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Avantu presentation 2


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For more information or enquiries contact us on

For more information or enquiries contact us on

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  • 1. The main cause of the problems Hydraulically overloaded systems Insufficiently trained operators Lack of sewage maintenance & budget Insufficient staff to run the sewage program & bureaucracy Insufficient retention time to biodegrade Low or incorrect biomass
  • 2. Some methods to remedy the sewage problems to remove sludge
  • 3. Another method to remedy the sewage problems
  • 4. Very dangerous way
  • 5. Environmental way?
  • 6. Still another
  • 7. Another innovative way
  • 8. Very expensive way
  • 9. OR Do what nature has been doing for millions of years – biologically Avantu’s concept of adding (augmenting) the RIGHT bacteria (bio) to increase the correct biomass to accelerate the biodegradation process to rectify the problem
  • 10. BIOAUGMENTATION Bacteria/micro-organisms have been scientifically selected for their biological performance in the breaking down process of sewage & other organic waste Balance/adjust the bacteria biomass “blend” to remedy the problem The answer is in the sewage problem itself
  • 11. The Avantu Natural WayThe bioaugmentation products
  • 12. Acceptance of“Bioaugmentation” 1995 16 000 Pit toilets & Aqua-Privies were dosed and remedied in Ivory Park - 1995. Selected locals were trained to implemented the dosing under supervision. The cost was approximately 30% of the Vacuum Tanking cost normally used.
  • 13. Water & SanitationLocal Government Digest – 1996 After a number of observations of the success of Avantu’s “Pitking” Bioaugmentation product, the attached article was published. During this period “Fatking” was developed.
  • 14. DWAF – Scientific Services Report-2003 Dr. P L Kempster evaluated Avantu Bioaugmentation products. The report states that “bioaugmentation is a well recognised and researched method of speeding up biological degradation of domestic waste”.
  • 15. The report further confirmed that “Bioaugmentation”Biodegrades solid sewerage in basic systems, Pit toilets, septic tanksRemoves the smell within 24 hoursPrevents the spreading of waterborne diseases including cholera.Accelerates the biodegradation process in hydraulically overloaded systemsSewerage System’s final effluent will conform to discharge standard
  • 16. Avantu Products RectifyAll Sewage Organic Problems: Pit Latrines & VIP Septic Tanks, Fat Traps & Aqua-Privies All sections of Sewage Treatment Works Sewage Spills in Rivers & Dams Hydraulically overloaded STW Kick starts new systems Rectifies systems that have had hazardous chemicals kill off the biomass Control Waterborne diseases and Mosquito & Black fly larvae
  • 17. United Nations – Human Development Report 2006“Every $1 spent in the sewage sector creates on average another $8 in costs averted and productivity gained.”
  • 18. Avantu Successes -HloHlo Ponds - Lesotho
  • 19. Avantu Successes -HloHlo Ponds- Lesotho 1 week after dosing started
  • 20. Avantu Successes -HloHlo Ponds- Lesotho 2 week after dosing started
  • 21. Avantu Successes -HloHlo Ponds- Lesotho 2 week after dosing started
  • 22. Avantu Successes -HloHlo Ponds - Lesotho 4 weeks after dosing started
  • 23. Avantu Successes -HloHlo Ponds - Lesotho 6 weeks after dosing started
  • 24. Dispatch Maturation Ponds – Case Study Congested Maturation/Holding Pond with years of buildup of stabilized sludge. The sludge was not breaking down as fast as expected so analysis of the effluent was taken, the results were: Total Dissolved Solids 1672; Magnesium 177 and Ammonia 250, very difficult sludge to biodegrade.The senior consulting engineer, Johan Barnard,confirmed that the bioaugmentation had reducedthe sludge by 80%, email above
  • 25. Humansdorp Sewage Treatment Works Aeration Chambers before dosing commenced
  • 26. Humansdorp Sewage Treatment Works 4 weeks after dosing commenced