Ignition 5 25.02.13


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  • Ignition 5 25.02.13

    1. 1. 25.02.12
    2. 2. This Week...The candidate, Volkswagen Baby, How it feels (through glass), 4219Eli BMW, Run Like MeThe candidateHeinekenVolkswagen BabyVolkswagen JettaHow it feels (through glass)Google Glasses4219eliBMWRun Like MeNike
    3. 3. The CandidateHeinekenHeineken were interviewing for a new position, and hadreceived 1,734 applications for the same job. Jobinterviews often produce the same prepared answers tothe same standard questions, so Heineken decided toput their candidates through a different process tohopefully find the right talent for the job!The 3 best interviews were voted by the HeinekenInternet community on an Internet portal, and the finaltest took place at Juventus stadium! Lovely piece fromHeineken.
    4. 4. Volkswagen BabyVolkswagen JettaVW‟s next instalment of humorous rangecommunications. Safety being the main message for thisone. So if your life flashes before your eyes, its good tobe in the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, an IIHS Top SafetyPick.
    5. 5. How it feels (through Glass)Google GlassesFirst previewed in video last April, Project Glass has takena step closer to becoming a reality after Google releasedthe first detailed glimpse of how its user interface wouldactually look. Entitled "How it Feels (through Glass)" thenew video displays how the voice activated spectaclescould enhance a users life in both everyday, and moreindeed extreme situations.Taking photos and recording your own footage, as well asmaking video calls, translating foreign languages andlooking up maps and information are all made to lookvery easy in the hands-free world of the Google glass,where users are seen, amongst other activities, flyingplanes, skydiving and juggling with fire.Google let a small number of developers use Glass lastyear, but they‟re now recruiting “bold, creativeindividuals” from the public to test out the new version.The company is asking potential users to use the hashtag#ifihadglass to apply for a place on the pre-order list.But the experience doesn‟t come cheap. “Glass Explorers”will need to pay $1500 plus tax to get a pair!
    6. 6. 4219EliBMWA young boy with a big dream, recounted to his uncle theultimate car that he would create for himself. Little did heknow that his Uncle would write it all down and send it into BMW in the hope that they might mock something up!They did, and they posted their design on their Facebookpage, taking into account all of the components that hehad asked for. A lovely CRM piece from BMW.
    7. 7. 4219EliBMW
    8. 8. BMW4219Eli
    9. 9. Run Like MeNike JapanNike were launching the running shoe, LunarGlide+4 inJapan, and they wanted to illustrate the product benefitof helping athletes to „run longer‟. So they created, NikeRun like me, an interactive activation that mergedFacebook, Nike+ and running.They got Joseph Tame on board, a famous runner whotakes part in the Tokyo marathon every year, wearing aunique costume. He pledged to run 10 more metersevery time the campaign‟s Facebook Like button waspressed. Nike+ GPS was used to track each run alongthe way. The routes ran created live GPS art using thestreets of Tokyo.The social running garnered more than 40,000 likes,allowing Tame to run a distance of more than 400kmwithin 30 days.The campaign went beyond Facebook and to the streetswhere Joseph met his fans, receiving both online andoffline support for his efforts.