Social Media 2.0: Beyond Tools to Building Loyalty


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An update of how to use social media to build advocacy. Presentation at the 2013 Biz Boost Symposium. Chico Hot Springs.

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  • Awareness: people know you’re there, but you don’t interactReach: Followers, Likes, Channel reach, pursuing channels, times and locations of your audience.Consumed Content: downloads, page views, video views, shared pictures, click throughs, comments, sign-ups, forms, blog subscriptionsSharing Content: Likes, shares tweets, pins, 1+l, ping backs, forwards (emails or newsletters) Increase by having easy-to-use sharing buttons, in-content sharing (click to tweet), forward buttons on email newsletters, don’t forget website, recommendations, links to reviewsConversation Building: Using content to start and build conversations (apps, polls, reviews, guest posts, guest blogs, forums, message boards, not necessarily status updates, but use of apps as well)Crowdsource/Feedback: customer serviceValue-Adding: advocacy programsAs we go up this matrix, amount of time, resources increases.
  • Find out where your people are and what they’re doing there:Industry researchLocal researchCustomer research (survey monkeys, satisfaction surveys, focus groups)Social media research (you’re not the only small town restaurant out there)Competitor research
  • What do you know about Pinterest? Right now, Real Simple (magazine), Nordstrom, Land’s End, and Etsy are getting more sales referrals from Pinterest. What do they have in common?
  • Can your audience find you?
  • Google – 66%, Bing (Microsoft) – 2.5% (numbers from Dec. 2012)Tourists won’t use Facebook search unless their friends have been in your area.
  • How do I know which tool is right for us? 1. What problem does this tool solve or what goals will it help us accomplish?2. What is its main strength? Weakness?3. Can we segment content to reach different stakeholder groups?4. Do we have the time, resources, and people to manage it?5. Are our fans and potential fans engaging on it? (accomplish w/a survey or focus group)After you answer these questions, go find the right tools
  • Social Media 2.0: Beyond Tools to Building Loyalty

    1. 1. Social Media 2.0:Beyond the Tools to Building Loyalty
    2. 2. Know Your Goals
    3. 3. Goal ObjectiveStrategies Tasks Success
    4. 4. High Social Media Value Matrix Value-Adding Crowdsource/ Feedback ConversationTactic Building Shared Content Consumed Content & Leads ReachLow Broadcast Low Loyalty High Please do not copy
    5. 5. Know Your Audience
    6. 6. Know YourCompetition
    7. 7. Tool Matrix What Strength? Content Value Time, How to problem does Weakness? resources, Measure? it solve? people?FacebookTwitterPinterest/Instagram/FlikrYouTube/VimeoGoogle +LinkedInOthers
    8. 8. Conversation-Building
    9. 9. Value-Adding
    10. 10. PeopleDoing it Right
    11. 11. Contact: On Twitter @cksyme Website: Available on Free to Amazon Prime members