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  • Ignition 5 06.08.13

    1. 1. 06.08.12
    2. 2. This Week... Twitter hotel, baba baby app, the Rav4 outdoor website, epic challenge, goodbye damage Twitter hotel Sol Wave House Baba Baby App Bepanthol The Rav4 outdoor website Toyota Like vending machine Pepsi Goodbye Damage Fructis
    3. 3. This hotel is for those who seek to tell everyone about their holiday, day by day, cocktail by cocktail! Located in Majorca, the Sol Wave House harnesses the power of social media as a way to enhance its overall hotel experience. The hotel see it as a way for guests to join a community and share what they would already be sharing on their holidays anyway. Every corner of the hotel is designed to help strike up new conversations, make friends and enjoy unique experiences. They really drive home the Twitter theme at Sol Wave House with #TwitterPoolParty on Fridays where you can drink a Twitter-inspired cocktail and shot and there is the Twitter Party Suite. These private party suites host up to four guests and come with bubbly, blue balloons, hashtag licorice, and a mirror that provokes a tweet- worthy moment. Guests can make requests such as filling the minibar with #FillMyFridge and send food and drink orders to others by the pool via a tweet to @SolWaveHouse. Twitter hotel Sol Wave House
    4. 4. Baba Baby App Bepantol New parents use the internet for all things baby. Recent research shows that new and expectant Moms spend 35% more time online than the general population. In addition, smartphone usage for new Moms increases: 36% of women purchase a smartphone as a result of becoming a mum, while 59% of mothers called it their do-everything device. A good example of a brand capitalising on this opportunity comes from Brazil for the brand Bepantol. They created the Babá Bepantol Baby app which turns two iOS devices into a baby monitor. From a utility perspective it can potentially eliminate the need to buy a baby monitor, or provide an ad-hoc baby monitor for situations where the family is away from home. The app allows parents to talk to their children, provide ambient light around the baby, play lullabies, etc.
    5. 5. The Rav4 outdoor website Toyota An interesting concept from Toyota whereby they’re encouraging people to ‘bike the web’ instead of ‘surf the web’. In a bid to illustrate the adventurous image of Toyota’s Rav4, a compact 4x4 SUV, the car manufacturer built an outdoor website on the Bryanston Cycle Park in Johannesburg, to illustrate that with the Toyota Rav4, users can go for real adventures any time. Sections from the Rav4 website were brought to life on a 1.8km cycling track that was fitted with sensors, custom-built option bars and WiFi. Cyclists could literally use their bike as a cursor and navigate their way through the outdoor site. Choosing an option would trigger other buttons along the trail to change. Information would pop up along the track as the cyclists go through the different ‘web pages.’ The participants were also able to tweet during their ride by tapping on wooden Twitter buttons along the tack. As a nice finishing touch, cyclists were prompted to book their test drives and a tree stump printed out their test drive booking slip which also served as their entry to a competition.
    6. 6. Like Vending Machine Pepsi The two biggest Cola brands keep upping the ante in terms of vending machines. While Coke brought together Indians and Pakistanis in their ‘Small World Machines’ Pepsi in Belgium built a machine that combined a free sample can with a Like on Facebook.
    7. 7. We’re seeing more and more examples of brands who are using outdoor in an engaging and interactive manner, really trying to differentiate in this space. This one is from Fructis, and they’ve set up a mock scenario whereby a girl who is seemingly imprisoned, is inside the 6 sheet, and is looking to speak to people involved in a certain crime. They share the same story, the same crime – they all have damaged hair. However, all is in hand, they just need to use Fructis goodbye damage product, and in the 3 applications, they will have reversed 1 years worth of damage! Goodbye Damage Fructis