it has always been which is keeping the fans loyal to the Red Sox.  For year the Red Sox have been giving fans something to look forward to every season.  Our short-term goal is to continue to enhance the Red Sox popularity within its fans base as well as expand it.  Already backed by a decently strong fans base it is important to maintain that current relationship using new media.  Our comprehensive digital and PR campaign will achieve our goals by combining the greatness of tradition with the new world of digital involvement. sox sox Presentation Transcript

  • • Founded in 1901• Rivalry with the New York Yankees• Fenway Park
  • “Red Sox Ritual”• Message will be used on all social media websites including – Facebook: 3.8 Million Fans – Twitter: 400,000 Followers – Instagram: 30,000 Followers• #RedSoxRitual
  • Target Areas Target Audience• Greater Boston Area • Families and Adults• Residents of – Average age: 30.8 Connecticut, Rhode – 50% of households Island & Southern are families New Hampshire • Online Users — Searching related Red Sox Terms
  • 1. Increase brand awareness of history and tradition that Red Sox have to offer.2. Gain market share of the fans and gather market data.3. Increase page views and purchases of tickets and merchandise.
  • • Blog• Instagram and Twitter – #RedSox & #RedSoxRitual – Retweeting Fans• Facebook – Exclusive Content – Special Offers – Breaking Red Sox News
  • • Google Adwords• Search Engine Marketing• Website Content
  • • Mobile Website – Optimized content• Foursquare or Facebook Check-ins• Create mobile application
  • Annual Revenue: $310,000,000 Category Annually Marketing and Advertising Agency $5,000,000 Aggressive Google Adwoards Campaign $3,000,000 Website - Design and Development $3,000,000 Target Market Research and Surveys $3,000,000 Search Engine Optimization of Blog and Brand $2,000,000 Social Networking - Content Development $2,000,000 20 Social Media Correspondants and Monitors $1,320,000 Website - Copy Writing $1,000,000 Public Relations $1,000,000 Social Media Advertising $1,000,000 Mobile Application Strategy, Create, and Upkeep $1,000,000 Banner Ads $500,000 Email Marketing $500,000 Video/Photography $300,000 General Creative and Design - Consulting $200,000 Total $24,820,000
  • • Highlight Tradition• Goals• New Media