4 add ons for secure firefox download browsing


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Using a Firefox download browser is one of the best ways to stay safe and secure when surfing the Web. That's because this browser has been reinforced by its creators with security features that prevent viruses from infecting your computer. However, it wouldn't hurt to beef up your browser with some extra protection, courtesy of "add-ons."

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4 add ons for secure firefox download browsing

  1. 1. Using a Firefox download browser is one of thebest ways to stay safe and secure when surfingthe Web. Thats because this browser has beenreinforced by its creators with security featuresthat prevent viruses from infecting yourcomputer. However, it wouldnt hurt to beef upyour browser with some extra protection,courtesy of "add-ons."
  2. 2. Add-ons are in essence "extra" features that youcan easily download and install on your MozillaFirefox download browser. While come in theform of toolbars, others enhance the appearanceof your buttons; some help protect your browserfrom harmful elements that you can get online.You can acquire these harmful elements in thesimplest ways, including clicking a link. That iswhy, it is important to give your browser extraarmour. Do it with the help of these four securityadd-ons.
  3. 3. First on the line is WOT. Also known as Web OfTrust, WOT serves like an alarm that activatesthe moment you encounter a website that mightpose risks to your computer. Expect it to warnyou when, while browsing, you stumble upon awebsite that could bring you spam, scams, orcomputer infections. Its a good add-on for yourFirefox download browser, especially if you likevisiting new sites.
  4. 4. Speaking of scams, there are some fraudulentwebsites that can install super cookies in yourbrowser. Super cookies, unlike regular cookies,cannot be deleted from your browser. This isfine if you are subscribing to a website that youtrust. Getting super cookies from a website youdont trust, however, means a long time ofhassle. So to prevent this from happening, youcan install the Better Privacy add-on to yourMozilla Firefox download browser. This add-onprevents those super cookies from entering yourbrowser without your consent.
  5. 5. Meanwhile, the other two essential security add-ons not only ensure your online safety, they alsomake your browsing experience more enjoyable.The first one is NoScript and the other isAdblock. The first one is meant to prevent youfrom accessing malicious scripts. At the sametime, it also allows you to access "safe" or"trusted" scripts in your Mozilla Firefoxdownload browser.
  6. 6. The second one is very popular among the usersof Firefox download browsers. Adblock Plus isvery convenient for users who dislike ads frominterrupting their browsing. This add-onbasically prevents ads from popping up everynow and then. The more unneeded ads blocked,the less possibility of you clicking dangerouslinks.Make sure to get a Firefox download startingright now and improve it with these securityadd-ons.