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Presented at Accelerating Asia Pacifc II in Kuala Lumpur a snapshot of Asia Pacific .

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  • Selamat Pagi, Good Morning, Kamusta, Kia Ora, Hola, Sa-wat-dee Kah, Chao Chi, Konichiwa, Da Cha Hao, Ahnyong, Namaste, I-U Bow-On (sri lankan) Honor and pleasure to be here, huge thanks to Malaysia for hosting us. Second year of the event and it is even bigger and better than last year. You will hear from many speakers over the next few days both from Microsoft but also a lot from our partners.But want to give a quick overview of the region we live in . Facts and figures:>1000 Languages3.5 Billion people – a lot of them young!7 time zones
  • Let’s start w/ a question. How do you define a company? By sales numbers? By products and services? By its leadership? By its competitors, it’s design ethos, it’s advertising, slogans, people? It’s not an unimportant question either, because understanding a companies motivation helps put things into context, explain decisions and provide a sense of “I get it.”So, what about Microsoft? What defines us?We can start with numbersSome numbers can help explain who we in Asia Pacific 17 Offices11,000 employees,Coverings 35+ Countries45,000 partnerswith a diversity of backgrounds and a breadth of skills (not just developers, sociologists, ethnographers, designers, musicians, physicists and more) and in all of those places we work it’s not just about our business…it’s about our commitment to the communities in which we work.But numbers alone are far from enough. There is no company in the world with our breadth and depth and commitment to so many segments. And this breadth is a big differentiator for us, a strength and a strategy.So since numbers can’t tell the story, the next question is what drives us?
  • But is all about people and partnership, we are here today because technology is wonderful but people make it real.I have travelled around the region and seen so many different successes and met people and seen the impact that technology can have to create real impact for a better tomorrow.But what is always at the center of it is a desire by one person to change their life, change their family, change their world
  • Take a look around this room, this is a room of people who care enough to believe they can create a change, in fact many are already making changes whether they are working in a non-profit to build programs or an analyst or journalist who will share the news and opportunity more broadly this is a room bursting with energy. People in this room have been responsible in enabling some of the most life changing experiences for others –they make the seemingly inaccessible accessible; they know that unlocking employment can unlock an inner potential and confidence; they ensure health care is available even in the most remote areas and are ready to respond in times of cataclysmic disaster. What an opportunity to learn from each other we have.Unlike a movie or a book, this story doesn’t finish with THE END…it finishes with “wait until you see what happens next…”Wait until you see the NEXT way that technology will change the world…So with that I want to introduce Ananth Lazarus, Managing Director for Microsoft Malaysia to begin the story with our host country. Please join me in welcoming Ananth.
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