Ignition 5 09.12.13


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Ignition 5 09.12.13

  1. 1. 09.12.13
  2. 2. This Week... Flying delivery drones, save Santa‟s home, Insomny coffee, BK Hates Pre-Rolls, no empty chairs at Christmas Flying delivery drones Amazon Prime Air Save Santa‟s Home Greenpeace Insomny coffee Canal Play BK Hates Pre-Roll Ads Burger King No empty chairs at Christmas IKEA
  3. 3. Flying delivery drones Amazon Prime Air Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is known for making big bets in the world of innovation, and last Sunday night on 60 Minutes he revealed what might be one of his biggest: product delivery by flying robot drones. The service is called Amazon Prime Air and it's set for rollout sometime in 2015. Amazon are one of the world's most notoriously secretive organizations, so questions are being asked why they‟re suddenly showing off prototypes? Apparently it‟s to give Amazon‟s image a lift, and they choose the day before Cyber Monday to do this. They also got CBS to give them 14 minutes of free advertising essentially – nice work from Amazon!
  4. 4. Save Santa‟s Home Greenpeace In Greenpeace‟s latest campaign, they are looking to save the Arctic from the impact of global warming and oil drilling. And to do so they‟ve jumped on the holiday season by having „Santa Claus‟ plea to the public for help after his cries for help to President‟s Obama and Putin, and all other world leaders have been ignored. The campaign is supported by Vivienne Westwood, Jude Law, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Jarvis Cocker - some of whom have created a special „Save Santa‟s Home‟ holiday card which can be sent from the site: www.savesantashome.org While the viral video is not exactly ground-breaking, it does help to reinforce the campaign‟s pull by presenting this holidays leading character looking forlorn world-weary. Eagle-eyed viewers may also notice that Greenpeace‟s dishevelled Santa is played by one of Downtown Abbey‟s regular cast members.
  5. 5. Insomny Coffee Canal Play Canal Play is the french version of Netflix, pay once a month and have access to unlimited movies and series. They launched Insomny Coffee to help people watch movies and series day and night. The French PR company Buzzman, collaborating with Canalplay, have created a special blend of 100% Arabica coffee that can be ordered online (as pods, ground or as beans). The coffee is called “Insomny” – thus referring to the habits of many diehard streaming users – and a code found on the package then allows customers to enjoy a 2month free trial of Canalplay streaming services.
  6. 6. BK Hates Pre-Roll Ads Burger King According to Burger King – people hate pre-roll advertisements, in particular people who are trying to watch videos on YouTube. In response to this, Burger King‟s New Zealand based agency has created over 60 variations of a pre-roll ad, designed to look like it‟s mocking pre-roll ads. The spots each provide commentary on the YouTube video being queued, while also cleverly including a Burger King advertisement. Creating an ad that makes fun of ads – what next….?!
  7. 7. No empty chairs at Christmas IKEA Christmas is a time that‟s best spent with good friends, family, and delicious to food to round it all off. There are times when people end up alone at Christmas though, which is why IKEA Switzerland has offered a helping hand with a new initiative called “No Empty Chairs at Christmas.” The company‟s dedicated site offers a match-making (not dating) service that means people won‟t have to be alone between December 24-26th. Basic information like whether users want to be guests or hosts, where they live in Switzerland, which language they speak, how many places they are looking for/offering and if they will have kids with them is required by the site. Photos are uploaded to shed a little more light on the potential guests or hosts – who have to be over 18 – along with a few lines about themselves. Unsurprisingly IKEA take no responsibility for what happens next. They‟ve said that the site is only a platform to find companions for the time of celebrations, and the brand is not responsible for users‟ decisions to invite somebody or go to somebody found on the site.