Ignition 5 30.09.13


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Ignition 5 30.09.13

  1. 1. 30.09.13
  2. 2. This Week... Departure Roulette en route, online waiting line, take a break with a Nexus 7 tablet Departure Roulette en route Heineken House Plumbed with Beer Tai Brewery Online waiting line Samsung Galaxy S4 Magic Body Control Mercedes Benz Take a break with a Nexus 7 Tablet Kit Kat
  3. 3. Departure Roulette en route Heineken A few months ago Heineken came up with Departure Roulette which was a guerrilla campaign that called for consumers to hit a big red button and change their travel plans and go to whatever city the board produced. A few million Youtube hits and nearly two thousand comments later, they decided to bring Departure Roulette to the people, literally. Heineken tracked down a few of the individuals that tweeted saying they would love to be given the opportunity to play Departure Roulette so it was a fair assumption that they would accept the challenge if it presented itself in front of them. What’s interesting is that the social conversations that came out of the first stunt created the opportunity for the second. Bringing the stunt outside of the airport really heightened the spontaneity factor too.
  4. 4. House Plumbed with Beer Tui Brewery Tui Beer distracting the boys from the task at hand since 1889. Those jokers at Saatchi & Saatchi and Tui Brewery have a viral hit on their hands, notching more than 5 million views in about a week for various versions of a video that shows some New Zealand dudes pranking a pal by rigging the plumbing in his house so that every tap dispenses beer.
  5. 5. Samsung decided to do something a little different for the launch of their Galaxy S4 in New Zealand, and build the anticipation online with a different type of queue. They asked people to join the queue online instead of offline to purchase the new handset – this went on over a 2 week period and in order to skip the queue, all they had to do was post and share content about the S4 features. They brought the idea offline then when the online waiting line was visualised by big LED screens, so people could see for themselves what all the fuss was about. Online waiting line Samsung Galaxy S4
  6. 6. Magic Body Control Mercedes Benz Once again, subservient chickens make a branding video go viral. Mercedes-Benz and German agency Jung von Matt/Neckar are nearing 1.5 million views in less than a week with this extremely offbeat ad starring some white-gloved guys who help chickens "dance" to Diana Ross's disco classic "Upside Down.― Supposedly, this demonstrates the automaker's "Magic Body Control" suspension system. The birds' bodies sway, but their feathered faces stay sublimely still, staring stupidly into the camera, as delighted YouTube viewers, myself included, stupidly stare back.
  7. 7. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Android’s latest operating system Kit Kat the chocolate company launched a campaign, in which they gave away free Nexus 7 tablets to people—for simply taking a break. In the campaign, titled ‘Kitkat – Have a seat’, they installed special outdoor ads at various locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. These installations came with a special bench and message, informing people of the prize at stake. To win the Nexus 7 tablet, a person has to be seated on the bench on a specified time and date. Once the moment passed, the person seated was given a free Nexus 7 tablet. Take a break with a Nexus 7 tablet Kit Kat