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Cybermummy final


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  • 1. Parent bloggers: leading the blogging revolution?
  • 2. Cybermummy 2011
    • 1 day conference for parent bloggers
    • 3. 175 delegates in 2010, 425+ in 2011
    • 4. London venue – delegates from all over country
    • 5. Corporate event: exhibition area, sponsors
    Video: Shameful swag hag
  • 6. Guest speakers
    Lord Richard Allan – EU Director of Policy, Facebook
    Lib Dem Peer, Nick Clegg campaign mgr
    Key points:
    Don’t have to like Facebook to use it
    Benefits for business/ causes
    Largest photo sharing site globally
    Child safety features
    Cleared up ownership of content issues: not owned by FB
    Challenged on ‘opt out’ policy: erodes consumer patience to ‘opt in’
  • 7. Guest speakers
    Sarah Brown – former first lady
    Campaigner for children’s charity PiggyBankKids
    Key points:
    Engages through Twitter: 1.1m followers
    Social media she was less ‘available’
    MLF showed her power of digital voice through micoblogging
    Could separate private/ public life
    Collectively bloggers can make a difference
  • 8. Workshops/ panel discussions
    Panel – Marketing your blog
    Writing Workshop with Sophie King
    CyberLab – Social networking
    Panel – Working with brands and making money
    CyberLab – Keeping your blog legal
    Workshop – Photography
    Panel – How to be a blogger activist
    Workshop – Blogging Essentials
    Blogger-to-blogger inspiration
    Workshop – Video blogging
    CyberLab – Getting to know and love WordPress
    Workshop – Blog-life balance
    Writing about your life: Rachel Johnson
  • 9. Key themes from the day
    Find your niche
    Interact/ build a community
    Vlogging: more scope for this medium
    Quality not quantity: although post consistently
    eBook: next step for those wanting to raise cash
    Have a voice: write what makes you passionate
  • 10. Leading the revolution? Sort of....
    Estimated 200+ parent blogs in 2009, now 100,000
    Parent opinions are valuable to brands
    PR companies are schmoozing parents
    Brands are leveraging partnerships direct with parents
    Not all bloggers are in it to make money:
    Therapeutic, outlet for coping with parenthood
    Raising awareness for causes: #Blogadesh 10 million people reached
    Twitter community: sharing problems & experiences
    Networking: smashing the myth you SEO
    The Independent ‘actively using the net to change women’s lives.’
  • 11. However...
    £105 ticket + train + hotel: bHComm Rep training is FREE!
    Current Tots100 stats are blurry – traffic driven
    Cliquey: top blogger personality are good networkers on Twitter
    In-fighting: backlash from Cybermummy:
    Sophie King writing workshop
    Rachel Johnson public vs. private life vs. – parent blog hubs
    Parent Blogger Facebook group
    Fragmented: 100,000 bloggers,which one should I follow?
    Element of Americanised get rich quick, making money out of other parents?
  • 12. What’s the future?
    Patchy answer!!!!