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The national agenda


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  • 1. The National AgendaOr why Michael Gove affects us more than Shannon White in 10X4 Phil Keay
  • 2. Question: Who most affects the job I do?Think of the 3 people (or types ofpeople or organisations of people) that affect you the most
  • 3. Who most affects the job I do?• Sharon White 10X4/students in general• Colleagues• Line Manager• Leadership Team• Headteacher/Principal• Governors• Local Authority?• Ofsted• Central Government
  • 4. The national agenda• Standards• Structures• Inspection• Curriculum• The 3 Ps and Trade Unions• Funding• Performance Tables
  • 5. Standards• Equality of opportunity regardless of background or disadvantage• International comparisons (PISA)• Floor targets• Ofsted grades• Absence & Exclusions
  • 6. Structures• Academies• Free Schools• University Technical Colleges• Technical Academy• Studio Schools• Removal of role of Local Authority
  • 7. Ofsted Inspectors must judge the quality of education provided in the school – its overall effectiveness – taking account of four other key judgements:• achievement of pupils at the school• quality of teaching in the school• behaviour and safety of pupils at the school• quality of the leadership in and management of the school.
  • 8. Inspection (1)• Schools cannot be judged ‘outstanding’ unless their teaching is ‘outstanding’• Schools will only be deemed to be providing an acceptable standard of education where they are judged to be ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’• A single judgement of ‘requires improvement’ will replace the current ‘satisfactory’ judgement and ‘notice to improve’ category• Schools judged as ‘requires improvement’ will be subject to a full re-inspection earlier than is currently the case
  • 9. Inspection (2)• A school can only be judged as ‘requires improvement’ on two consecutive inspections before it is deemed to require ‘special measures’• Inspections will be undertaken without notice being provided to the school• Inspectors should undertake an analysis of anonymised information, provided by the school, of the outcomes of the most recent performance management of all teachers within the school, as part of the evidence for a judgement on Leadership and Management.• Parent View
  • 10. Grade descriptor for GOOD achievement“Pupils are making better progress than all pupils nationally giventheir starting points. Groups of pupils, including disabled pupils andthose with special educational needs, are also making betterprogress than similar groups of pupils nationally. Performance willexceed floor standards. Pupils acquire knowledge quickly and aresecure in their understanding in different subjects. They develop andapply a range of skills well, including reading, writing, communicationand mathematical skills, across the curriculum that will ensure theyare well prepared for the next stage in their education, training oremployment. The standards of attainment of the large majority ofgroups of pupils are likely to be at least in line with national averagesfor all pupils. Where standards of any group of pupils are below thoseof all pupils nationally, the gaps are closing. In exceptionalcircumstances, where attainment, including attainment in reading inprimary schools, is low overall, it is improving at a faster rate thannationally over a sustained period.”
  • 11. All above average?• To be good (i.e. not requiring improvement) you must be above national averages• By definition of an average, 50% must be below the median• Therefore 50% of all schools (unless the gap is closing rapidly) will be requiring improvement• 2xRI=SM
  • 12. Curriculum• Review of National Curriculum• Review of EYFS• Review of Vocational Education• Review of KS2 testing• Review of PHSE• SEND Green Paper
  • 13. The 3 Ps and Trade Unions• Professional Standards• Performance Management• Pensions• Trade Unions/Professional Associations
  • 14. Funding• Pupil premium• EMA• BSF/Capital budgets• SSAT
  • 15. Performance Tables• Increased public accountability• ‘’• For secondary schools there are now 230 columns of data (46 last year)• Spend per pupil, workforce details etc.
  • 16. Threat?"Education is like trying to run up a downescalator. There are some uncomfortabledecisions that will have to be taken. There willbe years when, because were going to makeexams tougher, the number of people passingwill fall. There are headteachers who havebeen peddling the wrong sort of approach toteaching for too long, who are going to losetheir jobs.“ M. Gove 22/2/2012
  • 17. No alternativeThe Education Secretary provoked angeryesterday when he dismissed campaignerswho were against turning a school into anacademy as "Trots". Michael Gove describedopposition to plans to turn Downhills PrimarySchool in north London into an academy as a"Trot campaign" and accused its supporters ofbeing linked to the Socialist Workers Party.The Independent 1/2/2012
  • 18. Big stickInspectors will be banned from using the word"satisfactory" to describe state schools, thenew chief executive of the educationstandards watchdog Ofsted says. Instead, theone in three schools that currently receive thelabel will in future be termed "requiresimprovement". They will then join the list offailed schools if they do not improve withinthree years. The Independent 17/1/2012
  • 19. Check your pay!Teachers should be refused pay rises if theycannot inspire their pupils and improve theirperformance, the chief inspector of schools saidyesterday. Sir Michael Wilshaw, who last monthtook up his post as head of Ofsted said onlycommitted and hard-working staff should berewarded. At present, 92 per cent of all staff areawarded the rise – whereas Sir Michaelrecommended it be limited to the 40 per centwhose lessons are classified as good byinspectors. The Independent 3/2/2012
  • 20. No excusesHeadteachers warned of an exodus from the professionlast night after Englands new chief schools inspectorclaimed 5,000 of them were not up to scratch. SirMichael Wilshaw, the new head of Ofsted blamed theheadteachers for unacceptably high levels of poorinstruction in schools. He said he wanted "lesstolerance of poor leadership" and a "no excuses"culture towards poor performance in schools. Headded that heads were to blame for the "nationaldisaster" of thousands of newly trained teachersquitting the job soon after starting in the classroom.The Independent 6/2/2012