Ignition 5 09.09.13


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  • Ignition 5 09.09.13

    1. 1. 09.09.13
    2. 2. This Week... Looking for champions, live banner challenge, free flyknit, Facebook holiday, scariest job interview Looking for champions Ford Live Banner Challenge Volkswagen Free Flyknit Nike Facebook Holiday Cape Town Tourism Scariest job interview LG
    3. 3. Looking for champions Ford Ford Portugal are associated with the Inter Milan Youth training camp and to promote it, they carried out a stunt in Lisbon to look for the next champion. They placed a cup in the middle of the street and challenged people to try and lift it. But there was a catch… Nicely executed and would have resonated well with the core target audience.
    4. 4. Live Banner Challenge Volkswagen The team at Volkswagen are encouraging consumers to catch a GTI in a banner to win it. Volkswagen Netherlands are launching the new GTI in a banner via an online race, set in the physical world. The 4 most popular Dutch websites were painted on the runway of an airport, each 20 metres wide and 25 metres long. On race day, participants will be chasing the GTI as it speeds through the banner spaces of each site. The person who‟s the fastest to catch the new GTI wins the car in real life. Nice way of integrating the website offline.
    5. 5. Nike‟s latest range addition - Free Flyknit‟s unites two of Nike‟s most innovative and popular technologies to deliver barefoot-like flexibility and a compression fit that locks the foot in place. The marketing division of Nike China decided to use an inventive advertising campaign to announce the footwear‟s official launch. Using Nike„s Nanjingdonglu flagship store as their backdrop, they staged a “live knitting” session across a giant billboard to emphasize the new Nike Free Flyknit„s sock-like quality. Preparations started days before when Nike unveiled a rather plain billboard featuring a giant barefoot. Then on August 1st, the global launch day of Nike Free Flyknit, three workers, dressed in all Nike branded gear , slung over the building‟s side and started the “Flyknitting” process. Free Flyknit Nike
    6. 6. Facebook Holiday Cape Town Tourism An online campaign that promotes the unexpected side of Cape Town. All the small communities, never-heard of places and unearthed gems that can‟t be found on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Expedia, or even Google. So Ogilvy thought, because they can‟t send everyone to Cape Town, they‟d send their Facebook profiles instead. They got a virtual, tailor-made Cape Town holiday that exposed them to all the unexpected places, and finally, a few lucky winners got to experience their Facebook profile‟s holiday for themselves.
    7. 7. LG are becoming well known for their prankvertisements in a bid to show consumers just how high definition their televisions really are, blurring the lines between reality and TV. This time they‟ve set up a fake interview scenario which terrifies applicants by faking a massive meteor crash through a „window‟ that was actually a high definition TV. Scariest job interview LG