Ignition five 30.07.12


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Ignition five 30.07.12

  1. 1. 30.07.12
  2. 2. This Week...#HomeAdvantage, North Korea, Olympic Surprise, Find Your Greatness, and Paralymics#HomeAdvantageBritish AirwaysNorth KoreaSpecsaversOlympic SurpriseAdidasFind your GreatnessNikeParalymicsChannel 4
  3. 3. #HomeAdvantageBritish AirwaysThis summer, theres nowhere else in the world to be(according to BA).As a measure of support for their sportsmen and womencompeting in this summers Olympics, British Airways areasking the nation to join together and give their athletesthe greatest home advantage possible.
  4. 4. Bringing North and South Korea togetherSpecsaversThis ad appeared in the sport and Olympic supplementsof national newspapers on 27 July.It was also being pushed out through channels such asFacebook and Twitter.Richard Holmes, marketing director of Specsavers, said:"Like everyone else, were looking forward to watchingthe next few weeks of sport. This is just a gentlereminder that to get the best view of the action, a visitto your local Specsavers might be a good idea."Daldry said: "We were on the lookout for an OlympicShouldve and we havent had to wait long for aclassic.
  5. 5. Olympic SurpriseAdidasAdidas wants Britons from around the world to “Take theStage” alongside their 2012 Summer Olympians.Their TV ad features shots of British athletes preparingfor the “pride, pain, and performances that will markone of the most important moments of their lives” mixedin with flashbacks of previous setbacks and publicdisplays of patriotism.Adidas also invited a group of regular people to take thestage themselves and support team GB. They posed ina photo booth in Westfield Shopping Centre next to theOlympic park, and were very excited when a surpriseguest game in and joined them! Take the stage
  6. 6. Find your GreatnessNike2 days before the Olympics opened Nike revealed aglobal brand campaign showing amateur athletes inplaces around the world called London, challenging theofficial Olympic sponsor adidas. The ad launched on TVin the UK and 24 other countries on Friday (27 July), thesame day as the Opening Ceremony.Greatness isnt reserved for the chosen few in onespecial city, it can also be found in London, Ohio, andLondon, Norway, and East London, South Africa, andLittle London, Jamaica, and Small London, Nigeria andthe London Hotel and London Road and anywhere elsesomeone is trying to find it.A great example of ambush marketing by a non-Olympicsponsor.
  7. 7. Paralympics – Meet the SuperhumansChannel 4According to Channel 4, the most exciting sporting eventof the summer will start in 6 weeks and one that theyhave the rights for, for the first time.„Meet the Superhumans‟ is a captivating, 90-secondadvert featuring members of Britains Paralympics team.Channel 4 are attempting to bring the Paralympics fromthe sporting wings to centre stage.As such, they bought what is commonly known in theindustry as a „roadblock‟, whereby they broadcast the adacross 78 UK channels at 9pm last Tuesday. Theirblanket approach continues when the games start on29th August, in what is considered the stations biggestmarketing operation in their 30 year history.They want people to reassess what their perception ofthe Paralympics and realise that it‟s not an afterthoughtbut an event in it‟s own right .