Ignition five 09.07.12 (2)


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Ignition five 09.07.12 (2)

  1. 1. 09.07.12
  2. 2. This Week...Joyville train, Make it Count pledge, How to...DIY videos, Move a Square, and the honesty experimentJoyville TrainCadburyMake it Count pledgeNikeHow to DIY videosVolkswagen, RefugeMove a SquareCadburyThe honesty experimentNAB
  3. 3. Joyville trainCadburyA lovely experiential activation in Sydney by Cadbury.They unleashed the latest chapter of the CadburyJoyville story in a few select train stations in Sydney.A giant purple Cadbury Joyville steam train pulled intoplatfroms to spread some Cadbury joy to commuters.Check out the Joyville site here here!
  4. 4. Make it Count PledgeNikeShoppers had the opportunity to visit the Nike store atWestfield Stratford, where they could have their picturetaken by a professional photographer and handwrite apledge on how to better themselves. The photo andmessage was then beamed across CBS Outdoor UK‟s 100LCD digital screens at the shopping centre. 0 0
  5. 5. How to... DIY videosYoutubeYoutube has come a long way since it‟s first type ofamateur video but home videos are not dead in thewater yet.Brands are recognising the popularity of How to...Videos and the bloggers/personalities behind them, andusing them to communicate a message of their own.Here are two examples of two brands using Youtube in adifferent way to speak to their audience.Both videos are make up related offering different piecesof advice.
  6. 6. Move a SquareCadburyThe Cadbury Dairy Milk “Move a Square” campaigninvited shoppers to play an interactive game via theiriPhone or Android device to win a pair of tickets to theLondon 2012 Olympic Games.Participants in Dundrum Town Centre could downloadthe free Screach app and use their smart device as theirgame controller to play the game, beat the clock andenter the draw to win a pair of tickets. The interactivegame ran on three digital pod locations in the Centre.
  7. 7. The honesty experimentsNABAnother nice experiential piece of work done inAustralia, this time by NAB bank in Melbourne. Theylaunched their new „Honesty shouldn‟t go unrewarded‟piece with a real time stunt that saw honest passersbythanked in real time for returning lost objects.The stunt was set in a mall where shoppers were giventhe opportunity to return lost property. After returningthe object, stunned shoppers began to see themselveson pop up posters, tv screens and even on the top of acake.This real-life piece is just the start of NAB‟s newcampaign that surrounds the notion of honesty, and howan honest credit card should have no nasty surprises,and should do the right thing by you no matter how youuse it.